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  1. Leadership

    Depends whether you define leadership as flapping your gums or making and implementing decisions that will make life better for the people you have power over.
  2. Sunday Politics voxpop

    Right, but in the late 70s people spent 25% of household income on food. We're about a factor of 2 below that now.
  3. Rightmove Dec -2.6% m/m

    Rightmove -0.26% m/m?
  4. Sunday Politics voxpop

    Not sure I would class Quality Street as food... I was thinking more meat, vegetables, canned beans/chickpeas/tomatoes, flour, that sort of thing. I don't understand junk food pricing at all. Walkers crisps cost more per kg than decent steak.
  5. Sunday Politics voxpop

    The last 40 years have seen huge drops in the price of food, clothing and consumer electronics relative to wages. No big spike in unemployment. Housing is just another thing you have to pay for to stay alive. The bankers love the fact that people "imagine" a significant drop in house prices would mean the lights go out, no food on supermarket shelves, tanks on the streets.
  6. A commonly used word - Pronunciation.

    The first g should be pronounced. This keeps the root word link with cognition and cognisant.
  7. Sunday Politics voxpop

    Whose jobs are at risk in the event of an HPC? Even estate agents ought to do well out of it due to increased turnover.
  8. Sunday Politics voxpop

    The last time I checked the people of Putney are part of the UK public. The Daily Politics balls do travel all over the country.
  9. Mexican standoff

    2017 was a good year for HPCers. The general election proved that electoral support for HPI 4eva is fast running out. Since 2015 we've had the Lib Dems massacred for throwing the young under the bus during the coalition, Labour torn out of the hands of the Blairites/Brownites and the Tories given a serious shot across the bow by the assetless young and middle-aged.
  10. There's plenty of social pressure to act a certain way, it's just not the same way as it was in the 1950s/60s. The pressure to "get on the property ladder" is huge. I have older relatives who can't shut up about it, every time I talk to casual acquaintances the discussion inevitably turns to buying property etc etc. I think there's also an expectation (outside of the tax credit classes) that people should work hard all the time and constantly strive for payrises, promotions etc. It's not enough just to have a steady job, you have to always be pushing for more and if you're not then there must be something wrong with you.
  11. I'm curious about where all these superior non-box-dwellers live. Are they non-corporeal beings of pure smug energy drifting from one amazing non-materialistic experience to another? It's funny when you look back at people from the 1950s and 1960s moaning about a stable settled life of work, home and family. In 2017 this is beyond the reach of most people who don't already own property. Makes those entitled pre-Boomers look a bit spoilt.
  12. Pylons and motorways So even if every single person in the UK lived under a pylon there "could" be an increase in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia cases of 3 per year, most of which could be cured. As public health issues go it's pretty small. A couple of thousand children are killed or seriously injured by motor vehicles each year in the UK - this is a real public health problem.
  13. Under first past the post most people have very little choice, and if you cast a non-mainstream vote you might as well tear it up yourself. I've voted in general elections where there were 3 candidates in my constituency: Con, Lab and LD. What choice is that?