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  1. Spoonerisms e.g. "Lie to Bet"

    Houses in Hampshire are on the market for ages with large reductions. Looks like "For Sale" => "Sore Fail"
  2. Is 2007 really a good benchmark for property prices? In the southeast when I bought then (I know! I spent 10 years regretting it and working regularly 80 hours a week) it was 6-7 times joint salary. Why are the media espousing this level of cost / income multiple as a benchmark? FFS - let's get back to 3-4-5 x single income levels again. Then the economy can thrive (more?)
  3. Look at the Volumes though! These may increase with other considerations, including an unfortunate Flu epidemic.
  4. RPI 3.9%

    Was looking to buy a bicycle for the other half a couple of weeks ago. I asked if it was the 2017 or 2018 model. May have been pitch, but he said the 2017 and 2018 model would be the same prices, but the specifications and quality of the 2018 model would be notably lower in order to be able to sell them in the UK. The water is starting to get decidedly uncomfortable in this Pyrex beaker.. do I die or jump?
  5. RPI 3.9%

    And CPI(H) https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/inflationandpriceindices/timeseries/l55o/mm23 Period Value 2016 JUL 0.9 2016 AUG 1.0 2016 SEP 1.3 2016 OCT 1.3 2016 NOV 1.5 2016 DEC 1.8 2017 JAN 1.9 2017 FEB 2.3 2017 MAR 2.3 2017 APR 2.6 2017 MAY 2.7 2017 JUN 2.6 2017 JUL 2.6 2017 AUG 2.7
  6. RPI 3.9%

    Just wait to see the effects of hurricane Irma on petrol prices. The current petrol price rise is due to the lesser Katrina.
  7. Obscene house prices do my nut because...

    Correction: 2.49‰ lifetime tracker, 3.74% introductory rate => tracker. http://www.barclays.co.uk/files/mortgages/corerangecustomerratesheet2017.pdf?blobheadername1=Content-Type&blobheadername2=Content-Disposition&blobheadervalue1=application/pdf&blobheadervalue2=attachment; filename=corerangecustomerratesheet240817.pdf
  8. Obscene house prices do my nut because...

    The lifetime trackers I have been seeing are around 3.75% from Barclays. ( BBBR + 3.49%). Bear in mind the rates are the lowest ever in some 300+ years since starting.. So 3.75% of £360k = £13,500 p.a. That's £1,125 monthly interest only. Thus total per month is £1,200 + £1,125 = £2,325 a month for 25 years at today's interest rates..
  9. Obscene house prices do my nut because...

    Two things come into play. 1. The introductory rate is usually up to 2 years for the magic 1.x%. Then, the SVR is typically 4.x% then on. . 2. A loan of, say £100k / 300 months (25 years) would be capital only repayment of £333.33 a month. Then interest on top. A £360k loan over the same time is capital only of £1,200 with interest on top. Assuming you have £40k deposit (plus another £7k or so fees / costs). Difference is huge, no matter WHAT interest rate is.
  10. Just don't look at the...

    Worse, looks like a carpark on top so tom, dick & harry can espy you. Horrid. Front road is busy too. Value IMHO <£220,000.
  11. Additionally, empty homes must be heated to prevent damage. How much did energy prices go up by recently?
  12. Buckinghamshire -" can't " sell a bungalow

    If this winter is as cold as it could be, lots more houses on the way to next year's market especially due to the large increases in energy prices.
  13. https://www.opendemocracy.net/neweconomics/solve-housing-crisis-need-fix-broken-land-economy/ A well-written article, giving some insightful history, providing some rationale behind current house prices whilst explaining the economic and social disadvantages of such. Goes on to explain how it could be fixed. Exactly the sort of report that the government should be reading and acting on.
  14. Landlords taking the p*ss

    I searched for a "how bleeding much to rent" forum and plumped for this one. Redirection advice welcome.. If you love your neighbors (I.e. 30 feet straight across from you) and have £36,000 a year for rent, this is a beaut. (Just don't ask for garage storage).. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/s6p/60747691 Oh, believe it or not, in the local area to this there are family houses 'asking' up to £5,000 a month FFS. For whom are these affordable given a <33% take home pay? Really?
  15. I'd have a concern that any substandard welding would, in the event of a significant impact, potentially turn the foot well into a mass of (effectively) meat cleaver blades that stop moving somewhere past one's ankles...