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  1. Another Russian Spy?

    They do, that's the problem. The line is "whatever the mainstream story is it must be wrong." I don't necessarily regard consistency as a virtue; often it seems more like searching for simple one-size-fits-all answers rather than assessing matters on their individual merits.
  2. The war on cash heating up?

    There was a quarter farthing, although it was only issued in Sri Lanka (Ceylon then). According to Wikipedia the half farthing was also issued there but declared legal tender in the UK, although that's still above 1p now by those numbers. And the quarter farthing was 19th century so maybe it was still worth more than 1 new pence.
  3. Very Fatal

    Mostly dead?
  4. The war on cash heating up?

    Maybe, but although they go on about costs is the cost of them really significant? And it seems rather odd to have a currency without any representation of its smallest unit (although it's happened elsewhere). If it wasn't for the hassle a revaluation with the penny worth quite a bit more would be better. Make it the equivalent of 5p now, and maybe a new pound equivalent to £12 now. If you feel the difference there is too large stick another unit in the middle, about 20 of them...
  5. The war on cash heating up?

    And I seriously dislike all of that too. "It happens everywhere else anyway" is too often used as a justification for something, "this isn't much in the grand scheme of things anyway". Yet the same is true of all the bits and bobs that have created that intrusive, utterly disrespectful of the individual environment we have to suffer (and which too many accept). Numerous small changes, the concerns of each get handwaved away, are the most effective way of implementing big, unpleasant changes. It doesn't have to be a one extreme or the other - there's still a time and place for some of these things, but my general view is "none without a damned good reason for it."
  6. Very Fatal

    Got to be aware of anything that may carry an increased risk of death.
  7. The war on cash heating up?

    Not from a practical point of view, probably. But I do really dislike the whole feel of trying to get everything I do be a matter of record. There doesn't have to be a practical concern in order to find something disagreable (and because I'll sometimes put up with it doesn't change that).
  8. Another Russian Spy?

    About sending a message as much as anything, in a scary fashion. Shoot someone, it's not even a headline and easily passed off as a botched robbery or something.
  9. The war on cash heating up?

    Pretty much the same. It's certainly rare that I'll use the card for anything under £20, and that covers most day to day spending.
  10. Transiting Exoplanets

    That's the reason discovering extrasolar planets is interesting.
  11. Transiting Exoplanets

    On the solitary moon front, if that could be detected (which certainly wouldn't be at all easy) that would possibly mark us as a place of interest. A relatively large moon stabilises helps stop the rotation axis wobbling widly all over the place over time, hence (relatively) consistent seasons, which is good for life (and maybe tides are good for helping it get out of the sea). Models of planetary system formation suggest that a moon of that size around an Earth-sized planet is not that likely, although it was quite a few years ago I read that and I'm sure more sophisticated models exist now.
  12. Similar is said around the time of every vote, yet we still get almost entirely negative campaigning; Remainers certainly aren't any different in that respect.
  13. Pension time bomb

    It's only not a problem if some idiots don't try to support that bulge by piling up the numbers behind it.
  14. Pension time bomb

    empty post - another quoted reply leaving nothing