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  1. Annoying things people have said to me about houses

    Some people think that anytime is a good time to buy! Prices would have to fall for 20 years and rental yeilds drop to 1% for these people to see the light! If ever!
  2. Overheard on the train

    Jezzz,,, give the white knighting a break! What has happened to HPC since I have been away!
  3. Huth Tracked Back

    Just checked and as of the 15th July 2017, it is still there! Great job!
  4. Just dropping in after 10 years away...

    Thank goodness! I had pretty much stopped coming to HPC because of his continuous Briexit bashing nonsense.
  5. Yes, Briexit would be far more interesting if we were also coming out of the Euro! It makes me wonder how the bank bailout would have played out? Would house prices been more likely to have fallen further after 2008? Would Scotland have voted for independence in 2014 if we had been part of the Euro project and the currency was not an issue?
  6. That is an interest point. I tend to put a lot of the blame onto Blair but Brown certainly play a major role in our ridiculous benefits system, oh and house prices! The only good thing I can think that Brown did was to keep us out of the Euro.
  7. Please keep all the Brexit moaning (whichever side you were on) to the correct tread.
  8. If you really believe that there is a massive transfer of wealth occurring here, you should be snapping up all of the bookie shares! Most of these desperate addicts would just waste their meagre wealth on something as equally pointless.
  9. Croydon house prices double in six years

    I agree, the whole fair price thing is incredible arbitrary. But hey that is how market pricing works! If everyone agreed the price would never move! We do have some relative value to assess this on though. Price compared to times earning is a good long term measure which has been high for many years now, and monthly cost compared to rent which seems currently to be pretty fair, from what everyone tells me! I wonder if that is anything to do with ultra low IRs and the failure of MMR to limit mortgage duration terms. See, still looking for reasons that the market price is wrong!
  10. Croydon house prices double in six years

    Inflation, and the fact that £216k is half what the is price currently is! For the record, I don't think that a 44% rise over that time period is justified (certainly not based on official records, Ha) or that the average earner would be able save up a deposit for it, even at this price. Numbers/prices are completely arbitrary at the end of the day, what we think is 'fair' is generally based on what we feel (at the time) would be 'fair' to pay.
  11. Croydon house prices double in six years

    I would have agreed that £216k looked expensive back in 2010 (I would have considered £140-160k to have been fair value). But today, I would probably think that £216k was close to a fair price, if I needed to live in Croydon (why does anyone want to live there! :P). The problem is, is that it isn't £216k!
  12. The Evening (lack of) Standard(s) goes ramping mad

    In a world of ZIRP! 40 year mortgages, totally sustainable unless you start calculating the compound interest at higher rates!
  13. The Evening (lack of) Standard(s) goes ramping mad

    Yep, something I always point out when I am told how much I can save by buying! Got to compare apples with apples! Also on their £600 pm saving.... not for 20 months (almost 2 years!) they won't. Their just had to stump up £12k in stamp duty! Let's not think about that being dead money though! .. cough, plus any maintenance costs ... .. cough, cough, should have added that they also lose any income from the £25k deposit ...