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  1. Starter for a million:
  2. I must remember to miss that one.
  3. I had a read up. For those who are interested: Familiar much?
  4. 0.5% within the next 21 months with a 0.5% jump in one month now? I know these things aren't linear, but it seems an optimistic guess!
  5. Lol!
  6. I heard the fella who came up with this petition in an interview on the radio. The comedy element was that his credit file sucked backside because he defaulted on loans already. Nice one mate. Nice one.
  7. Yet another setup for project 'Blame the Don'.
  8. I'll beat The Count to it..... Drip drip
  9. I can see it now: "Come on someone. One of you needs to vote for a raise to at least make it LOOK like we're thinking about it. Otherwise it's names in a hat".
  10. What has this got to do with gold strategy?
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo, round the keeper, 6 inches out, doesn't even have to touch the ball to score as it's already rolling in...... Everybody on the planet 100% expects him to score...... They just couldn't legislate for a central defender to appear on the goal line in a puff of smoke..... Then another..... Then another until the goal was full of defenders. Nobody would factor in such wild interventions.
  12. Not long after Dec 15 and Dec 16 rate rises gold went on runs both times. Why is this time different?
  13. And again........