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  1. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    From 2006 but anazing. "The camera never lies"? Nope.
  2. Sold to Rent

    If you do the maths on an extra £170k borrowing at SVR 4.5% then the Interest only is £637 a month before capital repayment is added. So the difference between renting and buying is that. ItSi intereSting how many don't Factor in the "rent to the bank".
  3. My Goodness, I am currently compiling a communication to the housing minister and local MP around "affordable housing" and was researching HPC for ammuition. . Stumbled across this. Alas, Grenfell Tower may be this black swan.
  4. Property Bee/Firefox issue

    Just install Firefox ESR (extended support release) - you can install it as a secondary install if you choose another installation folder. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/
  5. I'm part of a community land trust very close to Surrey which has a field in mind for a communal self build plan. This land would never be granted full market permission as it is designated a rural exception site for the local housing plan. At the moment it's worth around £5-15,000 per Acre and will be granted planning permission for affordable self builds only but have restrictions on what they can ever be sold for ( after a minimum number of years ownership as primary residence). Some of the landowners are holding out for the £1 million+ per acre which makes the whole scheme unviable. The difficulty is to overcoming the "hope value" and setting a realistic non market value which is acceptable to all. One of the landowners arguments is how it will decrease the value of their own properties.
  6. Just read this http://evonomics.com/unproductive-rent-housing-macfarlane/ which seems to tie up with the original post. The government seem to be paying lip service to it as to whether something will actually been done will be evident in the near future but it feels like a bit of a pitchfork moment to me....
  7. There is also something called "hope value" which is the anticipated value if it ever were to achieve planning permission. As a member of a community land Trust looking to purchase agricultural land worth some £4,000-£15,000 an acre. With special "exception status for self builders for local people" then the battle is to argue that it's not worth £1-2 million pounds per acre but somewhere between £15000 and £1 million pounds per Acre as it would never have full market value.
  8. Pitchfork moments

    About 12 years ago was travelling around the world for a year in Laos and Vietnam at that time and read on the BBC website about someone paying £50,000 for a personal number plate for their child and I thought that was disgusting from a perspective of someone in a country where people were earning one US Dollar a day
  9. Radio 4 You and Yours BTL Landlords selling up

    Poor landlord looking for exemption for stamp duty Stamp duty dispensation http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5745404 Myself and my wife are looking to buy a home together for about 220000. My wife had a terraced house she sold earlier this year, I have a flat I bought 9 years ago which is rented out. We currently live in rented accommodation.My flat was a studio one bed flat for one person, a Redrow debut one, whereby I had a mortgage for 90% and Redrow gave an interest free loan for the rest due to be paid after 10 years. The ten years is up next June. The flat isn't big enough for me, my wife and baby to live in. We're trying to sell the flat but have had no interest thus far. Our financial advisor has said if we can't sell then we will have to pay stamp duty on the home we intend to buy. We know we'll get that back if we sell the flat not long after but is there any other way around this as we can't find the funds to pay both Redrow back the loan and the stamp duty. oh and it seems that there's no way he would be able to reclaim the 3% extra stamp duty
  10. Radio 4 You and Yours BTL Landlords selling up

    New mortgage lender wants me to sell my BTL http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5745187
  11. Land registry UP again 0.4%

    It's worth bearing in mind the sales cycle of property in so much that the prices reported today by the ons relate to sales that completed approximately 2 to 3 months ago which would be the completion cycle of prices agreed and baked in 3 months before that. So the ONS figures released in October or November are for completions in August or September which actually reflect prices agreed in June or July. Sentiment has turned somewhat in that interim period between June and November.
  12. UK Unemployment Falls Again

    So unemployment (undefined scope / definition / criteria / meaning) is at an all time low, and in the same news bulletin is concern around how productivity in UK is low compared to European peers. Errr. 2+2=?
  13. The Perfect Dance Track

    I've posted a list of my top 15 tracks on here but I can't find it anymore. included such tracks as voodoo ray and Atlantic ocean waterfall which for me still give me rushes even though it's 20 years on.. will have to spend a couple of evenings going through old YouTube clips and finding the songs that really meant something to me
  14. The Perfect Dance Track

    Now I finally have a car into which I can put an SD card into, I wanted to download music that I've always wanted to listen to whilst driving. Hence working my way through this list of music. Unfortunately, many of the Legacy links from 2010 onwards no longer work due to copyright infringement. Pah!