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  1. Not too sure how the affordability line can be trotted out. Most people don't have Bitcoin. A tiny portion of people will have made this kind of money from Bitcoin. Most prospective buyers would still need three-hundred-and-seventy-five-thousand old fashioned widgets.
  3. 18 years on I'm still not fully to grips with the nuance!
  4. Busy parents, depressed children ...

    Breaking out of the modern grind can be done, though. I've often thought that the scourge of poor mental health has far-reaching roots and consequences. I work condensed full time four days per week. I see my kids around four hours a day on working days, all day for the other three days. Wife works two days per week. No debt. Nothing on tick. Rent. Save a little. Run old cars bought for cash. See family. Do stuff. I'm no WICAO, but it's a good life. Better than what I used to do for more money.
  5. The contrary. You're clearly displaying your emotional state when it irked you that I had no comment on a matter about which you are emotional. Quick. Tell me what else I should think.
  6. Righto. Note to self; must spend energy and time fabricating emotional attachments in order to have dishonest debate with random dude. Got it. Yet another keyboard warrior claiming to know what makes a person tick when they know less than dick-all. Nice one.
  7. Perhaps this is a problem now being personified in politics itself. They don't know what to do. Rabbit in the headlights... Which tends to precede a squashed rabbit.
  8. I have no approving our disapproving notion on the matter. It's just a willful dilution. To what end remains to be seen.
  9. Gold strategy in the current economy

    To me, valuing gold or Bitcoin in fiat isn't relevant unless a well-timed swap for an asset is planned. I don't see them in competition. Perhaps they may just provide different things at certain points.
  10. I'm not defending anyone, but the Tories didn't get in to power in 2010. They were part of a coalition. Coalitions are notoriously difficult to steer in any particular direction. Whether one agrees or disagrees with policy, it used to be the case that if one party was in power, at least everyone had some idea of where things were headed and could adjust accordingly. A coalition doesn't provide that for either the politicians or the public.
  11. In 2015/16 the NHS got over £116billion. These days I have no idea whether that's a lot or not. However, to coin a phrase, it ain't so much what you get paid, it's what you do with it.