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  1. SJW meltdown

    I've got the problem, damned if I know what the solution is. That sort of enforced responsibility is far too left wing and controlling for my tastes. Ideally public opinion should be the driver but most of the public couldn't care less about anything other than cheapness and convenience and will happily throw anything else under the bus for them if those are the first thing they see.
  2. If you want to change that we need to change the madness that thinks it's a great idea to keep making ever-faster transport, which in turn centralises jobs, meaning on average longer distance journeys even before you take into account the effects of people moving even further away. And that's all on top of its other downsides, pushing all but the rich out of the more desirable places now that they've been opened up to a much large potential market, further gentryfying them and pushing the poor ones even further down the drain.
  3. SJW meltdown

    I don't let any old nonsense off the hook from a business just because it has a "duty" to cater to its shareholders. Those who deny any sort of responsibility beyond what is firmly written down that they have to are a problem, and not something to be defended. They're part of the wider world and if following that "duty" is helping screw up everywhere else then they should be treated with the contempt they've earned. As for condoning the memo, they could've more reasonably been noncomittal.
  4. 1 in 10 owns second home

    I keep saying it, usually in a sneering tone, but unfortunately that time has passed. Self-responsibility as a concept is genuinely dead.
  5. Not yet but I expect I will be in a couple of years. I don't see any need to get rid of my car, it's still working fine, and I expect it still will be in two years' time. Even if there was a scrappage scheme for it then (which I don't really see the point of, cars from then are fine, we're not talking about old bangers built in the 80s any more although my 1.8 petrol isn't brilliant on the fuel efficiency front) it'll doubtless still be a lot cheaper to buy a fairly low mileage second hand car.
  6. That looks like something must've flown straight over my head!
  7. It's not lonely, goes past several houses, which the new one doesn't. You do have to turn off of course, which means in one direction having to cross the traffic. And it might be that I'm being unfair and the new bridge isn't ready yet. The road surface should be OK, it was a main road until a couple of months ago and is still an access to various houses and businesses.
  8. There's a bit of road diverted near me for a new road. The original is still there, and usable by bikes (I think at any rate, that's certainly the plan AFAIK, but maybe the bridge hasn't been finished yet so I may be wrong) - yet cyclists keep cycling along the new alignment, with all its traffic, instead of the original road, with next to no traffic now.
  9. Only if you're talking about bikes with derailleur gears. Or trains at London stations this month.
  10. Nasty new look of the forum

    Fair enough I suppose, although I dislike constant attempts at trying to get my money even more. I also find it rather hyprocritical when sites try to block adblockers (which this doesn't), since anyone who installs an adblocker is almost certainly not going to be swayed by the ads - but don't help yourself by looking at our site without the ads, that stops us taking money from the advertisers for showing ads to people who'll react badly to them. I.e. "Don't freeload because then we can't freeload even more dishonestly!"
  11. Is that electric as in electrically assisted pedal bike or an electric motorbike?
  12. I took the "liquified dinosaurs" comment as slightly tongue in cheek referring to fossil fuels in general, rather than literally meaning dinosaurs.
  13. A strange attitude. You can like your job and just want to stay there without being an "also ran" or being pushed over. I find this "must always push my way upwards!" attitude rather weird to be honest - it mostly seems to be people doing it from some vague idea that that's what you should do because that's being succesful and you're supposed to want to be succesful. All rather circular and pointless. I've annoyed my boss in the past by asking him "Why would I want to?" when he's done the push you career ahead talk nonsense, since as far as I can see it doesn't actually offer anything - I've no particular desire for more money, and it just looks like having to do more planning and organising and so on and less interesting work. But I really don't think that makes me an also-ran or being passed over, just not the sort of fool who doesn't know what he actually wants. There may be some people out there who are working towards a job they'd actually get more satisfaction from, but I'd be surprised if they're not in the minority of those trying to push their way upwards. Let others have the stress and busy-ness and rushing around that seems to go with that territory, I personally think they're crazy.
  14. If the testing now and the testing ten years ago were both rigged in the same way then the relative difference might be accurate...