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  1. How many of the world's stock markets have a fail safe to stop gigantic falls? You know, like the one used in China at the start of last year?
  2. Without wishing to cause any offence, you were 16/17 when we joined the EEC. You may not even have been laid, let alone have experience of living life with an eye on and experience as an adult within an economy. The best I'd manage regarding knowledge of that sort of thing from my teens would be unreliable anecdote. And that would be at least a decade after the events of my teens, about which I'm pretty sure I didn't give even one airborne fook, at the time. Order of priorities at that time of my life: 1. Girls 2. Music 3. Girls 4. Cigarettes 5. Girls 6. Cars 7. Girls 8..... 9..... 794. The economy. But maybe that's just me...
  3. This pretty much points to how useless the mudslinging is. We'll need people who were adult enough to remember life pre EEC to be alive long enough post Brexit to give any kind of credible idea. Anyone know a set of around, say, 50,000 current 64-year-olds with accurate and reliable records of societal conditions in Britain pre 1973, who are likely to still be alive and cognisant when they're 104 to provide the same level of analysis? Anyone?
  4. Trump said in his campaign that money isn't a problem as it can just be printed. And, he's an expert at default. He knows what's coming. Many will say he hasn't a clue about what to do, but then nobody really does. Maybe a leftfield guy can get through it somehow. If the establishment don't get their way, that is.
  5. Unemployment at 42 year low

    It will affect a lot of people that way. Personally I think me and the missus are ideally placed. No debt with some cash so higher interest rates don't hit me negatively, and our jobs are among the last to be impacted in downturns. I've learned from BTLers and debt junkies that it's OK to be greedy. Lots of people have had it their way for too long and, IMO, for the wrong reasons. Bring it on. My turn.
  6. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    And you think they'll just let an alternative be used? It's like standard empire-building. Find out who has something to offer, claim it, stick your flag on it, bend it to your requirements, tell everyone it's yours, benefits them and is great. Job done. As for the alternative? No laws governing it nor rending it illegal? No propaganda telling all and sundry that those using it are criminals? They're doing that right now with their own system and large denomination notes.
  7. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Only if enough people use it. I await the sale pitch for the new improved money system for the muggles. Crypto gets zero MSM coverage. As with most things these days, if it ain't advertised it doesn't gain mass traction. MSM will eventually be awash with the government solution to the government-caused problem. Is marketing 101.
  8. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Do any Cryptophiles honestly believe that something new and digital isn't going to end up in the hands of the same people that control the current digital system of finance? They'll have been working on it since Crypto appeared.
  9. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    He may be right. He may be wrong. I reckon lots of guessers through history have claimed retrospective genius status and special knowledge if it comes off.
  10. Soz if you've already covered this, but if assets are tanking, why would PM safe havens also give back gained value?
  11. I don't want this post embroiled in the playground stuff. It's just for record on the thread, whether or not it comes to pass: 13/8/17 "Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Hammond and Mr Fox said the UK definitely will leave both the customs union and the single market when it exits the EU in March 2019."
  12. Hopefully they've reached the moon and are on their way back.