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  1. MSM anti landlord articles

    Seriously why is soundproofing so difficult? Is it tricky to achieve on a technical level or is it just down to builders not wanting to spend the money. We've all been in houses where you can hear every little noise from next door. I'm not talking about chavvy neighbours and their loud parties I'm talking about that little wubble-click noise as next door plugs something into a 13 amp socket on the party wall. A while ago I was in a hotel where I was kept awake by snoring from the person in the next room. Can nothing be done?
  2. Was originally true about the segregation for GBP (no longer) and still is for USD accounts, Lloyds or Barclays.
  3. Javid on Sky News right now

    Sorry I just couldn't resist once I saw his name at the top. I am fine with people not liking foreigners,immigrants, ethnics, whatever term they want to use. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I think it's wrong when SJWs immediately jump up to scream racism white privilege or whatever. But when we see scenes of people being screwed into abject poverty let's never forget the real cause - a tiny number of psychopathically greedy individuals in our society have taken the majority of our wealth and left the rest of us to fight over the crumbs.
  4. My Revolut account provides accounts in GBP, EUR, and USD. I think the euro one is outside UK. If you sign up to the Estonia e-residency program you can open accounts and start businesses entirely online. Depends on the degree of offshore-ness you want - I have no idea how you get a cayman islands secret stash though.
  5. I thought HM Opposition had a duty to oppose the government, not go along with every daft policy.
  6. Javid on Sky News right now

    Up until now I thought these sort of ideas about housing and the economy were a smokescreen to justify those people who were uncomfortable merely stating that they didn't like foreigners and prefer them to go away. I now realise that I was utterly wrong. If an acknowledged subject matter expert like Richard Littlejohn can produce such a thorough analysis in a respected journal then I am happy to admit my error and I stand corrected.
  7. UK Unemployment Falls Again

    I was unemployed once for over a month and it was nasty. Having to fill in endless forms and get jerked around by muppet jobsworths. Some years ago I have to admit but cannot believe it's changed. Anyone who thinks it's a doddle easy scrounge, think again.
  8. UK Unemployment Falls Again

    I despair. I refuse to join the "bash the Polish" brigade, in fact I am in Poland right now and they are very hardworking people even at their home. Cannot blame individuals for wanting to better themselves. But I can 100% believe what you just wrote is true. Our society is ruined and if I have to allocate blame it's basically all our own fault for allowing people like Brown to f everything up. I just don't know what's the answer.
  9. You know that is a wild exaggeration and it is wrong of you to get people's hopes up like that. What you really mean is that after the century you would be solidly on target for the government's "Help to Buy Deposit Share Rent-to-Buy Scheme" with guaranteed peer to peer top-up loans getting you on the ladder to be considered for the "allowed into EA office" fee.
  10. Buy bitcoin with your "controlled" pounds. Sell them again in the place to which you are not allowed anymore to send your money. Is it more complex than this? Surely that's why bitcoin is so popular and price gone through the roof. Disclaimer: I missed the boat completely on bitcoin. I noticed them the day they became news in (2010?) and rolled my eyes omg yet another scam fake currency like Beanz and Flooz. Still kicking myself now a bitcoin is 7000 dollars, or maybe 8000 since I made a cup of tea just now.
  11. Hey it worked for the Chinese! Only because they were fully prepared to point guns at people who did it. Bitcoin to infinity...
  12. Just had a presentation at work ; can't do AI properly without dedicated hardware. Nobody likes Nvidia however so a rush to build alternatives. Nvidia not seen therefore as a sure bet longterm.
  13. I own a square foot of land on the moon am I still an FTB?
  14. 2017 predictions

    I just tried Facebook but it didn't work, something about nonexistent user, this is clear proof that the prediction came true
  15. Basically a measure of the FTB stamp duty rumour I hope, i.e it's lacking credibility