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  1. Yet another raffle....

    and another:
  2. If water, like land, was always in fixed amounts and always occupying the same spaces, then it would be the same situation for water with the moral relativism that comes with HPI / economic rent seeking. I guarantee it. Tax payer subsidised water benefits, all the same stuff.
  3. Even if so....owning 6 houses (with expenses of Maintenance, Council Tax & Insurance) they can't sell for more than they bought for. Not making much of a profit in what's left of their lifetime. How long until (falling) rents finally break even on their purchase price of mortgage + interest for a house that is probably going to go down in value? + changing demographics, politics and progressively needing to compete with the rest of the world economy (cheaper housing is an advantage). + what Bland Unsight is saying. Sound like a big feckless waste of time.
  4. That makes sense you'd be giving yourself more work for too much risk in something that is rigged anyway. What you say doesn't surprise me. Also keeping your earnings below the tax threshold might contribute to the HMRC needing to pursue those who are actually breaking the law. Why play the game it's a farce. Sounds like your are placed how you want to be. I write non-fiction. In my experience that can give the impression of self published pap lol, so I'll mention I get critical praise from professionals with things like B.ed and PhD (who works in his field not PhD Mcdonald's). I'd say more but would rather not because of the environment of the internet there are always certain people who think they have a right to steal copyright material and me being successful seems to make them think they are more justified. Of course I am not addressing that to you DB, just this being the internet. I hadn't looked that far into it (as in Amazon allowing it in order to help destroy John Lewis et al) but that certainly makes sense and I bet you're right.
  5. Only for their own sales where they are "vendor of record" AFAIK. Not for 3rd party sellers
  6. Retailers go into administration

    Perhaps Greenwoods should have tightened their belts when they could have? Looks like they never got past an initial panted offering of socks and flares.
  7. 60% of Amazon reviews are fake. VAT fraud sellers will be taking advantage of manipulating the reviews no doubt. That's double whammy for those who play within the rules. As a seller I can honestly vouch that integrity is punished. The internet isn't always the "entrepreneurs domain" for those who are prepared to work hard at it. As a seller if you aren't manipulating the reviews yourself you aren't going to make more than pocket money. All you can do is lower your prices. I own the right to my products if someone wants to undercut me they have to buy it wholesale from me in the first place. I'm kind of looking forward to cheap sh*ting my competitors, one reason being that I wonder about the effect of customers buying mine for less and see that its much better than the other thing they bought for more that had loads of reviews. One voice says "don't undervalue yourself" but over time that increasingly comes across as a wimp about to get bitch slapped by a power thirst drinking FU business man doing what is necessary, he who dares wins etc. Was considering talking about this on DB's crash thread when they talked about selling on Amazon. One problem with fake customer reviews in general is that companies that sell good products aren't going to die for the sake of proving online customer reviews are a farce. In other words if only crap products got positive (fake) reviews, it would eventually start to dawn that review systems are a farce......and until then good companies would go out of business / suffer. Yeh, so practically everyone is doing it. PS: Customers don't post reviews for free (as is the only way to do so within T&Cs) while expecting the ones they view to be given so, else give them no credibility, and if you do you're in a small minority.
  8. People Pitching Dodgy MLM Products

    I believe it's like "Fizz Bitch" @ 0:31 but in "stick" form.
  9. Didn't know that. So Munich is much cheaper than London too.
  10. I was hopin' de man in de video was gon ta talk like dat too, about trowin de poo poo troo de window.
  11. 5 German flats worth, poor air quality, no parking and your first born.
  12. Plain Architecture

    Thanks. Leasehold too. I bet the people who sold it to them in the first place are happy in 2nd to last place ponzi.
  13. The Unmortgageables

    I thought this was a new TV program like "the Undateables" except where Kirsty and Phil get young people to take on as much debt as possible. On picture 3 I really get the mood of the room. You could sit on the chair looking out of the window in regret with a bottle of whisky.
  14. Add to that the lower £ 11 year later £94,000 in Berlin: The most expensive place in Germany.
  15. Plain Architecture

    Wonder how much the owner bought for originally. Can anyone find out? would be interesting.