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    I forgot to make my lunch this morning to take to work so as I was passing Waitrose I went in to get a microwave meal. The prices! Could not believe it. Even the reduced sticker ones were 3 quid. Best deal I could find was 3 for 6 pounds, which is about what I am used to paying. The point is that if I were a regular Waitrose shopper I would stop going.

    The point of a supermarket is that it's simple and convenient - you can go in, buy your stuff, and leave. I do know people who shop around for the best value at five different supermarkets but none of them have jobs, therefore time on their hands.
  3. Same here. I bought in the early 1980s at the start of a period of slowly-rising interest rates, which went to about 15% for a short period. Seemed like every couple of months I would get a letter from the building society telling me to pay more. I do remember the mortgage payment taking the majority of my (average-ish) salary meaning I had to scrimp on other stuff.
  4. True. We are all educated to think this is "normal" but it isn't, it's just one of a million ways you could organise a planet. It's not even as though we can agree on the exact nation structure for any length of time.
  5. I thought they had a choice whether or not to join?
  6. A bloke whose stuff I normally like to read - Craig Murray. He's ex-foreign office and normally an astute critic of daft government policies. Not this time though as he roundly criticises the BOE for looking as if interest rates might rise. Rents will rise too according to Craig. Goes to show how even really smart people can get it so wrong once outside their area of expertise.
  7. Great post by P L FTB - this is practically journalism. If real journalists were doing their jobs this is what we would be seeing in the MSM instead of cut-n-paste from press releases. About the Asian desire for leverage though, I can see why they might want to. Suppose you have 200K in local currency that you want to park outside your country and you think UK London property would be a great investment. What can you buy with 200K in London, nothing, so just like anyone else who is not an oligarch you have to lever up (unless you are lucky enough to have a few pals who want to share the property purchase with you but that brings its own problems.)
  8. A non-story. There was a lousy 14 trillion that everyone forgot about. Happens all the time, it's nano-trivia. Move along nothing to see here.
  9. Very true but I would add that they also will get incentivised by this "buying food" thing which most people like to do.
  10. A couple of years ago I started looking for somewhere to rent and after I got sorted I thought I would stay on the various mailing lists out of interest. There is no doubt that rents are dropping significantly (Bracknell) I mean I remember going to view a 2-bed new build at 1150 a month but now 2-beds are routinely going for 900. Assuming everything goes as predicted and landlords sell up (voluntarily or otherwise) then of course this will free up a lot of opportunities for FTBs if people still have jobs by then and can get mortgages. As we know it's probable that the existing BTL standards of maintenance and decoration etc. are not very high so that implies good business for DIY and furniture stores.
  11. Energy is really not my thing. What I want to know is when do we get to the good bit, the bit where I think it's bloody cold in here, walk up to the thermostat, then actually turn it up instead of thinking of the gas bill and going hmm maybe not.
  12. By a former adviser to T.May, so why didn't he advise her. Or perhaps he did and she ignored him which is why he is a former adviser. Just shows however that TPTB perfectly well understand what we understand they just prefer not to do anything about it, even though they could.
  13. It's very strange. Recently DHL made me pay 40 quid VAT or Duty or something on a computer from China it was a hell of a surprise as I buy absolutely loads of stuff and nobody ever charges me anything. It doesn't make sense if you want a nail clipper you have to trek off to spend 4 quid inc VAT at the local Boots - or you can have it delivered from China for a dollar. Why aren't Boots getting all upset? Even stranger that as you say anything from the USA gets utterly clobbered.
  14. I remember going to USA on holiday as a kid, would have been about 1980 I think, fairly sure I was getting 2.45? Me and my girlfriend had a wonderful time and couldn't believe how cheap everything was. Wouldn't like to try it again with today's exchange rate of course.
  15. When I trained as a workplace first-aider we were taught by proper paramedics and I remember them saying that a decent proportion of their road-traffic calls were about "returning bikers." These were middle-aged guys who used to be bikers, by now could afford a high-performance machine, but failed to understand that road conditions and their own abilities had changed since their youth.