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  1. Well then it’s not fulfilled it’s role as money if you cannot use it to store your saved wealth to spend at a later date. If the only option is to buy assets, any assets, to protect your savings then you’re at the risk of the market price of those assets. Should I buy stocks whilst saving my house deposit and risk them crashing, or store in fiat where it’s value will diminish with inflation? I want the option of sound money
  2. You’re missing the fact that the price would not matter to you to use it. Whether a bitcoin is $1 or $1m. You can still trade $100 of fiat for btc and then spend $100 worth of btc on stuff. So how is it anything like hpi?
  3. I’m on your side regarding btc/bch. But I don’t understand the above argument about miners spamming transactions. Any miner can choose which transactions to put in a block, so how can one malicious miner slow down other miners by spamming transactions? The other miners can just ignore them up until a number they can handle no? Also, with the merkle tree of transactions, I don’t think adding transactions significantly increases the hash difficulty. Most of the hashing is trying different nonces on a prehashed tree of transactions I think. I may be wrong on this, but that was my understanding.
  4. The Ripple (XRP) Crypto Currency Thread

    Curious where all the sources are for “widely” predicted to hit $100. Please can you share
  5. Ok, but given the choice of storing my wealth in a mildly inflationary money/currency vs a limited supply non inflationary money/currency, why would I or anyone else choose to use the inflationary one?
  6. Not sure where this discussion is going. But sound money has to be restricted otherwise your wealth is devalued and it’s not sound money
  7. Yes, fully agree. I was saying it’s infinitely divisible so does not matter if coins are lost or there are more people chasing the same number of coins. Separately I was saying that I don’t understand those on this thread who see non inflationary money as bad and that it has to be inflationary.
  8. It’s infinitely divisible. I really don’t get the arguments against it not being inflationary. I thought on this board most generally agreed that inflation is a form of theft, with QE being even worse
  9. Ignoring crypto

    Just want to clarify that the hash rate gives it its security, but there is no law at all that it has to constantly increase. The network could run exactly as it does today with a single miner (at reduced difficulty) but then there would be no double spend security.
  10. The Ripple (XRP) Crypto Currency Thread

    I think most on this forum sway more towards anti establishment and anti banker. Primarily due to the large part they play in the housing crisis we have. Bitcoin has an answer to that, and I believe that’s why it was allowed in the main forum about housing and the economy. It’s not my place to tell you not to open a thread about whatever you like, but you didn’t seem to start any discussion or make any point in your opening post, never mind linking to housing or the economy. An improvement of the swift system doesn’t really seem to have much impact on either the economy or housing.
  11. The signup page allows you to specify the uk as your country so hopefully it supports uk tax documents, but not 100% sure
  12. Im no longer in the UK so I have to fill a tax return every year (unlike the UK where you normally don’t have to register for self assessment). I plan to use http://bitcoin.tax to calculate everything for me.
  13. That’s fair. I think the price action the last half of this year is a bubble too. But we disagree on fundamentals
  14. I don’t want to censor anyone. You can point out that you think bitcoin is worthless - there are many reasoned arguments of that nature on this thread. But if you really believe there’s no difference between excel spreadsheets, used condoms and bitcoin then you’re missing out. The mathematics, game theory etc are quite fascinating.