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  1. "You are a Brextremist" - wrong. I actually favour a soft Brexit and good, close relationships with Europe, my only real line not to be crossed being the immigration one. My ideal would've been remaining in a reformed EU. But the EU is just too darned unwilling to do anything other than keep marching in the wrong direction. Get out now before it gets too bad has become the least bad choice. The rest of your post has very little to do with the EU or Brexit. Leaving it won't make people much poorer, any more than its made them much richer (it's only due to having joined at a down point of the economic cycle that it looks good at all). The EU is just a part of the expansion of scale that might produce more cash but it certainly does sweet FA to distribute it. All you're left with is pointing out Britain's own failures, a lot of which aren't EU-related but doubtless you'll leap on to confuse correlation and causation if the timing looks like it can be twisted to match. And protecting us from our own failings has always been a rather pathetic argument for staying, when we should be looking to address them instead. Fixing problems is difficult, and Remainers are simply scared of rolling up their sleeves and facing them.
  2. "Coherent" does not mean "consistent with thecrashingisles' daydreams and prejudices."
  3. Maybe, maybe not. Direct that at the people who voted with that in mind. The campaigns were full of so much nonsense on either side that that cuts both ways easily enough though (believe the Remain campaign and we'd already all be dressed in rags, living in mud huts). What I support is leaving the EU. You'll get nowhere trying to pin other peoples' motivations for doing that on me.
  4. And yet again a Remainer posts reasons to dislike the EU and its attitudes! Doesn't it ever occur that such stories demonstrate precisely why so many people said "eff off you objectionable control freak ****s"? I thought you lot were supposed to be claiming that's not really what the EU's actually like, that it's all a Daily Mail plot, not fan those flames!
  5. A reply which would make sense if that's why I said I'd voted Leave. However I didn't, and have always said economic issues were pretty low down on my list of concerns, so a really poor attempt at a comeback.
  6. Two points to that - firstly, why are you so certain it's Brexit-related, considering the basketcase that's the UK's economy regardless, and secondly, big deal, it's still growing, this worldwide obsession with eternal growth is ludicrous. Confidence hasn't "slipped" to being negative if people are still spending more. Perhaps it's a sign of a slowdown (if one figure ever means anything), but I really find it hard to give much of a damn. Even if it is somehow Brexit-related, well, I didn't vote based on the economy anyway, and I'm not going to run desperately into the arms of anyone who makes promises about a few extra pennies, which seems to be the only concern for a lot of Remainers, who'd sell their soul to the EU if they hadn't already sold it to the devil.
  7. Also taking into account all those parts of the EU that are a net drain on the EU I hope...
  8. They benefit society (possibly), not individual companies, when they allow something to be done that couldn't be done before. They benefit no-one when they just do the same thing in a different way. They harm when they chuck people out as a result, unless the task was very unpleasant and / or dangerous. edit: the other time they benefit I suppose is when a task swallows up such a large part of the labour force that not a lot else can get done, e.g. medieval agriculture. That's not a particularly significant issue today; where there are labour shortages the problems are generally not due to competition for labour but short-sightedness.
  9. Yet it got done. If it cost everyone a lot and now it costs no-one a lot then there's no net benefit to any of those companies, computerising it hasn't given any of them an advantage over the others (probably did in the short term for the second wave adopters, on the assumption that the first wave sort of worked but didn't give as much advantage due to the effort of working it up to something really practical). Numbers can be analogue too, and computers are incapable of handling numbers like 1/3 (although they can get close enough and round at the right times for it to rarely ever be a problem), not that that's really relevent.
  10. You mention craftsmanship - a slightly different thing, and one that's been eroded away for years to the point of being practically non-existant, with the wonderful result of having hideous lumps of concrete where once something would've been made out of stone (a good chunk of why I despise anyone who cheers on new roads etc.) And that's good because? Can't think of any reason. Sure, it saves your company a bit of money, at least until everyone does it, they all have to cut their profits to compete, and you end up in the same position as before but with fewer people, less human contact, and the remaining ones being even more cogs in an impersonal machine. All downsides, no upsides. Automation only has any benefit if it's doing things people are unable to do or really don't want to. The rest of the time it's bloody stupid.
  11. Ask them that, I can't see any reason for their pigheaded arrogant stance either.
  12. What's all this "survive without" business? No-one's proposing cutting all ties and trade with the EU no matter the outcome of negotiations. That the UK can't be self-sufficient in food just plays into my "we're badly overpopulated and really need to find some answer to that" view though.
  13. It's not giving us stuff for free since both sides benefit from the trade. A better question is why should the other members be paying?
  14. That brings us back to the question I keep asking though - why is that the best possible deal for a third country? The only barrier to a better one is the attitude of the EU itself. And every time this comes up I just get the same reply which treats the assumption that the EU has to be the way it is as an absolute invioable truth. There's just the same old "have your cake and eat it" that I keep hearing, that us getting what we want would actually be better for the EU too sadly appears to be an unthinkable concept.
  15. I'm losing the plot? You're the one who appears to be posting replies to what the voices in your head are telling you rather than the text you're quoting! The only ones who feel weak and humiliated are those who think they can't survive unless they run and hide under Nanny EU's skirts every time she threatens to beat them for daring to set foot outside.