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  1. Heating advice

    In a fair and just world the LL should have to submit a deposit that can then be deducted from at the end of a tenancy if the tenant has had to incur reasonable expenses to sort an issue such as this
  2. Speaking as someone who's never had a credit card or loan in their entire life, the one way I keep thinking about how to beat the system is to join it... Currently being cash rich but asset poor, surely I should load up on as much unsecured debt as they'll throw at me, default on the repayments, then come to 'full and final settlements' to get most of it written off, or possibly even declare myself bankrupt? It doesn't matter what affect it has on my credit score as I've got no actual need for credit, not even a mortgage, either now or at any point in the future. The only issue is how do I 'hide' my cash whilst I implement Operation Feckless Debt Junkie?
  3. Estate agents

    In the current climate of low supply-high demand I'm certainly seeing anything that's vaguely reasonably priced selling very quickly and easily... if I was selling now I'd certainly go with an online agent rather than high st. I've viewed a couple of houses that were on with PB and found the process very straight forward, viewer makes online contact direct with the vendor.
  4. Well maybe it's just coincidence and there is no direct correlation, but certainly in my part of the provinces (NW) there's been a mini boom in house prices that seems to occurred at exactly the same time that London prices are supposed to have been falling.
  5. Poison isn't a great idea as they might actually be residing in your house (in the walls or under the floorboards) rather than coming in and out... so they'll take the poison, scurry back to their nest under the floorboards and die, then you've got a smell problem and probably also a bluebottle problem to deal with as well.
  6. Max children for benefits

    I'm familiar with the goings on on various LA housing estates through work, one very common practice for those married with kids is to claim they're separated... extra benefits PLUS an additional council house which they then sub-let.
  7. + the Tax Credits because they are, of course, working precisely 16 hours per week and earning the equivalent of exactly Minimum Wage. Some will be working more and earning more than this, some will be working less and earning less than this... but for the purpose of optimum Tax Credits I believe the key figures are to claim that you're working 16 hours at minimum wage.
  8. I used to get wound up watching that programme presented by Rolf Harris and Shauna wotsername... Based at RSPCA (or was it PDSA?) veterinary clinics, giving out free pet treatment to people on benefits... who owned all manner of pedigree dogs that cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds to buy.
  9. It's the ''Working'' Tax Credits scam that has allowed these none-jobs to flourish, take away TC's tomorrow and see how many of these businesses continue.
  10. Halifax HPI February 2018

    Don't be silly!... These people don't look beyond the monthly repayment being affordable right here, right now, THIS MONTH... They have no comprehension of long term compound interest, or what an anomaly current ''emergency'' interest rates are and what might happen if they rise to anything like the historical norm.
  11. 2 bed terraces

    2 bed houses are my search target and in my areas they are selling in record quick time for 2007+ prices. Still plenty of BTL diving in from what I can see, and FTBers can afford them thanks to BOMAD, comedy interest rates and 35+ year mortgages. Not that I'm desperate to buy right now anyway but there's been numerous ones that I've not even had chance to view they've been snapped up so quick. It's only the real shitholes or the really stupidly overpriced ones that are hanging around unsold.
  12. Halifax HPI February 2018

    I think it's ever longer mortgage repayment periods that are sustaining the madness now, 35+ year mortgages becoming entirely normal.
  13. NME

    I had no idea it was even still going in print format, it must be quarter of a century since I last bought a copy.
  14. Halifax HPI February 2018

    I think I'm not as far up North or East as you, the areas I'm most familiar with are Mcr, Stockport, High Peak, West Yorks and North Wales and certainly anything at the lower end of the market (i.e.up to £150k) is definitely getting snapped up in unbelievably quick time, usually within a week and for 2007++ prices. It's only the really stupidly overpriced stuff that is hanging around for any length of time.