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  1. OK I've got a little time to unignore for some fun. Oh no. The internet Venger is after me. Shudder. First paragraph above: made up irrelevance. Second paragraph: unsubstantiated absolute language. Dangerous. Third paragraph: see second paragraph summary. To quote a film 'Only the Sith deal in absolutes'. I recognise grey where you appear to see your own made up black and.... well.... black. Fourth paragraph: Mystic Meg? It's the black wig and weekly loose predictions isn't it. No doubt you've got them categorised on two separate hard drives somewhere. Bless you for reading my posts and thinking about me while I was ignoring you for months, though. I'm touched. You could always use me as inspiration and utilise 'ignore', too. It would be appropriate, considering that you appear to think I'm invaluable, or whatever. The cheek of it, though. Honestly. What do I bring to the discussion? Not depressive illness in the form of repetitive totalitarian unhinged statements. A few links, occasional observations, responses to information others have posted. All within the bounds of freedom. Go through your post catalogue. You'll find it. I do have a little concern for those closest to you. NB - if I don't respond, you're back on ignore. I highly recommend it.
  2. Has Ross McEwan done his Carney-esque "......challenging....... shrinking ....... legacy issues" speech yet? Yellen and Carney are fine examples of people to whom other senior bankers can aspire. It's a special kind of person that can say the same thing month after month, year after year, get paid £millions and yet achieve zilch for society at large. It's almost never 'what you know'.
  3. Trying to move while renting isn't easy at the moment in the SE either. Not much choice on the market and prices are beyond stupid. It really is very testing.
  4. Is that Airstrip One I see in the background?
  5. UK house prices to 'pause' for years....
  6. Fed won't raise. QE machine is warming up again.
  7. Echo above. The fact that this is being called out in the public eye is good......., isn't it?
  8. BBC radio 2 claimed an HSBC spokesperson blamed Brexit as well. Just the Russians to be added to that and Trump and the usual great triumvirate of scapegoats is complete.
  9. The collection plate?
  10. Oh yes eaten European countries have special women in the visual front. Went to Poland years back. Sat with a pal having coffee in the main square for an hour playing 'Spot the Minger', as opposed to 'Spot the Rare Non-orange Hottie' in Essex.
  11. As opposed to a thriving town's Tesco crammed with folk sporting stethoscopes, hard-hats and clipboards and dragging reverse osmosis machines around with them?!
  12. " will be years and years before we get British citizens to do those jobs,” " Either they have a plan on how to do so, or they don't. Answers on a postcard.
  13. Lol. Propaganda. "We can't have 99% of our guests and analysts be wrong, so it must just be a weird thing".