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  1. Hoggs of Fife have done me well. If you want to try them, buy the first pair from a shop because the sizing is odd. Best work boots I have come across in many years. Still do the shoe lace thing though
  2. Energy Efficiency - Next year's landlord headache

    If the place is a dump, smoke and CO detectors are something else you can advise the local authorities about when you leave. The regs are quite onerous and I seem to remember the fine is up to £5k. edit: amazingly, the requirement for a CO detector is only advisory for gas appliances, but mandatory for solid fuel. So it's ok to get gassed to death by a faulty gas appliance.
  3. Vitamin D Supplements

    Sounds similar to the symptoms I've been suffering for a few years now. I had the bonus of C2 spine miles out of alignment and undiagnosed for over a decade from a motor accident. Putting that right has helped a lot - I've gone down a shoe size so much swelling has left my feet! However, I do still suffer periodic joint swelling in big joints like elbows, knees and ankles. In the past, this was put down to damage from my physical outdoor job and active lifestyle, but I am increasingly convinced that some sort of imbalance is the culprit. I think my diet is not far from right, although will be adding pumpkin seeds and coconut oil. It may be relevant to add that despite being outdoors a lot of the time, I have been described as looking 'borderline anemic', although that would also apply to most of my relatives Does the hpc medical dept. think it's worth trying vitamin D3/K2 supplement for a while (my knee is swollen at the moment)? I'm not a supplement taker, but happy to give it a go as the various medical professionals I have consulted have not been able to offer any sort of diagnosis or treatment. Is there a viable dietary alternative to the vitamin D3/K2 supplement ?
  4. My impression is that farms work for many as the base for farmers' lifestyle. The farm was paid for a hundred years ago, so there's just running costs and council tax to pay. Letting land out pays ~ £100 / acre, so a small farm of around 150 acres might bring in £15k / year. Then there is residential rentals in houses on the farm. Then CAP payments, and any other grants such as Natural England environmental schemes. Then anyone with a bit of get up and go is going to find some form of diversification, could be anything from doing a few shifts a week in the local warehouse to having wind turbines built on the farm. Then they could do some actual farming! Anecdotally, pre supermarket revolution, household spending of the average worker was roughly a third on rent, a third on food, with the remaining third for other expenditure / saving. Compare with today, where I would guess average food spending to be more like a tenth of income. So proportionally there was a lot more money to go around food production industries. In my part of the world (Northants), there has been a definite shift away from livestock to arable. The markets for farm produce are volatile and difficult to make long term predictions about. My guess is that this is driven more by the labour involved - some machinery maintenance and a few weeks planting and harvesting as opposed to the daily all hours drudgery of livestock.
  5. The Bbc Propaganda Thread

    Maybe BBC being moody and hoping PM doesn't start getting ideas from Trump about doing away with publicly funded broadcasters
  6. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I did register on an appropriate dating site, but quickly concluded that real life is where it's at for me - cannot get fired up about profiles with suspect photos and strained email conversations. Have seen it work out for other people though. I know someone that used to practice family law, so will try her for answers about cohabitation. Google results seemed unclear on teh matter.
  7. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Would this also apply to getting involved with older women ? Kids more or less 18 and unlikely to have any more and marriage not on the table.
  8. Still kicking myself for not taking the opportunity to see him speak at my school in the early nineties, not long after the Wogan interview. The lizard thing is so way out and vague, is it a badly employed metaphor, or does he really mean it ?
  9. Hillary Clinton

    wtf ?
  10. What about the people in 30's / early 40's who don't have children because they have been in government caused precarious housing and employment situations for the last 15 + years ? I guess they get an inheritance if they are lucky, but it's entirely missing the point that houses have become a drain on society and successive governments could and should have corrected it, but continually choose not to. Gavin Barwell rapidly becoming new hate figure.
  11. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Builder mostly in the middle of nowhere these days, so not ideal. Sad as it sounds, I'm slowly reaching the point of not being that bothered anymore, just not that keen on getting older alone. First hint of any drama and I'd be down the road because solitude holds no fear.
  12. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Been single for years, with those attributes, several chainsaw licenses and having worked in a variety of manly jobs, I must be doing it wrong. Would it help to treat women like cr4p more, or maybe go to prison like Mr. Pin's friend?
  13. I heard this second hand, so entirely anecdotal; on the night of the referendum result, a middle aged man came into our village pub later on in the evening and started having a go at people he overheard talking favourably about the brexit result. After a while, he was removed. At closing time, there was a police car in the high street and police manhandling the angry middle aged man and a local couple in their underwear. Apparently, the angry man had singled out the couple's house because they had an England flag in the window, got them out of bed and started a fight with the husband on their doorstep, which his wife joined in with on the street No idea who the angry remainer is.
  14. There was a small migrant encampment on a green lane that runs through the middle of the international rail freight terminal and warehouse hub out my way. Anecdotally, the warehouses prefer to use EE agency workers and drivers, so the camp must have been convenient for work They were moved on after a few months.