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  1. I went sea kayaking near Arisaig last summer, loved it. Mind you it was a beautiful calm, sunny day (just a few small waves on the more exposed bits). Not typical weather though!
  2. Nothing like some of these. Just the results of being too lazy too often.
  3. We're nowhere near that. A couple of decades? Hardly, even if things like nanobots show up (which I doubt, at least to everywhere levels). AI may get to the point where it can do an awful lot that we do, which doesn't take much intelligence, but we're no nearer genuine artificial intelligence than we've ever been. We've reached that point where the machine wants its time off and instead of doing what you tell it to tells you to eff off.
  4. I worry an awful lot about automation, not because I suspect it'll have an immediate effect on me but because I see it as being very damaging to society with little meangingful benefit at the end of the day, other than for those who'll be able to sack half their staff and still rake it in. Even that would be a short-term benefit, until their competitors catch up, but then we're back to square one, just with far fewer people in work, and even less human to human contact in the world. I'm not confident we'll keep inventing new jobs to replace them with, or even spread the lack of work evenly (otherwise it would just be the same as now for everyone, but with more time off, and that's too good to be true). There are some areas that would benefit - jobs that need doing but are fundamentally dangerous or unpleasant. But I can't see the necessary selectiveness working, since that goes against the direction economic forces push towards.
  5. Without a convincing explanation presented.
  6. Ah, "influence". We're back to the international dick-waving contest reason we should've voted Remain then.
  7. Fort William? Not the nicest place in the world, rather depressing really, despite its great location.
  8. Any noises about whether the EU is willing to keep ponying up for spending it's committed to in the UK?
  9. Hah, the EU will never agree to "legally", considering their inability to get their accounts signed off.
  10. Because planning ahead isn't the wonderful modern way. Because having to pay for something is an unacceptable chore. Because money spent on unglamourous things like training people is a waste when it could be spent on shiny white elephants instead. Because money spent on training is throwing money at certain people, why should they get it when my can't be arsed to work benefit is getting cut wah wah.
  11. I thought you were supposed to get a few BTLs if you wanted a pension.
  12. CFLs are horrible things. I've got a mixture of incandescent and LED, with (usually) replacing the incandescents with LEDs when they go. LED lights are great, and this is me saying that about something modern!
  13. Oh well. If life expentencies have gone up then it's not exactly rocket science to figure out that pensions will have to too. Either that or the otherwise pointless automation and efficiency people keep banging on about these days will pick up the difference (but if there was any sign of that happening it wouldn't seem so stupid).
  14. The advantages over standard light switches strike me as very negligable, what's the point?
  15. Creepily enough after that above post I got home this evening to find a card shoved through the door saying they turned up to read the meter and will try again tomorrow. It also asked me to write down the number and stick the card in the window if I was going to be out, so presumably that'll somehow count for more than the readings I'd been sending via their website.