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  1. So you get it now? We want skilled migrants with skills and qualifications where we have shortages such as doctors and nurses from around the world not an open door for unskilled car washers and waitresses. Not all EU migrants are net contributors, not all have skills which are in short supply many are taking our more in tax credits and housing benefit and use of services than they pay in. So why not have a policy that allows us to choose those who will benefit us as nation - and not let in those who won't but will just be a drain on the taxpayer and aren't highly skilled. Just like Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc do. Not every Brit is a lazy good for nothing that won't do a decent days work - and not every EU migrant is a highly skilled massive net contributor who uses no services and gets no welfare benefits including tax credits etc. Glad you are getting up to speed!
  2. EU law doesn't allow member states to negotiate trade deals while they are members. It's just a statement of their rules. i expect our £45bn might take a bit of time to start making its way to Brussels until they do.
  3. We all heard about the 10000 EU citizens who have quit working for the NHS since June 2016. They fail to mention the 13000 plus who have joined - far from an exodus there has been a net increase. But that doesn't suit the agenda! i expect many of these employers might be unhappy at losing their limitless supply of cheap labour. Which might mean they have to look after their workers a bit more in future perhaps!
  4. Out of sight and out of mind in their cosy middle class remain voting bubble. It doesn't affect them - they even benefit from it - so it doesn't exist.
  5. No - but that might require you to read posts and comprehend what was being said. Instead of imagining things. Who do you think was being referenced to being trafficked or exploited - the water and the sponges?
  6. So 36 million people voted in a referendum which no one was bothered about or wanted - the highest number of people voting in any vote in our entire history. No - no interest at all. There was a referendum because it was in the Tory manifesto and they won the 2015 general election in which tens of millions voted too. But who needs votes of tens of millions when you can have self selecting petitions - ideally with tens of thousands of online signatures from Vanuatu and the Vatican counted in the mix. We can have a debate about the Barnett formula - but that is decided by the UK parliament who we all elect. And maybe we might get the chance to elect a party with some guts who is willing to alter it so it gives fairer funding to Wales and England. NO UK voter had a chance to vote for Juncker - his party group doesn't even stand candidates here - or Tusk or any member of the Commission or the other five EU Presidents.
  7. Probably about as good as the 99 per cent or so of Scots who can't speak a word of Gaelic. 5.3 million people in Scotland but less than 90000 even have some basic knowledge of it and even fewer who are fluent in it and even less than that who actually use it for daily communication. i think you will find that in Slovakia, Romania and Croat probably 99 per cent of the population can speak their native languages. So another argument of yours that falls flat!
  8. We were referring to the people who traffick and exploit those people working in those car washes - but totally miss the point as ever. And because they are entirely cash in hand outlets with no receipts or evidence of transactions they are a perfect money laundering outfit. Who knows if you just paid £5 for a wash or £30 for a full valet Perhaps not everyone lives in your cosy cosseted world.
  9. Common language, shared history, shared values - and we have shared a head of state for 414 years and been in a union for over 300. No - no difference at all to Slovakia or Romania or Croatia. How is your Slovak, Serbo Croat and Romanian?
  10. They can pick the crops in the fields when we end FOM and grab a few baskets for their families.
  11. How did we cope as you say before 2003. We weren't nearly £2 trillion in debt either. Its obviously done wonders for our national finances.
  12. Yes I am angry we are trillions in debt I am angry we have a housing crisis and a welfare crisis and an overcrowding crisis on our roads and transport systems and we can't afford social care for our frail elderly while we are doling out £60bn in tax credits and housing benefit every year to subsidise cheap labour. I am angry we have allowed people trafficking, slavery and exploitation to become rife so you don't have to wash your own car - replacing automated washers that served us well for many years with exploited cheap Labour. Cheap labour is great for the well off middle classes - usually well of London centric remain voters who fake sincerity about caring about the poor while happy to exploit the supply of cheap labour. if a race to the bottom is a society you want then great. But it's not for everyone,
  13. You mean people trafficking, modern day slavery and money laundering? Worth thinking who actually sees your fiver!
  14. As has been pointed out there used to be car washing machines - you drove through and the machine did the work. Obviously hiring low wage cash in hand migrants ripe for exploitation - as many of them are rumoured to be - is supposed to be progress. And if they are legit then given their low wages they will also be entitled to tax credits, get housing benefit and need housing, their kids and spouses and perhaps even their elderly parents they brought here will be getting free NHS care, welfare and education and more. All of which costs money - which their employers pass onto the taxpayer and they aren't paying for on their low wages. And you wonder why our services are stretched and we have a housing crisis? There will always be demand for cheap labour to exploit - but that doesn't make it right or progress does It? But as long as I am alright Jack or IMHAL - who cares. After all our national debt is only approaching £2 trillion - and those car washers won't be paying it off!
  15. Rightmove Dec -2.6% m/m

    We all know the righmove figures are nonsense - even when they are going down. They don't involve s transaction just a suggestion.