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  1. I have done my fair share of BTL baiting and boy is it tiring getting berated or looked down upon for renting! Still your post cheered me up! Lets look forward to the blood bath!
  2. Are you close to inventing one then! Don't tell everyone about it!
  3. Yes, this is the new normal of 0% IR, 0% inflation and 0% chance of house price growth ever going negative again! I'm joking of course, there has been nothing normal about the last 8 years!
  4. Any crash won't happen in isolation. We have no idea what will be happening around the world at the same time. Oz and Canada have bigger bubbles than here, not to mention the many bubbles going on in the major cities around the world. There are just too many plates and to think everyone will just stop to help keep spinning the London property plate is naive.
  5. Edited by me!
  6. Not new, it is a repeat, although I can't remember how long ago since I first heard it! Still true though and I love the comment about the property ladder being more akin to jumping from rope ladders dangling from helicopters being flown by gibbons!
  7. @Bhoy Can I ask what age you are? would make a clearer picture if you stated roughly what you earn too! If I fill it the blanks with £70000, £250000 doesn't seem so insane! (I'm in London so £250000 to me, depending on what it was for, i.e. not a bedsit!, doesn't seems that high any more!).
  8. Oh don't get me wrong, if it hadn't been for the non-crash in the UK, I'm sure I would have been too busy fitting new bathrooms and kitchens to have learn half as much as I did about investment or economics!
  9. Someone might correct me on this but I believe that when leasehold first came in that there was a substantial difference in the initial prices. It has just been eroded over time and the single mindedness of people desire to get on the 'propertieee ladder', hence why builders now think that they can get away with offering leasehold houses! Got to be better than wasting all of that dead money on renting! innit!
  10. I agreed, it is still a ridiculous sum for ground rent. I was just pointing out that it was a damn slight less than the £1.3b the article would have you believe he would be paying.
  11. I read this article earlier, so much for the housing crisis then! Interesting to note that they still put in a comment about how cheap monthly payments on mortgages were!
  12. No... and I certainly never said that. However, would you be surprised if the government of the day stepped in to try and bail them out? Hopefully that won't happen and these people will get a tough lesson and the myths of 'ladders' and HPI forever will be broken for decades to come. Does anyone know how you can delete the youtube videos from quotes? I can't seem to get rid of these 2!
  13. By John Ficenec 2:19PM GMT 10 Jan 2016 I really wish people didn't post old articles is really is a waste of time. Some up to date ones please, quite a bit has happened since Jan last year!
  14. Although this guy is clearly an idiot and the doubling (i.e. 7% increase a year) of the ground rent is clearly too high, the article's title is misleading as they have added up the total ground rent over 190 years! I'm sure he will be dead long before he had paid £1.3b! At worst, if say he lives there for the next 50 years until he pegs it, he will end up paying £77500 in ground rent! And the flat will be unsellable, as anyone with half a brain wouldn't buy with that sort of ground rent cause.
  15. I agree. I remember speaking to a BTLer about yield, I couldn't believe she didn't know what I was talking about.