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  1. Being interested in old mines in the Lake District Operation Orpheus springs to my mind, which basically set the grounds for the difficulty in detecting underground nuclear tests if you set them up carefully enough. That was over 50 years ago but if anything it's moved on to make them harder, not easier, to detect. The theory was that if you excavate a large chamber, of a size so that the pressure from the blast matched the pressure of the rock when it hit, it wouldn't leave a seismic signature. This was tested in Greenside Mine (using conventional explosives).
  2. No, otherwise we wouldn't be constantly pushing the country in the opposite direction, planning on building vile sh1te like HS2 etc. What is good for people varies from person to person, some people will never want a quiet life and others have been too ruined by a busy life that they're unable to deal with escaping the stress of it. Most short-term easy seeking behaviour is probably self-destructive, or at best a big over-compensation.
  3. Proibably to stop people falling out in this pathetic day and age where you're responsible if idiots do something stupid to themselves.
  4. If you've got reason to expect them. If you're [i/[]not[/i] bothered and disturbed by very unpleasant images that's something to worry about, and I'd rather not blunder into them without warning when I've no reason to expect them.
  5. That looks good to me! (preserved diesels are often rather smokey, they rarely if ever get more than the equivalent of pottering around town when they're designed with long running at higher speeds).
  6. Quite possibly a fair chunk of nuture vs nature involved.
  7. Nowt wrong with diesels in general, it's too many diesels in a small area that's the problem (give me diesel trains over ****ing electric sh1te any day).
  8. As for the video, I bloody well love roads like that, give me two or three days travelling like that (with that much traffic) instead of a few hours on the motorrway, even if it's not a one off. Probably just as well you stopped at "turn left on to the A9" And you weren't driving like a dawdly tourist at least.
  9. Ah, the pictures show up now, which they didn't from work. And look bloody great.
  10. I won't argue that, not that that makes it any more acceptable.
  11. In the Stone Age they'd probably have to have been useful and posess some practical skills in order to survive. I'm sure people then were often crude, bloodthirsty, and brutal, but you needed to be more than that too.
  12. That sounds reasonable enough to me to be honest (although any sort of speed limit is problematic). Part of the problem with cycling provision is that there's a wide variety of cyclists, some who move more like pedestrians and some who move more like powered traffic, so what's suitable for one often won't be for the other.
  13. One time in France I drove around a corner and thought "what's that idiot doing on the wrong side of the oh hell it's me."
  14. Yep, a non-problem really (not that it changes the problem with over the top nosiness). What counts as "social media"? Any forum? Or just the usual suspects? I'd probably get barred for not having a mobile phone, Twitter account, or Facebook account, by today's ludicrous standards that's probably a red flag for having something big to hide instead of just viewing the whole lot as pointless dreck.
  15. What was the cycling lane on the road? A bit of paint slapped down on the edge of a road that's not particularly wide in the first place? Those only exist so that councils can say "look what we're doing for cycling provisions", they're of no practical difference than not doing anything.