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  2. Lol! Property developers too! Not a shred of accountability.
  3. My family is an example of boomers looking after elders so that money and property isn't thrown into the abyss. It's a catch 22 because my parents don't get much of a retirement as a result.
  4. Ooooooooh! You're right though. I'm not bothered at all.
  5. As an addendum to my previous comment I decided to look up a 'deal' for a 17 plate Ford Focus. £4500 up front £189 per month £5800 after three years if you want it So, perhaps folk do have £thousands up front? Or maybe they borrow that as well? If I had £4500 'up front' I'd just..... ya know..... buy a car. A nice one, too for that sort of price.
  6. Problem with that. Vast amounts of people don't have £1800 up front.
  7. Yet again, the subject for protection are the banks, not the people.
  8. Well, quite.
  9. Interesting timing with a conversation I had today. Bloke I know has £127k mortgage. Understands that house prices are too high. Is on interest only. Is in his late 50s. W the actual F
  10. I've got a deal. £1800 for a 56 plate diesel for 8 years. Including tax that's £385 per year, no deposit, and...... It's mine! Mwahahahahaaaaaaaa!
  11. If I had stairs, I would go to the foot of them.
  12. Article focuses on loans and credit cards, but they manage to slip in this little gem: "These elements of household borrowing - known as consumer credit - are dwarfed by the amount of money that has been lent to home buyers in the form of mortgages." Nice one Mark, nice one.
  13. Shocking