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  1. Shoulda rented....

    I was 39 when I had first one. Felt like you at the time but my wife wanted it. They are grown up now and looking back the children were the only thing in my life really worth doing. Making money and so on, OK nothing wrong with it, but children are a permanent achievement if that's the right word.
  2. Shoulda rented....

    I think there's a royal wedding isn't there, get everyone out in the street hanging up bunting, and perhaps a celebratory firework display. Hurrah!
  3. Shoulda rented....

    Hard to know what to do in their circumstances where you live in a flammable environment, where there could accidentally be a fire. Difficult when you are facing a massive bill, did I mention there could accidentally be a fire.
  4. John McDonnell

    Hammer and sickle surely? Sorry just came over all pedanty Saw a great cartoon years ago during the Vietnam war, shows a guy wearing a coolie hat who is talking to a similar guy standing by the burnt-out remains of his home. "Was it the communist swine or the capitalist hyenas?"
  5. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    The funny thing though, this has been true since forever and yet they are still here. I remember thinking "what are they for" about five years ago or probably longer. There must be something going on which is providing value? If they can make it this far then maybe they can do another five years?
  6. Carillion in Crisis

    Well yes, if you live in a flat above a mainline station and want to go to a bar across the road from another mainline station you're in luck. For most people though the whole "rail experience" is plain horrid. How can it take 3 hours to go 50 odd miles.
  7. Carillion in Crisis

    Last Friday I made a journey from my home in SE England to the NW. I set off at 08:40 and at 11:40, three hours later and on my fourth train and two longish walks, I noticed I was 54 miles from my house. You can see why people prefer cars.
  8. John McDonnell

    Well you said "The only absolute requirement for a functional benefits system is that you should always be better off working". That is an opinion; I am not criticising it but I assumed you would be open to explaining why you hold that opinion. The reason I hold a different opinion is that I know for a fact that we are rapidly approaching "the end of work." The things we call "jobs" are relatively new constructs that appeared with the onset of the industrial revolution and are now well into the disappearance phase. I myself am involved in exterminating UK jobs in our company wherever possible as it is our stated policy. We will not stop until there are none left, or more likely when we reach a minimum number of un-erasable ones. I personally believe that we have to evolve out of the idea that working is what people are supposed to do, and when this goes wrong then benefits are a temporary measure designed to support people back into working. What when there are no jobs left? We are trying hard enough to get rid of them.
  9. John McDonnell

    I don't agree. Can you state your reasons for taking this point of view?
  10. There are corners of the Internet where it's quite fashionable to end words with a silent b in this way such as "himb". Wish I knew the etymology of this actually. Autocorrect is a nuisance sometimes and makes me type things that I didn't Nintendo
  11. Carillion in Crisis

    Vince Cable only got airtime to say what everyone else is thinking anyway so doesn't matter whether anyone takes particular notice of him personally. Now we will see whether the government actually care if they are seen to do the wrong thing. If they "just do it" then to me it will be a signal that they have given up and are allowing their cronies to grab what they can before they call it a day with another election. Or perhaps they will blow the trumpet about how it would be unethical to bail them out, and do nothing, then presumably carillion would just collapse completely. Although I expect there would be PPF action to bail out the pension. To me this would look like an attempt to trigger a general crash so they finally could get on with the inflationary infrastructure QE printing we've been talking about.
  12. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Almost agree. We all know what are natural height to weight and body fat proportions, even if it is considered non PC or impolite or fat shaming to think otherwise. The MSM does take it that little bit too far though with images of semi pro gym rats who have got down to 7% body fat by starving for the week before the photo shoot. It's wrong for them implicitly to present these as normal healthy guys who look after themselves.
  13. Sorry if you already explained this DB but to buy treasuries, how are you getting round the HL ban on TLT, is there another one which they haven't banned yet?
  14. Fantastic, I am over 50, I didn't even know I had all the wealth. How much will I get and how soon can I get my hands on it?
  15. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    I've never bothered with Argos as their stores are invariably in centres of towns where you have to fight through the traffic then pay through the nose to park. Also you have to queue up twice once to pay and again to collect. Just before xmas though I noticed local Sainos had now sprouted an Argos. Buy online and collect at Sainsbury, suddenly I am an Argos shopper and spent 50 quid. So thumbs up from me so far. Funny I always wondered if Amazon would buy Argos but I was wrong obviously.