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  1. My favourite quote from the Danny Hyde video in question is "You hypocritical saucer of tit milk!" @ 1:32
  2. Homeless professionals ( well teachers )

    This came out recently
  3. Perhaps you are the nice guy for having patience with your conclusions of others in spite of their objective actions.
  4. I find auto type annoying when on the iPad. I like your post but you mean herd and slam? slamb would be like lamb which can come in a herd like sheep or even sheeple.
  5. What do you make of this?

    Very funny! Perhaps someone needs to fund a huge inter-generational mortgage.
  6. That makes it even more annoying. I can't stand charlatans in my line of work even though I say to myself they are just con men like in any con man in any other line of work. Positive noises from May and Cable so far regarding that. Perhaps they know what's politically expedient and what isn't When I invest money I learn of the risks and make my choices. Shame that lot want to be coddled.
  7. Buy ToiLet - only £400,000

    Summers with sound of screaming babies, blobs of ice cream on the floor and fat guys walking around in budgie smugglers. The low rumble above your head of the occasional passing Truck, Bus, or Boy racer with Fat exhaust and Boom Box and it's right next door to adventure golf. We used to live in a former toilet. Luxury.
  8. Just incase you where born yesterday Banks were bailed out with £ Billions from the taxpayer.
  9. If council tax was based on how much people use public services then very wealthy people would pay less than everyone else if they wanted. Ball park figure hypothetically, if tax was only 1% on 10 million that's £100,000 which is enough to pay for private bin man, healthcare insurance, education and perhaps security too. In which case not paying any actual tax is the equivalent of paying only 1% "tax" for the same benefits. I'm disappointed how when the discussion is about taxing production and wealth creation (i.e. income tax which is the former for the most part) the arguments are how much a person can afford to pay, yet when it's unproductive wealth (house prices) its about how much a person uses public services. If you want to look at house prices as consumption as a reflection of ones income (productive wealth) of what they can afford, by comparison VAT is pretty much the same 20% for all across most other consumption at any price. Everyone pays proportionally the same rich or poor. Perhaps the complication of council tax bands allows too much ambiguity and political to and fro compared to a % based system such as in the US. Council tax is a misnomer to me compared to this issue and how Land Value Tax should be introduced also.
  10. Whoever sold it to them for 635k in Aug 2017 obviously found one. What the **** were they thinking? The legal property "market" makes the Watchdog type illegal scams look ethical. Never mind selling a reclining chair to an old pensioner for a few grand, we're talkin' £100k+ on this Gravy train.
  11. Homeless professionals ( well teachers )

    In online business marketing is the perhaps most important skill. Perhaps it's similar in job terms, the equivalent of marketing is more important unfortunately.
  12. Homeless professionals ( well teachers )
  13. He can't agree with himself. Before the Catalonia referendum he said: "I would respect a Catalan Yes vote" After it he said: "Nationalisms are a poison"
  14. Nationwide arm bands advert

    I think this will be the next Nationwide Advert. It's not too far off from storing mugs in the walls as mentioned in the actual NW advert. Mind you walls are a bit of luxury we used t' share a kennel wi' a dog n work down t' mill fer half penny a day. Good Video thanks, could be on DB's thread about the coming crash. I watched the whole thing. Can you link to part 2? he mentions at the end "Where we're headed" I'd like to watch that.