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    Racist bigot cis scum. Also avoids soy.
  1. DOW falls 1100 points

    I bought a G6 outright to replace a useless S5. I haven't used it yet as I need to transfer everything across and have not have time...but I was convinced enough by reviews etc to lay out £430 on it, if that helps.
  2. Or gold. Or silver. Or classic cars. Or modern art. Or fine Cuban cigars.
  3. DOW falls 1100 points

    Purchase the flaming concavity
  4. Printed before I was born Could have been yesterday. Meet the new boss...
  5. The AA

    Calm down calm down
  6. What a spectacular own goal The wish is father of the thought as they say
  7. I don't hate him. I find it hard to have any form of strong feeling about him whatsoever. Still though, I might even vote for him. (For the same reason as agentimmo). I just find all the New Messiah talk a bit much, but we'll see. Does he differ from the others in regards to immigration numbers and origins?
  8. I thought modern builds were papier-mache anyway Too bad that global cooling never arrived or we could have gone the igloo route
  9. He's been a labour droid for 20 years. I'd never heard of him until last year. I put it back to you. What has he been doing? Besides smashing Abbott's back doors in, the lucky get.
  10. Yup. Look what they do not what they yadda yaddya yaddya...
  11. Is next company the maplin?

    For all your electronic providings
  12. So it's going to get cold and possibly snow in winter
  13. It's a hardware alt coin wallet with selectable colour LEDs