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  1. Latest data from the Land Registry is available now at houseprices.io if anyone's interested.
  2. June house price index -Rightmove first?

    Oh, what's crashing? Not seeing anything wrong in Chrome myself. Anyone else? Do you mean the little inline maps? Or the full screen one at https://houseprices.io/maps ?
  3. June house price index -Rightmove first?

    Also off topic, but if anyone is interested, the May Land Registry data can be viewed now on https://houseprices.io You won't find it on Rightmove yet!
  4. "they intend to begin deducting instalments from bank accounts in the new financial year" Errr... what!?
  5. Technologists giveth, rentiers taketh away.
  6. Inflation

    We can inflate away the debt, but you can't inflate away a deficit.
  7. Latest Land Registry data now available to explore on https://houseprices.io/ if anyone's interested.
  8. Poll - Should Carney be sacked?

    Over supply of money.
  9. Poll - Should Carney be sacked?

    Anyone who made dire predictions about the consequences of Brexit and is now in a position to make those come true should certainly be sacked, on the grounds of a most dangerous conflict of interest.
  10. The latest sales data released today, including the first few days worth of post brexit transactions is now up and running at houseprices.io. Share and enjoy.
  11. Apparently this is now a thing. The two portmantastic worlds of EU exiting and house price renegotiating have collided and we now have Brexundering - the practice of reducing your offer "because Brexit". As reported by the BBC's Personal Finance Correspondent on You & Yours today. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07h2vfl#playt=0h8m32s) Sounds like it could make for a handbrake turn in house prices.
  12. Buy To Let Finance Watch

    Martin Lewis is on Radio 5 right now saying don't buy to let at the moment.
  13. On what terms are they proposing another referendum? Best of three, or double or quits?
  14. The £ Is Dropping

    Plan: ==== 1. Appear in utter disarray [check] 2. Pound drops [in progress] 3. Raise interest rates 4. Announce second referendum 5. Pound rises 6. Lower interest rates 7. Win referendum 8. Lower interest rates 9. Business as usual
  15. I'm starting to get the impression that linking Brexit to a house price crash could turn out to be one of the most counterproductive (and naive) things the remainers have done. Newsnight did a piece last night with inner Roland Rudd canvasing outtish Wolverhampton and showed one couple who were swayed towards leaving by the idea. The interviewer noted that almost everyone they had spoken to had mentioned house prices, although to Rudd himself the very idea of wanting lower prices seemed to come as a surprising new concept. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b07fd038/newsnight-09062016 (@ 21:13)