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  1. You say it's a big problem but everyone I know who claims tax/universal credits have CHOSEN to be underemployed (i.e part-time) even though permanent full time hours are available to them.
  2. As I aid in the GE redundancies thread... they all just become self employed dog walkers, dog groomers, nail technicians etc, ''working'' precisely 16 hours per week and all the problems of unemployment just disappear. The combination of Tax Credits, QE and ZIRP really are the magical cure all for ALL economic woes.
  3. So that's another 1100 self employed dog walkers, nail technicians and child minders... all working precisely 16 hours per week.
  4. BTL still buying

    You only have to look at MSE or just about any other Internet forum that has any kind of property subsection to see there are plenty of people still piling into it, even buying existing BTL properties that are still tenanted, obviously not even giving a thought as to why the landlord vendor is selling up and exiting BTL.
  5. Is it time for another riot?

    Interesting note from history, I think I'm right in saying that the Romans needed to have a huge and burdensome welfare state in place to keep the plebs from rioting, along with an ultra wealthy elite, whilst the middle classes were taxed the hardest... all sounds strangely familiar.
  6. Once again the BoE expresses concerns over excessive borrowing... whilst at the same time printing off another £15bn to pump into the TFS.
  7. Funny you should say that.. I tried a Hershey chocolate bar a while back and it did literally taste like vomit (not joking) Edit - Having just googled it, it apparently does contain Butyric acid, which does indeed give vomit it's taste and smell.
  8. Buy To Let Finance Watch
  9. Honestly, cancer is too good for these people. Utter, utter scum.
  10. As ever.... look at what they do, not at what they say.
  11. We can't possibly be seen to be repossessing peoples houses no matter how feckless and irresponsible they've been...
  12. Radio 4 You and Yours BTL Landlords selling up

    ''Your typical BTL property isn't your typical FTBer property''... yeah Right!
  13. UK Unemployment Falls Again

    My bro-in-law reduced his hours a while back from 40 to 30, simply because he wanted more free time and could afford the drop in pay. At the time he didn't even consider TC's, but once he looked into it he realised he was entitled to them on his (chosen) lower hours and lower income... now gets £160+ a month in TC's and got a brand new free combi-boiler as a TC recipient!