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  1. Turns out the much discussed £350 million figure on the bus was wrong. The figures are in, and It's actually £363 million! https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2017/10/the-350m-line-on-the-brexit-bus-was-wrong-the-real-figure-is-higher/
  2. Cholesterol

    Did your grandfathers smoke at all?
  3. It's the very suppression of open debate and discourse on the attacks that opens the door to May labeling internet freedoms, unchallenged, as the proximate cause of terrorism rather than other factors.
  4. My point was that we shouldn't base our response to a threat on a misunderstanding of the nature of the risk. I don't see how concerns about people misunderstanding the risk of terrorism preclude action to prevent death from other factors. I'd like to not be stabbed in the throat, AND not burn to death in my home, AND have minimised pollution.
  5. Accidents, and pollution, are thin tailed risks. The figures for people killed from the past can give you a reasonable estimate of what your risk is likely to be in the future. Terrorism is a fat tailed risk. An estimate from last year's data has very little predictive power of how many will die next year. One significant event could decimate the population. Comparisons between the past relative levels of these different type of risk are therefore very misleading.
  6. Don't worry it could never happen here. We're not that stupid.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3860790/amp/The-thing-ask-razor-s-dead-giveaway-Couple-fostered-child-refugees-warn-UK-exploited-grown-men-masquerading-youngsters.html Sarah and Giles, who have fostered dozens of child asylum seekers, said several had turned out to be adults, but social services had ‘no interest’ in being told. After reading this week about widespread doubts over the ages of some young men coming from Calais, they said: ‘We could never understand why this has not come out before.’ Using assumed names because they fear reprisals if they are identified, Sarah and Giles said one boy, supposedly 15, lived with them for two years and attended a local school. But when he eventually left them, he revealed: ‘You English are so stupid – I’m in my twenties.’ They said dentists and GPs routinely turned away their foster ‘children’ because they could tell they were actually grown men. But they were ‘fobbed off’ when they warned social services, and worried they would be accused of racism if they made a fuss. Speaking from their home in an English university town, Sarah and Giles said all they wanted to do was offer love and support to child refugees, but were instead expected to provide a home for men pretending to be children and send them to schools with genuine youngsters
  7. News just in: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/2018/world-ranking#!/page/0/length/-1/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats The EU is home to the top two Universities in the world, and has 6 Universities in the world's top 30! What a bastion of excellence in research and teaching! The trouble is that they're all in the UK
  8. If it'll mean that we stop ******ing about with the clocks then the sooner they go the better
  9. If you think about it, this is one thing that is actually definitely Brexit's fault! Nobody would be posting on this thread at all if it wasn't for Brexit!
  10. So are you saying that governments are keeping the gold price artificially low? That makes it a buy doesn't it? Why is platinum cheaper, or are they manipulating that too?
  11. I took everybody off ignore in a moment of reflection. I'm serious about the book BTW. It's very good for teaching you about engaging with people in a constructive way that uses an understanding of what they may want from an interaction to get better results for you from that interaction. Warping for example knows an awful lot about gold because he's put a lot of time into analysing it. Engage with him in the right way and he'll gladly tell you all about it. (Everybody loves to talk about their interests, to pretty much anybody who seems genuinely interested). Engage with him in a manner that implies he's a chancer speculating in a bubble and you'll get his heckles up and he'll clam up on you. I'm particularky interested in why platinum is cheaper than gold right now, but talk of other metals seems to be against this topics remit, so i wont pursue that angle too far. But it does sort of suggest that if gold is in a bubble, then so is platinum, and then you look wider and it starts to look like everything is in a bubble. Now a bubble is only a bubble relative to everything else. So maybe there's something wrong with the ruler (the money supply) that were using to try to gague if there's a bubble or not? Anyway. I'm all out of gold and into silver and platinum for now
  12. I've a book recommendation for you https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/How-Win-Friends-Influence-People-Dale-Carnegie/0091906814 The TLDR summary is that if you stop being a twit you get a better reaction from people, and will actually find that things go better for you in life.
  13. The original point to which i responded was that 40 new agencies would be required to replace equivalent EU functions. I asked for a list of the equivalents to these agencies before we entered the EU and one was not provided. On that basis in happy that any agency that didn't exist prior to our entry to the EU is redundant. We will not see 40 new agencies. It was hyperbolic nonsense, and the agencies don't exist for me to list! The EU accounts are materially incorrect. Anybody who told you that that didn't matter has sold you a line. If you don't want to believe that, then fine. You're wrong.
  14. The point about the EU accounts is a matter of public record. Easily verifiable with a quick Google. I encourage all those reading this thread to research this matter. I can't believe how readily it is brushed under the carpet every year when the accounts are qualified once again. That this indicates a lack of financial control is inherent in the qualification, because they can't get an auditor to agree that their accounts represent a true and fair view of their expenditure. That an evidenced lack of financial control is worse than externally verified evidence of financial control is i hope self evident. I'm actually an accountant rather then a politician or journalist, maybe you should play the ball not the man and pony up a proper response to my original post. I won't hold my breath!
  15. What agencies did we have in place before we entered the EU to preeced the 40 or so that you think we now need? I suspect we may not need them at all. In any case the EU accounts have been qualified for decades, so i don't trust any of their numbers. Economies of scale only occur with a proper framework of financial control. 28 countries with 28 agencies demonstrating sufficient financial control to have 28 sets of signed off audited accounts is a much better, much more efficient option, than one huge agency with inadequate financial control.