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  1. Heating went on tonight

    Women are more sensitive to cold as they are child bearers. For the same reason they are less vulnerable to colds and flu. All biologically geared to protect the baby while pregnant.
  2. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    Great. "Does", "do", "don't", "is" and "are" etc. are used for things where there is knowledge such as the enzyme in the liver the metabolizes most psychotropic drugs is CYP450 and Africans are relatively poor metabolizers. Just like the fellow pictured in your link might be. Very poor. Tell us what you know about the effect of foreign substances on glial cell activity. You know, like drugs that break the blood brain barrier. As you must know the brain is not in a fixed state but in a constant state of flux. When a person takes any psychotropic drug the brain compensates for it and works around this regular dose. If dopamine is blocked the brain will create more dopamine receptors. If serotonin is increased the brain will prune serotonin receptors. In either case if someone stops taking the drugs suddenly then they will be met with a sudden abundance of dopamine or dearth of serotonin, the longer they've been on them the worse it will be. That's not mental illness. The reason why people are supposed to wean off drugs slowly is because the brain is the most complex organ in the body and takes time to adapt. This is where "could" and "might" being key words benefit you, it's all unknown in the first place so you can't prove anything. Let's keep on putting drugs in people's brains that we don't know how they work saying "could" and "might" until the experts find the answers So show me all the cases where they aren't or haven't recently been on anything. I already mentioned SSRI induced psychosis on this thread. Which is why most people aren't reductionist about themselves and don't believe they would be a killer if unfortunate enough to be at the wrong psychiatrist's office and given the wrong drug at the wrong time.
  3. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    You have linked to an article that uses the word "could" 5 times and the word "may" once.
  4. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    Ask any psychiatrist or doctor for the test results or any actual evidence to prove a person has a chemical imbalance and needs drugs to correct it.
  5. Hypothetically speaking if all pensioners were very wealthy yet land / housing costs were 1970's +inflation prices this website may not exist and your scenario would be less likely contemplated. Providing that most of this wealth is land with planning / housing on (which it is) and that is what is targeted then that is fine by me. It wasn't wealth in the free market capitalist sense anyway. The danger may be, as you might be suggesting, if it goes beyond that and becomes punitive towards earned wealth, that would not be very politically expedient I think and would intensify brain drain.
  6. I don’t want to look at bankers and I don’t want to let them know how lord they are either. I’m confused.
  7. Very true, and if the production increased there would be a point at which too much production becomes pointless so a middle ground is reached between price and production. If land / planning laws were loosened the amount of affordable land needed would be less than if not, due to competition bringing all prices down including already developed land. Therefore contrary to fears, loosening planning would contribute to less need for land to be developed. Just watching the news about schools having f*** all money and asking for handouts from parents.
  8. Could have fit some real books sideways in the spaces with a book rack. Maybe they used to be doors between rooms / buildings and someone thought that would look good.
  9. Plus other factors like lack of job security and China devaluing their currency / subsidising their industries. A friend’s next job would be based in China, he is high up enough to be involved still. Go back 10 years at his skill level @£50+ ph and he’d have no job. I might be wrong but I think it’s good if the developing world kicks our butts, it might force the UK to need to compete rather than buying and selling houses from each other like a car running off its own exhaust. hope so I’ve got some Precious Metals. Not going anywhere in particular over the last year but waiting out the “megatrends” as pranesh(?) calls it.
  10. Plus they be consistently late and devalue house prices along their routes!
  11. For the bit I saw, she said that buying duty free at the air port was part of the same naughtiness of general tax avoidance. She said something else stupid about tax avoidance like "it's just going to happen" and was shunned before making it clear she was trying to be observational. The language she said it did not come across well as opposed to saying something like "people out there will take advantage". Obviously it's the tone of voice and body language accountable for 90% of communication she got bood for, you'd need to see it but it's not worth watching.
  12. Just south of £90k according to this (in 2013). "According to our figures, if wages had risen at the same rate as house price inflation, the average wage would be £87,720"
  13. On now. See if I can stand it.