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  1. Are we on the brink of social collapse?

    But why what will they do in terms of work there will be even less for them to do in 15 years, its systematic destruction of Europe with millions of unemployable men who see our society as a resource base to be raped and pillaged
  2. Are we on the brink of social collapse?

    Can you lay off it Count, I'm going to night school to up it, sheesh dude give a guy a break
  3. Are we on the brink of social collapse?

    Totally agree early 90s to about 97/98 was golden, mind you I was young and the music and clubbing was awesome. Everything wasn't big corporate and financialised.
  4. 1/3 have no Pension Savings

    Very important point this, most don't and for someone in their 20s and 30s, is there even 30 years of decent paying work ahead of them with tech progressing as it is. I know I have a pessimistic slant on things but the value of labour is eroding by the year
  5. How long since your group left uni
  6. Do you really see it being that bad when it finally comes Count, would finally allow the younger generation to buy a home
  7. DB does going physical mean buying from the royal mint and keeping it oneself, or does it mean using a company that you buy from and they store that silver for you like a bank
  8. Hi DB which fund would give the most broad exposure to the Silver miners
  9. That is some brutal falls DB, needed mind to get the economy righted and give the younger generation a chance
  10. Its just plain wrong private individuals hoarding so much housing, and they do tend to be deeply unpleasant individuals
  11. End of the reflation cycle is that 2025, I know on the other thread you mentioned high inflation I thought that to be high single digits maybe even 10%, but 15% is scary stuff, I'm guessing wages would lag a fair bit behind, they usually lag behind, but in a globalised economy would that be magnified
  12. Damn DB that put a smile on my face great job getting the food, I love doing the same, its proper good fun timing it right
  13. On the return you expect to see on the miners are we talking in the 1000% territory, what timeframe
  14. DB what about shorting the major indicies via a CFD account or something, get some of that stockmarket downside
  15. Would a lot of other countries go the same way too, most of Europe has dodgy finances, Japan, China and India too