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  1. Not for ages. It's a pretty common phrase these days isn't it?
  2. The bankers and politicians have created a system where heads they win, tails the plebs lose.
  3. We don't have capitalism, we have socialism for the rich.
  4. It should be in the publication. The only reason this is going through now though is Grenfell and the Tories are worried about the fallout should they block it again, that's all they care about, not tenants lives, just their livelihoods.
  5. The question is - What will replace this "turbo-capitalism"? We need a whole new, fairer system. We seem to only have extreme versions of socialism or capitalism on offer to us though. The worst of all worlds (Corbyn/Momentum vs May/Tories).
  6. You do realise he is a parody account?
  8. No funny business this time from Tory MPs trying to filibuster. Well done Karen Buck MP!
  9. Can they be bought with RTB? If so that has to be the most insane thing ever.
  10. Probably the same time they go after Uber and all the Chinese VAT avoiding sellers on ebay/Amazon.
  11. I can imagine a few people getting a bit nervous now - imagine beneficial ownership of property/companies + a Corbyn Government. Brown pants time for them.
  12. Yes I think you are right that it perhaps does not set a great impression to ask first thing if remote working is possible.
  13. Carillion in Crisis

    Yes but in the old days things were built for the people for use, not as a way to make the builders very rich whilst sucking money out of taxpayers and passengers.
  14. More fine, upstanding members of the landlord community;