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  1. ? Mikhail like to pluck figures from out of the air. Like $100 xrp. $0.06 sounds overpriced to me
  2. I would doubt it would apply in the case of gains. I think applies in the case of trying to declare a loss. I’m no expert, but if you can benefit like that I highly doubt it’s possible
  3. I hear Venezuelan bolivars are cheap now too. The whole argument of a particular unit being too expensive is ridiculous. Just like when the comparison was made between the price of a Troy ounce of gold vs a bitcoin. It’s meaningless unless you consider total supply. And the measure of bitcoin in particular is arbitrary as it can be broken down to any number of decimal places. Anyone who seriously doesn’t like bitcoin because they can’t own a whole one is as stupid as someone who doesn’t like dollars because they can’t own a whole million. Keep plugging your inflationary centralised bankster owned crypto imposter. If I’m trusting banks I’d rather stick to government backed currencies than xrp
  4. And you get free swift by having an “account” right? I’m sure those are 500,000 unique users. Haha, this has to be a wind up surely. Each new “crypto” scam looks less and less like crypto
  5. I’m 35 and I’m that unlucky so this is very likely
  6. Simplest way to get involved would be to open an account on coinbase or kraken and slowly buy some bitcoin - a little each month, not more than you can afford to lose. Everyone has their opinion on the different altcoins and one might make you some money, but how do you choose from the 1000 alts. Stick to tried and tested bitcoin, especially if you’re new to this. The whole reason crypto was invented was to have peer to peer, decentralised, trustless transfer of value/money. Bitcoin achieves that very well. A lot of these alts do one particular thing better whilst sacrificing one of the principal reasons for crypto being invented in the first place.
  7. Makes much more sense to sell the gold, buy bitcoin. Travel. Then sell the bitcoin and buy gold. Private keys can’t be detected by metal detectors
  8. But inflation surely is theft
  9. Exactly. A reduction in the difficulty, which in essence makes the blockchain less secure. But it would take a massive loss of miners to undermine the security
  10. A reduction in miners doesn’t reduce supply
  11. I understand it’s all personal opinions and not financial advice. Thanks very much for the reply, really appreciated
  12. I unfortunately missed the start of this thread, but have read the first few pages and followed the last 20 or so. However I’m not clever enough to understand a lot of it I recently starting pursuing a strategy similar to wicao after deciding I cannot time the market, sitting in cash for the last 2 years thinking a crash was coming whilst everyone else gets 20%+ on their equities. As a result, I’ve recently switched a lot to equities to meet a target allocation. As far as I understand this thread, the premise is that this is a bad idea right, and I should be more heavy cash or treasuries waiting for the deflationary crash? And ready to buy in on the reflation? Please correct me if I’m wrong. And why treasuries vs cash? Is it purely for the dollar vs Sterling? My cash savings are in dollars anyway, so is there a reason for treasuries rather than cash? Sorry for interrupting the thread but maybe a summary for simpletons like me could be useful for others
  13. Well then it’s not fulfilled it’s role as money if you cannot use it to store your saved wealth to spend at a later date. If the only option is to buy assets, any assets, to protect your savings then you’re at the risk of the market price of those assets. Should I buy stocks whilst saving my house deposit and risk them crashing, or store in fiat where it’s value will diminish with inflation? I want the option of sound money
  14. You’re missing the fact that the price would not matter to you to use it. Whether a bitcoin is $1 or $1m. You can still trade $100 of fiat for btc and then spend $100 worth of btc on stuff. So how is it anything like hpi?