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  1. HPI jet? Plummet Airways!
  2. So..... The measured 'inflation' could be incorrectly low as retailers aren't passing on the full rises????? Scratchy chin.
  3. I'm impressed with her obvious political manoeuvring. No coincidence that a left field candidate gets the presidency then all of a sudden rate hikes occur into peak markets and recessionary data..... Data upon which the Fed claim to be dependent for their decisions. It stinks. But, at the same time, interest rates do need to go up.
  4. Again, isn't this all media fuelled? There no proof yet that it was a young vs old vote. What if it was a bit of leave vs remain, too? Politics in this globalised country is very difficult to discern left, centre and right any more. Close calls in everything might be the new normal.
  5. A different take: Without a majority, this DUP arrangement is the next best thing for TM. She's still in charge of Brexit negotiations. She's still the PM. Labour are not in power. Only the media put forward the cynicism of the reason for calling the election in the first place. Many are falling prey to the padding and endless (pointless) pontificate-guessing requirements of the 24 hour news business.
  6. So, not being able to fix the previous govs clusterfook is worse than the actual clusterfook?
  7. A change toward a high immigration and a ballooned welfare state? Refreshing.
  8. Just raise the rents.......... innit?
  9. 6 days before the event: Polls schmolls
  10. Saw Jezza talking earlier. To my eyes and ears he was a rambling old man pulling funny money out of his crack to give away all sorts. Seen better style and content at am-drams. Top stuff.
  11. There's propaganda all over both shows, but more strongly and obviously displayed in Casualty every week.
  12. I guess there's different kinds of clever.
  13. Erm...... Because he's a politician?! I thought you were one of the clever ones, Suntory!
  14. I find it highly amusing but equally worrying that anybody is taking anybody's word at anything. I'm voting, but only on the basis of who I think is the best placed to get this country through what I believe is coming. I'm ignoring any election bolleaux. Roughly or wrongly, I'm going on nothing but feel because the circus is nothing but distraction and BS.