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  1. BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-41351549 This came as a big surprise to me.
  2. I(diots) have to pay £15,000 extra stamp duty

    Aren't these the people who have contributed to HPI? In my observation consumerism instinct is so strong in some people that they would buy at any price. And then there are others who preach that you can't go wrong with property.
  3. The US started it. Canada followed. ECB is talking about ending QE - ECB to announce winding down of bond purchases in Sept: WSJ What is the real trigger? Why at this particular time? Was the housing boom 2014 - 2016 related to this transition?
  4. Rent Companion - Rent/Wages

    Do Reading and Slough have higher wages than Oxford?
  5. Good news bit I still think £340K for a one bed flat in Brixton is bit expensive.
  6. Enjoyed reading this. LOL. Would it be possible to post this along with previous quotes so we have the whole trail to read?
  7. In the bigger picture, would it be more profitable for lenders to simply repossess and sell the same property to another buyer? Are they not keen to reposses? Does it bring them bad reputation?
  8. Generational envy, politics: How and Why have we come to this stage?
  9. The Guardian: The social care crisis can only be tackled by taxing old people’s property
  10. Lenders having to look at entire portfolio is already discussed In the BTL running for exit thread. However, I did not get the Lenders decide to exit bit. Why would lenders exit?
  11. Telegraph : Buy-to-let crackdown: more rules to hit landlords in September
  12. Emergency house seizure law

    Why zero chance? Prices are all time high for salaried people. Councils can afford to purchase properties and give a boost to the stalled house market?
  13. Apologies if this is already posted. The Guardian: Labour says emergency house seizure laws could ease Grenfell Tower crisis What are the chances of this happening? If it does happen what will happen to all those savvy investors?
  14. There is a lot of debate around sprinklers. Thought a new thread would be good. IIRC sprinklers are compulsory for new builds in Wales and certain properties in Scotland. http://www.residentialsprinklersltd.co.uk/fire-sprinklers-legislation.php#.WUQaQcaZO50 Should sprinklers be made compulsory for high rise, BTL/ HMOs and 2+ storey houses?
  15. I agree with you but I also think it is an outcome of the lifestyle we live. Don't want to start a SAHM/working mum debate here. However, till some decades ago housework, bringing up children was considered full time job. Nowadays both parents have to work to keep a roof over their heads. After coming back from work there are so many chores to do - entertain children, help with their studies, washing, cleaning, keeping up with socialisation, children's extracurricular activities ... it is difficult to have a cooking routine where you start everything from scratch. This creates an increased demand for pre cooked, prepared meals, fast foods, takeaways, tinned and frozen foods ... I think we all have to do too much in too less time.