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  1. The rats are jumping ship...SELL SELL SELL

    In terms of high achieving what kind of jobs/salaries are we talking, its sad really folks getting towards 40 years old and cannot get a home. Agree its all gone nuts
  2. its at total odds with what people are writing not only on this thread but on other threads on the site too,
  3. DOW falls 1100 points

    Very interesting point sounds sensible
  4. Hi DB, on the point the next cycle will be a huge problem for the dollar, is that the end of the next cycle when inflation is in double digits or will the problems be throughout the reflation period
  5. DOW falls 1100 points

    it just looks so stretched, even if it makes new highs and gets up to 28K or something, it has to inevitably crash down 50% at some point, what is guaranteed is that it will not rise forever
  6. Hi Fence when people talk about support levels what does that mean and what are the indicators that support is at that level, trying to understand what some of the technical stuff discussed on the thread means
  7. Big drop in the DOW last couple of days
  8. Maybe this will be something rolled out in a few years, a large council tax bill for second homes, this would turbo charge the flushing out of BTLs
  9. If labour starts getting expensive won't there be a massive push for automation and technology to take out labour
  10. won't rampant inflation cause all sorts of other damage, are they seriously hoping rampant inflation saves the day
  11. University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    Will be interesting how a lot of universities will be getting on 5 years from now, a sudden contraction in student numbers as the young realise there are just not a meaningful number of high paying jobs to justify graduating with close to 60K of debt. 10 years from now I'm guessing the HE landscape will be very different to what it is today, fees will be eye wateringly expensive by then
  12. 25 and half a million in debt for a flat!

    how do you semi retire on 300k
  13. Hi DB could you elaborate on this
  14. Sancho should one get some industrial companies too
  15. wow those shares really flew post 2009 hope some of the stuff we buy ready for the reflation does that