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  1. That would be as effective as turning up after a volcano eruption with a dustpan and brush.
  2. Bcbs Risk-Weights

    Ditto. Very educational, much appreciated.
  3. Bcbs Risk-Weights

    Thank you (both) very much indeed! Very clear explanation and the "aha!" moment was after reading the above para
  4. ... and then they all get Child Tax credits top-ups to the Net equivalent of a 60K job, so all earn the same anyway.
  5. Bcbs Risk-Weights

    In that table, what does "SA" mean please... actually I don't know how to read the whole table Eg in the "below 50% column" (50% of what, I don't understand) it starts at 15% (of what?) in 2022 and changes to 21.75% (of the same thing?) in 2027. What does that mean? Is that change from 15% to 21.75% a good thing or a bad thing (for BTLers, and then for banks)? Also I can't see any way of linking it to the "Lloyds 2014 Pillar 3" table or how it changes the numbers in that table? TIA.
  6. My point is that I could have sworn that now, you are no longer allowed to say "I'll sell the house and downsize, innit" when asked "how are you going to pay us back". But try as I might, I can't find this written down. I thought it was official. Can anyone find it please?
  7. Halifax +0.5%

    Nice graph. One comment. I know that Halifax have the cheek to rename their House Price Index a "house price GROWTH" measure - a Framing trick - but please don't join them in using the word "growth" as the title for the index?
  8. Excellent response to a ludicrous and facile accusation.
  9. Sellers withdraw from the market

    I'm sure that you think you've "covered your base" on Section 24, yes.
  10. Sellers withdraw from the market

    Good for you. When I used to watch pwoperdee programmes like HUTH etc they would occasionally mention that a house had a "covenant" on it so it could never be used for purpose X. I like the idea of putting a covenant on my house so that it can never be rented out, for example. All you'd have to do is find a like-minded anti-BTL buyer who wants to live in it, and wouldn't be bothered by that condition, and who also wouldn't be worried about their future buyers being bothered by it further down the line. That way the integrity of communities could be preserved. No more carefully selecting "good buyers", only to have them miraculously (or indeed, actually) have a "change in circumstances" months later and finding that your old house went to a landlord despite all your efforts.
  11. Looks like someone who posts at AVforums has compared IO mortgages to commercial bridging loans It's not easy to find proof that you're not allowed to cite "sale of the property" as a repayment plan any more though. I thought that was well and truly banned now. Why can't I find a reference when I need one!
  12. Sellers withdraw from the market

    I think you are very sensible economically. Separately, the act of hoarding houses is something I do not support. Ideally no-one should own two houses unless and until everyone else who wants one already has one house first.
  13. Survey done. Nice and quick, thanks for drawing attention to it.