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  1. So you blame Mrs Thatcher for Blair and Brown's housing polices? So New Labour had no power to do anything else for 13 years? Sorry - it's just pathetic.
  2. Yes - really! New Labour built an average of 562 council houses per year. And Mrs Thatcher's Conservatives? 41,343. And of course when Thatcher left office house prices were falling - under new Labour prices quadrupled and buy to let rose ten fold. Its easy to blame a woman who stopped being PM 27 years ago for our current housing crisis - despite the fact when she left office the only crisis was housing was becoming too affordable and prices were collapsing. I merely point out that those who think Labour will solve the housing crisis ought to pay attention to their disastrous record.
  3. Mrs Thatcher built more council houses in one year than Labour managed in 13! And Labour is going to sort out the housing crisis - or just import even more people faster than it can build homes for? If London still had 6.5 million people as in the mid 1990s rather than 8.5 million as now (rising to 13 million by 2045 on current forecasts) despite nearly a million white Brits quitting the city would there be a housing crisis there? As the new Labour song went - things can only get worse!
  4. I think we have been here before. Save £10k on stamp duty - pay £45k more for the property (4.5X £10k). So you are worse off by £45k as an FTB - plus interest - while the boomer you are buying from is £45k richer. Isn't the best way to help first time buyers - just to stop 'helping' them?
  5. Backed by £10bn help to buy to bump up the prices. The population of London is going up by 150,000 a year - at least the legal figure - and many of those will be reliant on tax credits and housing benefit to live there. So building 30000 homes won't solve the problem - you need 75000 a year to stand still. Perhaps the biggest reason of course for London's housing crisis is that there are 2.5 million more people living there than 20 years ago - no city can build homes that quickly for 25 per cent population growth. Yet no link between the two opinion pieces - how about instead of more houses we invite in fewer people or at least restrict immigration to people who will be net contributors.
  6. How does this work - stamp duty is paid by the buyer not the seller who did the work on the property?
  7. See my example - and justify that. Its disgraceful - why should a house be treated differently to any other asset (savings, shares etc) for the purposes of the home care means test? The pensioner doesn't have to pay upfront - a charge can be placed on the home and the sums paid out of the estate. Why should the state spend billions so people can keep multi million pound inheritances - which they will generally receive in their 60s potentially 30 or 40 years after they left 'the family home'!
  8. Compare two pensioners. One owns a £3m house in London outright and has several kids and grandkids to support her but only has £22,000 in savings and lives on a state pension. The other inherited £50k from their parents when they died, lives in a council flat in Sunderland, has no living relatives and lives on a state pension. Both require home helps to assist with their care at home to get them up, washed and dressed and put to bed. Who gets free home care at present? The person with assets worth over £3m or the person with assets of only £50,000? You guessed it - the former. The latter has to pay for 100% of their care until their savings fall below £23,000 - the former pays nothing as their assets above £23k are all in housing so are disregarded for home care means testing purposes - and when they die (assuming they dont have to go into a home) the family keeps the £3m house. This is in part the disgraceful situation the 'dementia tax' sought to address. Why exactly is a house - which can easily be turned into cash - ignored for the purposes of the means test for homecare?
  9. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    So help to buy is to be extended for £10bn. Is that the annual saving from leaving the EU we were going to give to the NHS?
  10. How do you even decide who is a 'foreign' buyer anyway. Nearly half of Londoners were born abroad - and you can always put it through someone else. One third of the empty homes in central London are actually in the two lowest council tax bands - essentially studio and one bed council and low end flats. Why not get them into use.
  11. The article is also from yester year. It's dated 8 September 2016! Given how long it took the Canadians I doubt the Aussies will see a trade deal with the EU much before 2025.
  12. Its a very odd looking house. No floor plan and it gives the impression your garden is absolutely huge when it practice it presumably backs onto a local park in Brixton - the entrance for which is right next to your front door. I can imagine that could be a bit noisy on occassion. Still I like the guy and his kid on a scooter - do they come with the house?
  13. Its nigh on impossible for most Brits to move permanently to the US anyway without family sponsors. Its not like Oz or Canada where skills matter.
  14. The point of retirement homes is that you go there to retire, have company, communal facilities and lounges a concierge on hand and an alarm system should you fall ill or have a fall. And they are cheaper than comparable properties in the area. They are not property investments - you cannot mortgage them anyway. If you can't accept that basic principle - dont buy one.
  15. There are some startling videos here - one showing Miami downtown (the financial district) totally flooded out. Probably not a black swan event - but major damage to real estate.