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  1. It's tough. The toughest bit is to stay out of debt. Especially with three kids. I've never earned higher than just over the alleged national average of £27,600. That would put me in about percentile 40-45 range for my current job. However, I'd say it's been years since I've been as content as I am. I see my young children for a minimum of two hours per day for four days per week and all day for three days per week. I'd now just like the opportunity to put my savings toward a place they can grow up in that's permanent. Even when my wife and I earned more we couldn't afford to 'upgrade' from flat to house, so we had to sell to rent in order to be able to get more space. We didn't 'make' much from the sale. Here we are 4 years later...
  2. Council Tax Bill just landed

    Buddum tish!
  3. Wage inflation

    No way. The telly box told me the other week that antidepressants are great and that more people should be on them. So you're clearly wrong.
  4. Council Tax Bill just landed

    They've got 800- 1400+ bins to do per day. Get over it. I've heard of some folk painting their own white lines as to where they have their bins and then phoning to complain when the bin is left overlapping the line. Serious stuff. Apparently.
  5. Council Tax Bill just landed

    Unless they want to speculate on property.
  6. ITALY THREAD Anti EU party set to be largest party. For what that's worth.
  7. DOW falls 1100 points

    The first news of tariffs is 18 months old, and hardly a whisper.
  8. So if debt deflation/credit crunch does occur, then it's quickly finished and into inflation?
  9. So why will massive Fed printing and a failing US economy mean a strong $ against other currencies? Even if the debt-basef problems faced are systemic and global, why will investors look to the debt poster-child of the world for safety? Surely if the US led the way with printing it will send the $ to (or close to) it's demise on the world stage?
  10. Me thinks MS estates have been taken for a ride.
  11. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    He's right, though. Only recognised and regulated currencies should be used and manipulated by his kind of authorised criminals.
  12. Is next company the maplin?

    Tinder's probably easier for that sort of thing.
  13. The great administration race...

    Fill the blank: ........ Council OK, maybe not next, but I won't be surprised when it happens.