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  1. High horse. I am about to move my kids away from their friends and family and 'support network's because I have to pay my own rent from money I earn and where I currently live is just too expensive. I am not undesirable. Just have to cut my cloth to fit my (fairly considerable) income.
  2. Pension time bomb

    It just demonstrates where you are coming from. I have put both of mine through private education and have always found the entitlement amongst the parents, and the inability to understand other people's position, to be quite extraordinary. Especially when I knew that only four of us were actually paying the fees out of our own income. You are always questioning why so many are thick 'no-coiners'. Perhaps it is because some of us are not in the lucky position to take the big gambles, knowing that the school fees are taken care of and even if it all goes **** up there is a big inheritance coming down the line. It is easy to gamble and win big if you know that there is no real downside to losing.
  3. Pension time bomb

    You are being inconsistent. You state on the other thread that you are given £15k plus per year from your parents. Others are not so lucky and therefore don't have your choices.
  4. And be lucky enough to have very wealthy parents.
  5. First time renter - advice needed

    Maybe knock on a couple of doors in the 'rabbit hutch' and see if you can get some feedback from his other tenants?
  6. Where's Venger

    According to Google he was last seen tackling a fatburg.
  7. Where's Venger

    He quoted himself once to often and broke the space-time continuum?
  8. Jump in landlords facing serious mortgage arrears

    If an EE is planning on going home in the next six months or so, why would they bother paying the rent?
  9. Excellent. If you can't beat them, insult them.
  10. The Great BIG redundancy thread!

    Sadly it all seemed to unravel. I don't think they followed a pattern.
  11. The Great BIG redundancy thread!

    It was always looming over them.
  12. mumsnet: millennials and housing

    So your answer is what then - he should just be homeless? (Or perhaps Costa should pay him £50k per year?)
  13. It appears to be following a trend ...
  14. Anybody want an old fort?