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  2. Listened to it. SELL! Dow down 150pts at 16:57.
  3. Up or down? Buy or sell?
  4. The Boom Is Not Back

    Seems that aim is not on the agenda. It's all about making us pay through the nose to keep the banks in profits forever.
  5. He's got something of the estage agent about him.
  6. B T Lers To Be State Regulated

    As usual may I suggest that people write to the minister who is proposing this: I wrote a letter along these lines:
  7. Anyone going to contact the BBC for this programme?
  8. Panorama is shite, they always have an agenda that they want to get across and find the people to match the story. It would be good though if some HPC'ers bent their ear though wouldn't it? They're looking for Joe Bloggs, the man in the street to put across their views about house buying. The more people they get who want prices to fall rather than large mortgages from part-nationalised banks, the better.
  9. I heard it on the grapevine... "Panorama is interested in hearing from would-be homebuyers with good credit ratings who are working and have recently been turned down for mortgage applications, particulary with RBS and Lloyds. Please contact" The BBC is after people who have been turned down by RBS and Lloyds and wants to have a go at them for not propping up house prices. Will HPC'ers please contact to tell her the problem is high house prices not part-nationalised banks.
  11. It's worth writing to him I think. His statement show a lack of understanding of the range of issues surrounding population increase. Where are all of those people gong to live? Does he give a damn or is he just courting the votes of immigrants?
  12. Savers Fight Back

    Will these new savings bonds start to drain money out of the housing market in the near future?
  13. Brighton Area

    See this place I almost bought this last December for 200K. It was in a right state with a cracked wall backing onto a commercial property and a serious damp problem. My surveyor advised me not to buy the place. The rear end of this property is an old workshop converted into living accommodation. The rooms in this extension were in a poor state, a corridor not wide enough for an average bloke to walk down without rubbing shoulders against the walls and very low ceiling. Single skin brickwork, odd wooden cladding with condensation problems and the crack I mentioned before. Some opportunist did buy it though and did it up - to what standard who can know? Looking at it now, it seems the place has had a lick of paint and some cover up jobs done. The kitchen units look like they've been positioned to cover up the crack. A new laminate floor has been put in over the damp floor.
  14. Online Share Dealing Account I recommend IWeb.
  15. This exercise is all about advertising her new web site: She's still looking for ways to cash in.