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  1. Trolling by private message

    I'll guarantee he will be one of them pricks off MSE.. they're obsessed with HPC.
  2. Unbelievable... just when I was starting to think that the MSM narrative was starting to come round to the concept of high and rising prices being a bad thing out comes this tripe (You and Yours)... all about how disastrous it is that prices (supposedly) aren't back up to 2007 fraud fuelled bubble levels and what can be done about it (Northern powershithouse, being the solution apparently)
  3. This seems to be the latest narrative now... just how ''affordable'' the North is, I consider myself reasonably familiar with numerous areas in the north... Derbyshire, W Yorkshire, Stockport, Manchester, also North Wales and Anglesey and ALL the places I am familiar with are at least back up to 2007 levels if not considerably higher.
  4. The fact is HALF the houses brought to market subsequently get withdrawn having failed to achieve a sale... so straight away that's 50% of the market made up of deluded time wasting vendors with unachievable kite flying asking prices.
  5. What's positive for you right now

    Wow, 14 shockers! At least it was under warranty, didn't it occur to them to remedy the fault or upgrade them rather than just keep replacing them with like for like! It's the S2 elise/exige that I really like, but I'll never be buying one if they stay at current bubble prices... 3-4 years ago you could get a mint, low mile, high spec exige for £17k, now you're looking at £24-£25k for an average condition, low spec example.
  6. £40,000 bed in a shed!

    How about £70k for a bed in a conservatory! Stockport!!!
  7. What's positive for you right now

    Bit of a performance car enthusiast myself, keep thinking I'd like to get into an Elise/Exige some day... although like all cars that can even vaguely be described as performance/classic/exotic/sports they're in their own price bubble at the moment. I know Lotus aren't exactly the most reliable cars but surely when they do go wrong they're not that expensive or difficult to fix?
  8. cant pay we'll take it away

    Yes I saw the episode with first example mentioned... middle aged couple with just one teenage daughter living in a huge house, apparently worth £750k. Yet inside just had a few worthless junky possessions and cheap bits of furniture... it looked exactly like the repo's that you (very occasionally still) see, all that was missing was the safety tape on the toilets and cookers! And they were genuinely really struggling to come up with the £1,400 that they owed, having to borrow some from family to scrape it together. That one couple and ''their'' house were the perfect example of all that's wrong with the concept of and attitude towards property ''ownership'' in the UK today.
  9. But the masses don't realise that they need low house prices, what they (think) they need is the ability to afford current house prices... and that's what they're being given thanks to HTB and 35 year+ mortgages.
  10. I've seen buyers pay anything from 30%-50% more than prices from only 2 or 3 years ago more times than I can remember now... and that's in the North! I can only assume that they really are that thick and ill informed that they're not aware of the previous sale price, or they're so indoctrinated into the cult of HPI forever and ever that they're convinced it will continue to rise in value constantly and indefinitely and their mad gainz are guaranteed
  12. Work hard!

    Don't shoot the messenger that's just how he was described in the article. I think it's been debated quite vociferously elsewhere on here as to just what qualifies someone to hold the title of ''engineer''... I'm staying well out of that one!
  13. Work hard!

    Should still be easily on around £30k a year as a qualified plumber, so certainly not ''low pay''... will also be able to do most/all of the plumbing and heating work on the house himself and will almost certainly have other tradey contacts to get other jobs and materials at trade prices and mates rates.
  14. Yeah right.....