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  1. Anything that is not on your own website will be rigged in one way or another. Of 1530 sales of a particular product of mine one customer review has occurred (5 stars). Online customer reviews (the "lifeblood" of eCommerce) are mostly rigged, everyone's doing it, particularly on Amazon and people completely ignorant and gullible. Section 230 of the communications decency act means they have no legal responsibility over their veracity whatsoever. Need to have a laser like focus on your own website long term.
  2. So did the guy who bought the domain but didn't need himself and got his ass served to him in a bun. In eCommerce buying domains you don't need to use yourself is actually known as "domain squatting", some even call them scum. It's the reason the website Tumblr isn't called Tumbler or Flickr not called Flicker. Google et al devalued the juice they gave to domain names when enough of the good ones got squatted. If it wasn't for the ability to work around such BS as this, your internet searches might result in a load of cr*p and domain names up for sale at ridiculous prices, just like the housing market. Ironically perhaps the very same ability to work around that has brought you here to HPC to be an Asshat.
  3. Viz is a comic cartoon magazine. It's got a new character that calls himself "happy guy" in antithesis to the fact he is rarely happy, to try and make it look like he is taking things in his stride while he trolls about stuff that riles him.
  4. Sex for rent

    Any woman who is "marketable" for sex and inclined to do so, could make a lot more money than the price of rent by just being a prostitute for various clients. A "webcam wh*re" with a dildo doesn't even have to touch anyone. Or be a stripper, get to meet people, other strippers, an agent etc. Women tend to get paid more than men in the pron industry too. Burlesque dancing. The landlord might as well ask a £50k PA plumber to live there rent free if they wash the dishes. Why would a plumber waste potential for something that pays less? I suspect see these landlords won't be much more than hopeful fantasists.
  5. Buy To Let Finance Watch

    Well that's one way of avoiding paying back debts.
  6. Yes. If a doctor leaves their job either someone else does it or people are ill. No Fireman = people die, no Police = people become victims of crime, No nurses = old folk die in their own s*** etc etc etc. It's not a very pleasant picture. I work in the private sector myself, the examples I choose are simply more critical. If someone leaves land........the land is still there, as are the police, border control and defense, all of which are paid for by the above. The Landlord is completely unnecessary. e.g. Tool Hire. It's cheaper financially and in terms of storage to rent a concrete mixer for a weekend than to own one. The choice is there as part of a functioning economy. If the same credit availability and scarcity conditions existed in the tool hire market, then it would barely exist. A £200 mixer would cost £2000 to buy (I multiplied by 10 to account for how £200 is from within a competitive market to begin with).
  7. If everyone in the world disappeared except Landlords. They would have to look after themselves. If all Landlords in the world disappeared people would continue looking after themselves and it would be easier to do so. Same as many other host / parasite comparisons. Land is the host, people are the red blood cells, the two of which can live in on, on their own. Landlords are the leech.
  8. Random Generator Software

    Thanks. I've seen that one but last time I looked there they didn't have those apps so I'll check them out thanks. Thanks, if all else fails DIY.
  9. Since years ago I've wanted to find a program that generates random sequences based on any number of fields I enter. So far I have only found things restricted to numbers, such as Here's an example of what I'd like to be able to do: 12 starting note possibilities: A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D# E, F, F# G, G# 7 musical scale possibilities: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian 5 pattern possibilities: Pattern 1, Pattern 2, Pattern 3, Pattern 4, Pattern 5 Program comes up with: C# Lydian Pattern 3 which I play then I press "go" and it comes up with G Dorian Pattern 2 and so on. I need to be able to enter the possible fields myself and choose how many myself. Next day I might want to do something different: 7 possibilities Hungarian major scale: 1, #2, 3, #4, 5, 6, b7 7 possibilities Hungarian major scale: 1, #2, 3, #4, 5, 6, b7 7 possibilities Hungarian major scale: 1, #2, 3, #4, 5, 6, b7 7 possibilities Hungarian major scale: 1, #2, 3, #4, 5, 6, b7 Program comes up with: #2, b7, 5, 3 which I sing then I press "go" and it comes up #4, 1, 6, 5 and so on. The important part is being able to enter anything to be chosen randomly. This could be used for practising / learning anything like the periodic table and more other things I'm sure. I can't understand why I cant find such a thing or why nobody has made one. If someone made it and sold it on Google Play / iStore I'd buy it.
  10. Good point. I think the electorate would have been more accepting back then. Now it's just getting old. Guess the Tories chose to side with their friends instead, the banks.
  11. If you want to learn about something which is samey same same for everyone have a look at Ricardo’s law of rent.
  12. Buy To Let Finance Watch

    Seems to be £29 - £49 according to their website now. Economies of scale must be ripping through anything non-physical and easily scalable such as this area of online advertising. The more the middle-men disappear the better.
  13. Buy To Let Finance Watch

    In a similar vein it seems there are more estate agent adverts on TV now than ever, such as for Tepilo. Perhaps things are getting a little desperate.
  14. BTW this is hilarious: In my area the local news complain there aren't enough children in the village to take part in the nativity story. quote: "Adults could take the role in a break with tradition.....For the first time ever, no children arrived dressed as shepards or angles". I'm in my 30's. If it wasn't for me the average age in the area would be something like 66 rather than 65 or thereabouts lol. Place up my road went for £850k recently. As if someone on 50k a year can afford that AND have kids!
  15. 200> words is OK under UK "fair dealings" law or US "fair use" law.