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  1. 30% pay rises for NHS workers.

    Excellent. I really hope this is true. We need to get more people off benefits.
  2. Scam rental on Rightmove

    The clue is that he wrote it "500 £". NO-ONE who has ever lived in the UK puts the pound sign AFTER the number, unless they are a psychopath .
  3. Everyone is welcome! the Party Thread is here:
  4. Tough. Make it part of the licence. Maintain it, or lose your licence to be allowed to rent it out.
  5. Thanks for the link. I see they've repeated the "wear and tear" lie again. From the article: 100% False. It's still claimable, as the next sentence admits: "limited to"! As if any allowance shouldn't be "limited to" the genuine cost. They shouldn't even get actual spending. Why the hell should they get gifted taxpayer's money to maintain their properties?
  6. "LOL" Good find. This should really be merged into the "BTL Scum" PARTY THREAD though
  7. More fighting from the scum: Many thanks to the "Axe the Tenant Tax" people on facebook for highlighting this very important survey. I'm sure it's important that the correct people fill it in with the correct answers.
  8. Council Tax Bill just landed

    +1 and a lot. Excellent post. I have a problem with the ludicrously generous entitlements first and foremost. With more than 50% of the UK's populations on benefits at the 2010 election, and single people absolutely screwed over.
  9. I bet there are thousands of cases like this, where they don't declare it and don't pay a penny of tax. And yes, it's not the solicitor's responsibility to check: and I bet that they do not. So the sellers get away scott free.
  10. Thank-you, yes, I thought this was the case. My problem with this is that it'll take years for any freeze to actually save money in the sense of people wanting more hours instead of campaigning for more hand-outs. The Tories won't hold their nerve long enough, and if Labour get in they'll probably not only restore the benefits levels back to insane levels, but they'll back-date it all too! Either insane, or sane without children. This society really HATES people without children. Quite.
  11. I've seen "toad" as well. And be fair, he does look like one. I can't believe he still gets airtime - and he's always so smarmy Even Angela Knight occasionally used to get ripped to pieces, for a rare satisfying watch. Not Ray.
  12. If 75% of the benefits pain is still to be felt, then I have to ask: to what are they referring? In the last 8 years they've trimmed a bit here and there, and we had Tax Credits Sad Face on Question time which put a complete stop to George Osborne's attempt at real savings. I can't believe the govn intends to start cutting at triple the rate of the past 8 years?
  13. Remortgagefest!

    Yes, very good point. And I really enjoyed your reply, @oatbake!
  14. Some nice posts from our friend paul, I think this is a big announcement from him?!?