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  1. Rightmove Dec -2.6% m/m

    That's a fair point. Or if the index really is totally manipulated it tells us that estate agents now want these price / expectation drops.
  2. The Great BIG redundancy thread!

    Does anyone recall - must have been back in the 80's - the BBC had a kind of ticker tape scrolling top bar that just listed the days announced redundancies. They were coming so thick and fat that they couldn't actually mention them all?
  3. Yes. Almost no poor person has ever benefited from the zero rate band of CGT. I have often thought there is money to be made by finding a way of utilizing all the unused cgt exemptions. But if you did that, the exemptions would be removed forthwith. I am surprised that Labour haven't attacked this blatant giveaway to the wealthy before now. (Actually I am not surprised at all).
  4. Why do you think you deserved a four bed house for three kids? Could none of you share?
  5. Tax Relief On Buy To Let Mortgage Interest.

    I've just read three pages of very complex argument pointing out the bleeding obvious. If your capital account is overdrawn, you cannot offset the interest relating to that figure. If you only ever put in £20k of your own cash, that is the maximum you can withdraw. Take out more and If you are running a ltd company, you will be hit with punitive taxes. If you are a sole trader, you will not be allowed to claim interest relief on cash you have extracted over and above that initially invested. It was forever thus.
  6. Well it has helped me and several million others give up smoking. If that makes me brain dead so be it. But at least I will be physically alive for a lot longer than I would have been.
  7. Peak Car?

    The cost is ridiculous. My colleague needs to visit a very ill relative in Liverpool this weekend. From the South East, for a family of 4, £330 was the lowest rail price she could find. I would wager the train is not full.
  8. Agreed. I tried everything, including a one on one with Alan Carr. Nothing worked for more than three weeks. Started vaping three years ago. Haven't wanted a fag during that time. Not even a little bit.
  9. I would change your 'slightly less expensive' to 'significantly less expensive' And I tried for 30 years without success the old fashioned way. I don't honestly believe I would have 'ditched anyway'
  10. 1/3 have no Pension Savings

    But with no access to sick pay, maternity pay, redundancy pay etc. Swings and roundabouts. You are worrying about the wrong people.
  11. Renters Don't Seem To Matter

    Realistically you need to be able to take a 5 year lease. Assuming the school period being 4 years, and you need to be in location when you apply 12 months before, that would at least give you the security of knowing that your kid would stay in the same school. But at 5 years, stamp duty can kick in ...
  12. Renters Don't Seem To Matter

    Except that we have leveraged landlords massively indebted to the banks. The banks don't want long term leases. The Government will do what the banks tell them. An outright owning LL will happily sign a three year lease. A leveraged LL doesn't have that option, even if they wanted to.
  13. AFAIK, benefits are paid in advance. Universal credits are paid in arrears. Moving towards paying in arrears makes sense. If someone on UC gets a job, that will also be paid in arrears and therefore the income stream will be uninterrupted. Someone on benefits that gets a job may have to wait 8 weeks from the last benefit payment to the first paycheck. This is a big disincentive, especially since they will now face the cost of getting to work. Someone leaving a job and moving on to UC will have received a final wage so should be able to easily last four weeks, more if, as in most cases, they received redundancy and holiday pay. The problem really only affects those moving from benefits to UC. So in theory, the move is correct. But the transition could have been handled with more empathy. When I moved my factory from weekly to monthly pay we phased it in over many months to avoid any unnecessary hardship. The government should have done the same, and explained the reasoning much better.
  14. Busy parents, depressed children ...

    The day they switched from 3x main + 1 spouse to 4x combined was the day that family life ended.