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  1. Sir James Goldsmith and John Saul many, many years ago could point out the severe structural flaws in modern globalism, and foreseen the Neoliberal model eventually undoing itself. And a quasi-tyrant like Putin exists now partially because of the "free market" robber capitalism and relative chaos of 90s Russia that left many millions destitute, confused, and angry.
  2. Another Russian Spy?

    Didn't we have a even more loony conspiracy theorist who got permabanned years ago that kept on rambling with rainbow coloured text? WTC7 doesn't look like a controlled demolition because I don't see the "puff" of strategic charges before the building folds on itself (with fire alone doing comparable damage to the support pillars).
  3. Globalisation reached its height perhaps around the time of the Berlin Wall collapse, but they overplayed their hand and terminal rot set in by the time of 9/11. Being too friendly with Russian oligarchs arguably led to a WMD attack on Salisbury. The "elites" are suffering from victory disease and destroying UK businesses and the 1Middle Class will be a pyrrhic victory for them (they'll have nothing else to exploit and they've already got a big target on them - how defensible are the Hamptons?).
  4. Leicester explosion

    Illegal hooch brewing lab blowing up like a meth lab?
  5. Leicester explosion

    Foul play (perhaps not terrorism) has been suspected, with three suspects arrested for manslaughter (house owners who didn't maintain proper safety and scummy landlords?).
  6. Ugh, useless point scoring on Chinese, Ukraine, and Indian famines. Though I personally think extreme command economies (inept people at the top make arbitrary and uninformed decisions that can't keep up with demands) and extreme private capital (essential support and prosperity for most dries up as the select winners take all) are both doomed to inherent imbalances and swift failure. And America is now perhaps in the "1980s" phase of its own Soviet style implosion (and many parts of it may become as bad as today's Venezuela).
  7. back to the world of work

    I'm 32 and NEVER had full employment.
  8. Yes, but what if Venezuela descends into one to two decades of civil war and pipelines/drilling platforms (allegedly in disrepair anyway at hands of Chavez numpties) get destroyed anyway?
  9. But collapsed/removed regimes and such did little to nothing in helping the US extract oil from those regions ( Gaddaffi and Chavez seizing profitable oil fields for their henchpeople were on hindsight band aids for their corruption and mismanagement).
  10. The Tories have burned most bridges they had in sustaining themslves as a relevant party in the medium to long term, Corbyn is a loose cannon and his radical cronies are wearing the dead Labour Party as a skin, but that's the culmination of Blair and Brown hollowing out the original Labour Party, turning it into "Blue" Labour (a kinda inversion of Trump and the GOP).
  11. Many under 35s are taking it like a bitch and seemingly most are still falling for the charade of today's poor economy, when it effectively died way back in 2007/8.
  12. Britain, unlike other mainland European countries, had no very recent histories of ground invasions, civil wars, nor purges of the elites and minorities. Aside from the NI bust up, we've grown relatively isolated and ossified (with the main power/wealth holders taken the UK masses too much for granted, like a drunk lion tamer).
  13. Donald Trump slags off the sacred NHS

    America has a even worse healthcare system (I'd more inaccurately say very inconsistent since their cancer care is better if you can afford it or it's covered) and this is coming from a obnoxious leader of a fading superpower that may go the go the way of the Soviet Union this century.
  14. Think of all the wonderful things we could purchase or achieve with a significant fraction of that 50 billion...
  15. This is a good metaphore of the ridiculous London property bubble: