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  1. mr.carnage is looking to change by 100th decimal. so it wll be 0.26%
  2. 30% drop in oxfordshire...

    what the.. !! £3250 per month for rent? I hope it is £325 !!
  3. 30% drop in oxfordshire...

    yuck. what a crap house. London/Reading/Oxford, these three places houses should be reduced by atleast 60% to make it atleast near affordable
  4. he doesn't understand how much s88t he is in he won't have money to pay that much captial gains tax by 2020
  5. Sink Estates To Be Demolished -

    a great time to ship the benefits in London folks to Stoke.. why would tax payers need to pay £2000 pm for rent in london !! crazy
  6. what a waste of money... £188m and counting. the building is so complex, that cleaning and dusting would itself take millions...
  7. wanted to see how much of this £20bn expenses is interest charges. Can we find a way to pay this off as quickly?
  8. i dont think any sensible Russian billionaire save their money in Ruble !! it is the poor/middle suffers from such rout
  9. hope this will trigger everyone to wait for another 2 years.. let's bring on HPC boys !!
  10. seeing the comments above, i think lot of votes would be split between Tories and UKIPs. let's guess who will be winner then !!
  11. I was doing some quick research into Solar energy and other types of non-fossil fuel energy. I believe as of 2014 atleast 5% of US energy is provided by Solar, though no hard figure I can provide. At this rate, it would cross >25% before 2018 !! (Though no one is publicly stating it) Also I read an article which says, last 2 years solar power is expanding exponentially. Many cities/states have installed more solar power this year/last year than previous 30 years combined !! My argument is , how long Middle East money rules? Will the dip in oil prices be permanent? Would like to collect some data/articles related to non-fossil fuel energy (like the Gold Thread) !! Cheers.
  12. let them come with baseball bats then
  13. "crash" price take me home.. country roads.. take me home.. welcome to US style mega development then !!
  14. I can't think of the Great Recession Part2 brewing up as part of China's property bubble bursting
  15. Huffington Post Link For the past several years, China has been building stuff at a mind-blowing pace. Just how mind-blowing? Here, let's let Bill Gates put it in perspective: Think about this for a second. Between 1901 and 2000, the U.S. built an entire interstate highway system, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hoover Dam and just about all of its skyscrapers -- to name just a few concrete-intensive things. China did all that, and almost half again, in just three years. On his blog, Gates suggested that all of this concrete had helped pull Chinese out of poverty. But all of this building has also left China with a huge and dangerous property bubble, massive ghost cities and empty housing.