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  1. I believe the value of the Index is simply Rightmove divided by Nationwide. I saved this one:
  2. Tax Credit Sad Face :-((((((

    Please stop lying. It is not a "premium rate" number.
  3. Tax Credit Sad Face :-((((((

    Can't understand that. Please can you try again, but this time write in normal English sentences? Thanks.
  4. Government to water down BTL tax?

    There's no such "10% depreciation allowance". You might be thinking of the wear and tear allowance but that has not been removed, so its removal cannot be reversed. All that's happened is that now you actually have to prove you have replaced something that was worn or torn. Previously, you just claimed the money regardless, as a "billy bonus" for being a landlord. The only thing being removed is the ability for fraudulent claims under this category. HTH
  5. Government to water down BTL tax?

    The threat of being prosecuted if they don't join the new licensing schemes and obey the new Laws should be enough, don't you think? No more "incentives", please.
  6. Many thanks JJ. Great work. I hope that this time, we can make it through to Feb next year and get the Funding for Lending scheme and Term Funding Scheme finally cancelled for good. Every time they are due to be ended, they are extended at the 11th hour
  7. Tax Credit Sad Face :-((((((

    Yes, she was. It's ridiculous that far from being tried for fraud in a court, she got away (was handed on a plate) with the lightest most general possible sentence imaginable, and all without even having to plead her case or defend her fraudulent actions in any way.
  8. I think they meant they remortgaged to be able to pay off the 20% HTB component. Not the whole house.
  9. from the DM comments I enjoyed this one too:
  10. Tax Credit Sad Face :-((((((

    Yes she is lucky, that's an understatement. Why is it a £11,500 "debt"? How hard did she have to fight to avoid prosecution? She should have been sued for the money, plus interest and for fraud, and have all other benefits stopped immediately for life. Quite.
  11. Sale removed from Land Registry.

    They exclude auctions, repos, and several other categories - don't know them off the top of my head sorry. I've also known people who sold and their sale was mysteriously missing when I checked on LR later. Unless they were lying to me about selling, and they actually kept it and rented it out
  12. Moneyweek 3rd Oct 2017

    No offence here, I own, and I want it.