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  1. In my life

    These young people overstretching themselves to buy a small property with a 35-40 year mortgage plus savings from living at home plus early inheritance from BOMAD are probably never going to be able to afford to move up to anything bigger/better. That's it, a lifetime of financial gunpowder gone in one shot, hope it was worth it. Oh well, less competition for decent family houses in the future I guess.
  2. In Venezuela, real wages fell because of bad economic policies. In the UK, real wages are also falling because of bad economic policies, they just happen to have started at a higher level. Of course, there are significant differences between Venezuela and the UK. For a start, Venezuela still has plenty of oil left.
  3. If you don't report anything they definitely won't investigate, if you do then maybe they will. It really doesn't take long.
  4. It feels good!
  5. Welcome! I don't think you can edit until you have enough posts, maybe 100.
  6. Why is it okay to steal 2% from holders of cash?
  7. Good post. Funny thing is, I bet half the people working at Conservative Party HQ could write exactly the same analysis. They know the game is almost up but the leadership are too busy/scared/tired/complacent to make any major shifts in direction. May and Hammond have both been in Parliament for decades and between them they've held almost all of the major offices of state. They probably don't really care if the Tories get dumped at the next general election, they've personally had a good run in politics and are probably starting to think about what to do afterwards. Let the next generation of Tory politicians clean up the mess of high house prices and the failure to create a new generation of Tory voters to replace the ones who are dying off, not my problem is probably what they're thinking.
  8. I'm not sure coming out in favour of Brexit would be staying true to his principles. He has other priorities, so perhaps dumping huge quantities of political capital on a painful Brexit process which is likely to end in quite similar arrangements with the rest of the EU as we have now is not high on his list. Similarly he's no great fan of the monarchy, but I doubt a Corbyn premiership would bother with the hassle of trying to get rid of it.
  9. Does this help? Imagine those strong, manly hands firmly grasping a root vegetable as he gets all hot and sweaty working on his allotment.
  10. Labour are in opposition. What do you expect them to do?
  11. 2 child limit on child tax credits as of April 2017.
  12. OH has already lost, his partner has no clue about the value of money e.g. how much work it takes to hold £20k in your hand. Financially clueless people should shack up together, they can bond over puzzlement at why they don't have a pot to urinate in after decades of mindlessly copying what everybody else was doing.
  13. First reply on that thread: "supply and demand". I feel like this phrase could be substituted with "suck it up youngsters" in almost all contexts.
  14. Plus just look at the outcomes: 80% of over 65s own property, almost all of the rest don't need to as they have a secure council tenancy. Running a mile in under 4 minutes is difficult, not many people can do it. If 80% of an age cohort managed to do something that means it wasn't difficult.
  15. I'm not at all convinced it was hard to buy a house in the 70s and 80s. It was a time of increasing homeownership rates, increasing real wages and a mass council house sell-off with juicy discounts. The average FTB was in their early 20s.