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  1. ahh missed the US bit. yes they have some great cars for bargain prices.
  2. wow so all the important stuff has gone up but not as much as it has in reality. new cars near zero ?? yeah right.
  3. puffypinkybits was always a favorite of mine. sadly taken already.
  4. few of these would not go a miss. lets cheer when some parasites top themselves.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/sep/21/uk-banks-to-check-70m-bank-accounts-in-search-for-illegal-immigrants https://www.ft.com/content/f90cbf7a-7b82-11de-9772-00144feabdc0 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/tax/9989496/Time-is-running-out-for-tax-evaders.html
  6. always been "open" just out in the open now. i have nothing to hide
  7. land registry ownership vs council tax records would be the first one then examine the bank accounts of said owners.
  8. But if you wait long enough the wealth will trickle down. Come on now you sound like a cynic of the elite and their MC method enrichment policies.
  9. Terrible results for who ? sounds like the benefactors are doing rather well out of the MC method. shame some of the players are being forcibly removed from the game to make room for new younger ones able to play the game for a longer sitting.
  10. if i am not mistaken monte carlo is mainly know for it`s casino ? maybe the MC method is the route to economic stability as long as the tables are open with some guff and spiel chucked in to sound like we know what we are talking about.
  11. back to the world of work

    Unfortuantley i am no longer in contact with anywhere i use to work. i am only vaguely in contact with someone from the defense role, and there is no way i would go back there. you are not the first person to mention my persona, it does come across in my words thoughts and writing but sadly there is nothing i can do about that. however i have negated any negativity in applications. And try to sound interested in interviews. i was never one for using more words than i had to to get my point across which may come across as disinterest in interviews point taken some just get the short straw in life. with the state of this country and the world right now, i would imagine many people are feeling rather glum. It does not help when i apply for roles still paying the same as 8-10 years ago, does nothing for my morale sadly.
  12. With a username like that you could almost be a Sc-mumsnetter.
  13. it`s fairly easy to spot the trolls. i don`t think selective pro hpi messages makes users trolls though. anyone who was called a troll from say 2000 to 2005 would be much better off than someone still waiting for the inevitable. as with everything it`s about timing.