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  1. Isn't XRP just a proof of concept for Ripple's technology? Ripple shares might become valuable, but it doesn't follow that the price of XRP tokens measured in fiat will rise.
  2. John Laing as a reflation tip, if it survives a deflationary collapse. Infrastructure project manager with P/E ratio 7.4, Return on Assets of 9.4% and Gross Gearing of 17.18%. Also cash flow problems with short term liabilities:cashflow before financing of 6.4:1 and currently asking shareholders for more money.

    Bloomberg: China to Intervene in Stocks After Tariffs Trigger Rout
  4. Sounds about right for Norfolk. As you were driving through did the locals flee, shouting 'metal cow, metal cow, run for your lives!"
  5. Supply and demand. Gilt supply goes up, price goes down, yield rises.
  6. Indirectly. The bank rate ('base rate') is the rate of interest the Bank of England pays on reserves held by commercial banks at the BoE. You might find these interesting:
  7. Oil Investment

    Telegraph: Genel Energy back in profit as Kurdish oil payments flow
  8. The dollar falls. For those who want to escape sterling this looks like a good opportunity to me.
  9. 30% pay rises for NHS workers.

    Everything. NHS Medical HR and payroll have EA-levels of incompetence.
  10. More than that, coins are religions that might* make the faithful millionaires. *might is also might not.
  11. New Zealand bans foreign buyers

    Not really, thanks. Have you considered the Cayman Islands? http://www.immigration.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/immhome/livinghere/independentmeans
  12. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Perhaps the significant downward revision in expected revenue since the interim results two months ago and the resignation of the Chief Executive suggest that there may be more unpleasant discoveries.
  13. New Zealand bans foreign buyers

    No offence, but to the Kiwis/Aussies that might be worth little. They know about the NHS and plenty know about RLH.
  14. Bloomberg: Death of Iran's Nuclear Deal Could Set Oil Bulls Loose This part caught my eye: A threat to the petrodollar, and thus a small threat to the dollar's status as the reserve currency? The Federal Reserve better keep raising interest rates.