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  1. I don't support black cabs anymore than I support Uber. I have no problem with the technology behind Uber, infact, I think it is great. I do have a problem with Uber as a business though. Prices are cheap (now) because they can undercut the competition by ensuring their employees self employed drivers have little rights and are paid very little. By classing their drivers as "self-employed" takes away Uber's responsibility to pay VAT (you know, one of those taxes that pays for things like schools and the NHS) and once they have priced out the competition, fares will rise. They have a similar business model to Amazon. Price out the competition and make little money in the first few years (so pay no tax). Once competition is effectively destroyed, raise prices (but still avoid paying as much tax as possible). All these companies like Uber, Amazon, AirBnB etc are all about instant gratification and have great propaganda marketing departments to sell their lifestyle to image conscious, tech-savvy millenials. People see the low prices and the quick delivery but don't see the tax avoidance and zero hours workers behind the shiny innovator facade. This is predatory capitalism on steroids.
  2. Stamp duty is stopping boomer moving - DT

    I think the time limit was just reduced, not stopped altogether. I am sure lots of landlords still do it.
  3. Stamp duty is stopping boomer moving - DT

    They could scrap SDLT and replace it by introducing a CGT on all homes. That way people only pay CG on unearned profits and stamp duty isn't paid by FTBers from actual earned income. It would also stop people flipping properties or landlords trying to avoid CGT by moving in a few months before they sell. And I would argue that it is young people needing help to move (in for the first time), not for boomers to be persuaded to spend a bit of money if they decide to move.
  4. Uber petition; "Uber: play by the rules and get your London license back"
  5. True. Not sure what they can do except ban foreign buyers completely. They will probably do something really crap like say properties need to be advertised in the UK for 3 months before they can be sold to foreign buyers. That will be their big, radical change.
  6. The barriers to foreign buyers were already put in place a few years ago with things like the SDLT surcharge which means those buying properties through a company have to pay 15%, ATED, CGT, IHT changes and changes to non-dom laws. Ironically these all happened under the Tories.
  7. Why wouldn't Corbyn's Labour ruthlessly go after the votes of the young and implement policies that completely screw the boomers just like the Tories have done but in reverse. What is actually to stop them doing that since demographics means voting patterns are going to only mean more votes for Labour or any party that promises all the goodies for the younger generation and they are almost guaranteed a win the longer this generational unfairness continues. In 5 years time there will be far more young at the bottom of the demographic pyramid who can vote and less at the top. It is a no brainer to offer radical housing policies now.
  8. Lol, yes everyone can be an entrepreneur if they get free favours from their politician friends and get to pay no tax. It's a meritocracy doncha know (private school educated "man of the people" David Cameron said it, so it must be true).
  9. I wonder how much taxpayers are subsidising Uber's profits via tax credits and housing benefit?
  11. Can you call the hotline (anonymously) and express your concerns that they haven't been chased up. Incidentally, how do you know nothing has been done? Perhaps they are remortgaging to get cash to pay off tax?
  12. I've never voted Tory but I won't even vote Tory. I too thought they'd do what they said and reduce the housing bubble but they have done the opposite. Think this song is appropriate;
  13. Why don't you let HMRC know? You can report them anonymously online;
  14. I am not sure how interested they are in "popular support". This is the Government that insists we need to give £12 billion in foreign aid, even though it is an extremely unpopular policy and Germany, the richest country in Europe doesn't pay anything like this much. There is a lot of corruption and self interest in practically everything the Government (and Blair's NuLabour) does. They don't seem to be very interested in serving the plebs electorate, they hold us in contempt and see us as a nuisance that they have to feed crumbs to every 5 years in order to get on with treating themselves to all these backhanders.