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  1. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    Nothing we don't already know but slightly surprised to see it in City AM .
  2. And in the Daily Zoopla/ Mail no less. .
  4. Budget 2017 predictions thread

    Raising CGT on property would be nice . It hasn't been touched for ages and a lot of accountants feel it's due . It was interesting that CGT was lowered in the last budget although property was noticeably excluded from this. This would be very popular with the general public and thus a vote winner but I suppose it depends on what the governments true objectives are regarding housing . Assuming the government really does want BTL investors to exit the market some would argue that this would infact discourage people from doing so but this could be avoided by bringing the policy in at a future date thus allowing ( and encouraging ) those who wish to exit to do so. CGT on property has been higher in the past so it's no sacred cow ...... 40 % would be nice. Another reason why it might not happen could be that the government is aware that once section 24 kicks in ( remember not one person has actually had to put hand in pocket yet as it doesn't start till April ) that there is going to be a change in the market and it wants to see how this plays out first.
  5. The Bank Of England Clueless Thread

    First two big newspapers to pick up on it . Both mention Carneys claim that the Boe saved 250,000 jobs by their actions . I can only hope this outrageous bollock statement will bring about some kind of backlash by the media / Joe public . Am I the only person that watches this type of crap and fantasises about standing up in the audience and hitting Carney with a killer question that reveals the emperors got no clothes on.
  6. The Bank Of England Clueless Thread

    Nice article , surprised to see this given so much space in the Sandard . Being Wednesday normal service was soon resumed with Homes & property ramping it up .
  7. The Bank Of England Clueless Thread

    Looking forward to this one tomorrow . Rees Mogg will obviously go for the jugular but I've got high hopes that my latest poster boy Steve Baker will do the necessary .
  8. Bcbs Risk-Weights

    Obviously I don't like or necessarily agree with the writers viewpoint but an interesting read nevertheless.
  9. The Bank Of England Clueless Thread

    In total agreement that the plan has worked perfectly inasmuch as they have ( and still are ) screwing us but I ( and you can call me naive) think the public are beginning to wake up to what f@ck has been going on . Where I feel the boe don't have a clue is in knowing what to do now that Joe public is getting wise and asking questions and they (boe) have no exit strategy without everything going tits up .
  10. The Bank Of England Clueless Thread

    Is this is nearest we've seen to the Boe admitting they haven't got a Scooby. I particularly like the last link ( video ) with Andy on the ropes looking awkward as he tries to smooth talk his way through it.
  11. Truly heartbreaking stuff
  12. Okay this might be old news to us but nevertheless it's nice to see this in a mainstream newspaper and by a ( putting your own party politics aside ) pretty levelheaded, straight talking ,well known politician . Really like the way he clearly lists the 10 serious drawbacks of current policies in simple easy to understand terms.
  13. Buy To Let Finance Watch

    Seems strange (or and indication that the mood is changing) in that a pro BTL forum will use the words "feeding the monster which is the UK buy to let sector ".
  14. Buy To Let Finance Watch

    Ok, it's not a national newspaper but the message/idea seems to be creeping through. This website/forum usually play down any negatives on BTL that are in the news but with this article it doesn't seem that evident.
  15. Yeah Chris Philp is great (so enthusiastic on the subject), I've been watching him for a while now. I think the fact he is a Tory also gives it a bit more clout . As to Tyrie's reaction I interpreted it in very positive way- to me it sounded like Tyrie was ticking off Osbourne suggesting housing is still a HUGE mess which he has yet to address and was going to take longer than five minutes to sort out "perhaps another day ". To me it was like the experienced elder putting the young schoolboy in his place, I thought Osbourne looked very sheepish at the end of that particular exchange.