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  1. Javid on Sky News right now

    I can't believe this is Sajid Javid's actual speech! I thought this was a post from the forum. Bloody hell...perhaps he has been reading HPC !
  2. CGT on all homes (unavoidable and people only pay on the gain)?
  3. What about things like stocks and shares? Would a radical Labour Government be able to do things like appropriate peoples shares in companies or is that harder to do?
  4. I wonder if their CEO will be on the phone to Hammond demanding another bung of taxpayers money to be announced in the Budget?
  5. If things are bad now for the average joe, imagine trying to find a job when they are all done by machines. Self-driving cars are already here and they are going to cause massive changes to the way we live;
  6. They probably come from the local council estate (opposite) where properties are selling for over £500k. Thanks to Right to Buy anyone can become rich if they have been given a free house.
  7. Bump. Please submit if you can be bothered;
  8. I am not disagreeing, I think anything less than £1 million for a house in central London (that isn't a leasehold) shows prices are falling and it is tiny (99 sq meters). Cheaper than a lot of similar properties in the suburbs!
  9. So it sold for 2014 prices. Here is a similar property in the same street, sold in 2014. Still very high price though!
  10. Link? Was it a freehold? A lot of the seemingly lower priced central properties have short leases, hence lower prices.
  11. IDS

    Lots of landlords own outright.
  12. IDS

    I'm surprised the banks are happy for landlords to get more money than them. Surprised there hasn't been huge lobbying by the banks to get a bigger cut of all that money that is currently going to landlords....
  14. Oh dear .