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  1. Busy parents, depressed children ...

    The day they switched from 3x main + 1 spouse to 4x combined was the day that family life ended.
  2. Apart from the personal guarantees that the bank will insist on. Ltd may give you protection from (some) trade creditors but very rarely from a bank. Trust me, I have first hand experience.
  3. That's a good point. Goes a long way to explaining the poor UK productivity numbers.
  4. It's bloody annoying. He goes through my ancient stuff, pronounces it 'cool retro' and that's the last I see of it. My 30 year old Musto offshore jacket was lost to me this week. If this keeps up I am going to have to actually buy some new stuff before I end up walking the dog in the alltogether.
  5. My son is currently wearing the shoes I bought 25 years ago. Church's. Proper quality.
  6. I may be a couple of years out but I recall renting my own for that price - since I was born in '67 and therefore wouldn't have been able to rent until I was 18 (1985) it is close. My parents rented for as long as I can remember before that. But even £200 for a portable, with no resale value, would be £10 per month over two years after interest charges.
  7. Almost everyone I knew in the eighties rented the TV. In 1987 it was £20 per month for the TV and another £10-15 for a VCR. The TV repair man was a well known face and you would nip down to radio rentals every two years to get your 'upgrade' So just like a mobile phone now. Only, relative to earnings, much, more expensive.
  8. Yes but remember inflation was also 15%. You could expect your wages to deflate your debt away quite quickly.
  9. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

    Why not? One of the things I was looking forward to post move was a bus service. What is wrong with it?
  10. Fiat 500 - I see them everywhere!

    I have a 500 sport convertible. Love. It is great fun to drive. But my journeys are mainly less than 10 miles. I wouldn't use it for a long trip if I had a choice. And the luggage space isn't that bad. We can get two sets of golf clubs, two trolleys and enough luggage for a week away in it quite happily. And no, I am not a hairdresser.
  11. So as my very limited brain sees this. House prices will be 15x income. Therefore only landlords will be able to buy. They should be looking for a 5% gross yield. Which will require rental payments of 5x15 or 75% of average gross income. Yes. That seems both likely and good for the economy. Not.
  12. I doubt he could move in with his ex tenants. He won't pass the credit checks.
  13. Should I just buy?

    Renting can be fine. Remember that the deal you get is the one that you negotiate. I have a five year lease, ending when my kids leave school, with permission to decorate as I see fit. Not enough people see themselves as the valuable customer and negotiate accordingly.
  14. Should I just buy?

    You need to change your mindset. I rent. I have a home office (actually almost a home factory!), A lovely garden where I have been breeding Koi, my own furniture and even, unbelievably, I am allowed to have friends over every now and again. Renting isn't just for loser scum. In fact, if you look back in history, a lot of the aristocracy were actually renters.
  15. Young tenants under 35 in crisis as landlords turn them away

    Problem is it is likely to be Owen Jones.