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  1. Penguins are always a disapointment anyway. Why bother with the different wrapper colours when all the biscuits taste the same?
  2. Londoner's on a hair trigger

    I wonder if the panic was partly due to the overcrowding and sensory overload that tends to occur in popular shopping areas in the run-up to Christmas. It can be difficult to find somewhere to stand still in those conditions, let alone a toilet. It's possible that a lot of the people were just visitors and not actually Londoners, so they probably already felt a bit uneasy at being in an unfamiliar environment.
  3. My living standards are most heavily impacted by off-shoring of jobs and "on-shoring" of jobs (i.e. employers importing staff from lower-wage countries to work in the UK). Maybe the UK will end up more efficient in the end, but it's no fun at present. Journalists and politicians seem to be unaffected by this trend. I don't fear automation much, because companies have little incentive to introduce it while they have a pool of low cost off-shore and on-shored labour to draw on. I worry that by importing so much low-cost labour, the UK will miss out on the productivity improvements that result from finding ways to do things more efficiently.
  4. 1/3 have no Pension Savings

    I think a lot of people in DC schemes pay in less than 5% of their salary, which is unlikely to give a comfortable retirement. I can't really blame them, with the risk that a future government could raise the minimum retirement age again, or even just grab money from those who have been prudent enough to build up a useful DC fund.
  5. BBC pay list

    I'm not a fan, but in its defence, The One Show is one of the few shows that sometimes features live music performances that haven't been rehearsed, choreographed, and mimed to the point that all the spontaneity is dead. Some of their middle-of-the-road singing guests can really belt out a tune.
  6. Presumably the managers pushing through this initiative will have collected their bonuses and moved on before the scale of the resulting bad debts becomes apparent. Alternatively, they could recover some of the losses by increasing prices for the deadbeats who want to pay cash for their cars.
  7. University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    Apart from the social aspect of student life, and access to facilities such as laboratories, I struggle to see why universities are still seen as a cost-effective way to learn stuff compared to Internet resources. These days I can learn things on-line for free from any number of institutions or Wikipedia, and buy a huge range of text books on Amazon. I've learned new things much more quickly since 1995 when I started using the Web than I did at university. I regularly take exams at commercially-run test centres to make sure I've learnt the stuff properly.
  8. 1st day of new job

    If he doesn't shape up quickly, then for the sake of other people in the office, get rid of him.
  9. Last night I was woken by the noise of 2 foxes cornering some similar sized animal in bushes outside my suburban house, and trying to drag it out. They sauntered away when I shouted at them. The animal in the bushes had gone by the time I had gone outside to investigate, I suspect it was one of the neighbours' cats. Definitely bigger than a rat. My subjective impression is that foxes have become much bolder and more widespead in the last 10 years. Any ideas on how to remind urban foxes of their place in the grand scheme of things? How about: - Taking no evasive action when they cross the road in front of my car. - Keeping a powerful torch next to my bed to shine at them (it doesn't help that all the streetlights go out at midnight). Does this scare foxes?
  10. Fire at Grenfell Tower, London. Not looking good.

    Riots tend to be associated with people setting fire to buildings though, which would be a bit ironic. I think the main lesson to be learned here is "don't fit flammable cladding to tall buildings". Although the human cost of learning this lesson has been high, it seems likely to me that the cost of using non-flammable cladding instead on future projects is not going to be excessive. Even replacing already-fitted flammable cladding is likely to be cheaper than demolition. I see this as an architectural issue rather than a political one.
  11. General Election Prediction Poll

    Yes, I would have thought that the Conservaties and Teresa May would be celebrating the reduced risk of another independence referendum, but I guess it wasn't as big a risk as I thought. I hope Theresa May stays, I'm tired of political turmoil.
  12. Conservative Party Manifesto

    Yes, the conservative manifesto seems to be almost a "blood, sweat and tears" statement. I think it's saying things that unfortunately perhaps need to be said, at least in the area of state-funded pensions and care for the elderly.
  13. I was a bit surprised to see Nicola Sturgeon's latest interview, in which she states that an independent Scotland will want to join the EU without adopting the Euro. It seems unlikely to me that the EU will accept that :
  14. Would You Str?

    No. I've done it before to help with a relocation, but STR is far too much risk and hassle for me to do it again. If a HPC ever does happen, the chances of me being able to STR at the right moment to benefit from it are miniscule.
  15. I can't help feeling she's too sensible and responsible to be a politician. The pensions triple lock is unlikely to be affordable indefinitely, but it takes a brave politician to say it. Something needs to be done about the budget deficit, to make the economy less vulnerable to external financial forces post-brexit. Ruling out tax rises would be irresponsible. I don't really understand foreign aid, but I assume it serves the dual purposes of winning left-leaning Conservative voters and exerting influence abroad without dropping bombs on people.