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  1. Is it time for another riot?

    The people quibbling about skin colour and how it supposedly correlates with riots reminds me of this clip from In Bruges...
  2. Is it time for another riot?

    OK, live ammo would likely mean rubber bullets and such (which are "less lethal" but still physically harmful up to a point and potentially lethal).
  3. Is it time for another riot?

    A elderly man I had a chat in the bar with had a son or nephew in the Met and if the 2011 uproar repeats itself, they may use live ammo (and shop owners would probably be in a lynchy mood).
  4. The EU treating a contributory member like crap and using other nations to pressurise it (the Irish border), is setting a bad example and shows how much the Euro project has lost its way, if it's now reduced to actively abusing millions of people and sowing sedition in older democracies (with smug pro-EU turncoats) to perpetrate itself.
  5. At least two people I knew from my high school years who, on hindsight, may have been sociopaths, both went for flashy, ostentatious weddings.
  6. The Death of London

    Greenfell Tower is a perfect symbol of how thoroughly unsound and combustible the socio-economic model that's developed in UK since the Blair years.
  7. The Death of London

    People from the 2nd and 3rd world nations are not the root cause, but are a double edged sword, with millions of people moving into the country, working on tax credits, used as blunt tool to downgrade the job market and overcrowding the infrastructure being an awfully unstable structure.
  8. Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2017

    Cancer was the cause (and I read up that the Czech Republic has crazy high cancer rates that match up or even exceed with Scotland's not modest rates). I also read about another female tennis player from Ukraine (but assimilated into Britain) who died from liver cancer some years earlier at the even more shockingly young age of 30! Stress related drinking or drugs from high pressure training and competition? Steroid induced side effects?
  9. SJW meltdown

    I heard about the Somalis in Cardiff (they were hired seamen) in decades or centuries past. Quite fascinating. And isn't segregating on superficial looks just another form of kicking the can down the road? South African And Deep South segregation worked out great didn't it?! And most boys in their early to mid teens are overly aggressive, idiotic sh*ts. Those three brats (siblings or gang) attacked you mainly because you were smaller and alone, not because of the slim pretext of looking a bit different.
  10. Obvious hyperbole, but I do get the impression that the UK (and a swathe of other advanced Western nations and Japan) are slowly crumbling and stagnating in the past 10 to 15 to 20 years from the sheer weight of endless incremental economic mistakes made from the mid 1970s to mid 2000s. As an Asperger's sufferer I caught in the neck from the further education con and the UK workplace turning to total shyte since the 2000s, so unfortunately live with my parents. I see plenty of "normal" people in jobs and independent accommodation, and it doesn't look like I've been missing much in most respects (in a few cases a lot of acquaintances seem deeply unhappy with overlong and irregular hours in return for not much pay, their hobby, family, friends, and rest time decimated).
  11. The internet (talk forums and social media) fastracking more grubby rumors past the entrenched, aged mass media and also a sea change in attitudes towards sexual behaviour and abuse, when people born in the late 1970s and 1980s are now youngish adults entering into positions of authority, also sad perverts like Jimmy Savile and Hugh Hefner expiring seemed to be a signal for lots of ugly stuff to suddenly bubble to the surface...
  12. The JFK files

    I get the impression Ruby (the guy who shot the suspiciously under guarded and exposed Oswald) had polonium put in his prison food. Oswald not being in the custody of the FBI or Marshals (and not being guarded by the National Guard) being a deliberate ploy to indirectly kill him makes more sense than local US authorities being THAT prideful and inept.
  13. Are we on the brink of social collapse?

    The very sad thing is Africa for decades has the right space and resources to give its native Africans reasonable housing and quality of life (but the small minded tribal leaders and criminally insane local despots p*ssed all that up the wall to overly please Western and Eastern firms for many decades).
  14. Are we on the brink of social collapse?

    There was a "right" balance with capital and labour struck from WWII to about the maybe the early 1980s, and while the 1990s was a relatively good decade on hindsight, things were already tipping over the side then through excess banking since the late 80s, ignorance to the effects of earlier globalisation, and property for the sake of property (at expense of real production and quality of life), it just took until the mid to late 2000s to really bite and crumble apart. And while the current system benefits big megacorporations (in the short term) ruining the Western middle classes by inflicting unemployment or debt upon them and stripping out Western economies through globalisation or automation has ultimately ended up being a poisoned pill for them (and some megacorps like Enron just collapsed through dodgy book keeping alone). Also civil order and safety is crumbling in London with crime outpacing crime in a similar city like New York.
  15. Edward Furlong is both a victim and victimised, also Drew Barrymore is implied to have suffered incestuous sexual abuse (coming from a particularly weird showbiz family).