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  1. Leadership

  2. The Perfect Dance Track

    Although you can't move back sometimes it's nice to have a day trip Coming back from holiday is always a downer
  3. LED bulb failure rate

    I had an 18v AEG that i called the roid drill, unbelievable torque. It got nicked so cheapo Makita stuff now for me
  4. Sunday Politics voxpop

    Yes; and people buying homes get work done that is paid for with money that was previously paying rent or simply sat in a forlorn deposit account That's trickle down economics
  5. Sunday Politics voxpop

    You mentioned him having a job and i assessed the probability based on what people really need . I'm not clairvoyant
  6. Sunday Politics voxpop

    Well that depends on if he is (for example) a tradesman or a social media LGBTBBQ awareness coordinator
  7. LED bulb failure rate

    They don't fit. My scented lightbulbs "Highland" range is dead in the water.
  8. Is it time for another riot?

    My mistake, they 'monitored' it. Doesn't disprove my counterpoint though (Randomness of riots)
  9. LED bulb failure rate

    You've got me wanting to check if a whisky bottle has an 'Edison screw' compatible thread...
  10. Is it time for another riot?

    Why do the police disable BBM and WhatsApp then
  11. LED bulb failure rate

    Never heard of them. Buy cheap buy twice try Bell or Megaman.
  12. Is it time for another riot?

    A riot on the Edgeware Road near Maida Vale would certainly improve the look of the place. Worth streetviewing for comedy/horror.
  13. LED bulb failure rate

    I am. What brand were they, for starters?
  14. Agreed fence. This thread is great to read just to feel I have sane likeminded company in an insane asylum (the financial system) let alone any financial benefits that could be gained.