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  1. Tribune: Landlord licensing scheme must be saved
  2. This never goes away: Telegraph: Lancashire shale tests reveal 'excellent' fracking conditions
  3. Pension deficits make companies behave in strange ways. From BBC: Engineering giant GKN rejects £7bn takeover bid My emphasis. Reflation would presumably be good for an engineering firm like GKN, but not if the pension deficit sinks the company!
  4. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Fair enough. Option 1 isn't really investing in bringing people into / keeping people in the workplace, is it.
  5. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    The Productivity Puzzle in a nutshell. But here's a question: when cheap credit, Tax Credits and unskilled immigration go away, does Spy's Burger in, say, Middlesborough get replaced with a productive business or does it just leave an empty shop that one night goes on fire?
  6. GDX is available through AJ Bell, complete with KIID. https://www.youinvest.co.uk/market-research/LSE:GDX
  7. Vanguard do a USD Treasury Bond UCITS ETF. https://www.vanguardinvestor.co.uk/investments/vanguard-usd-treasury-bond-ucits-etf
  8. Charging overseas visitors if their children use state schools seems simple enough. How much would you ask?
  9. I used to think a contribution-based welfare state was the answer to all the questions about the 'fairness' of state benefits. The trouble is a contribution-based welfare state only works if everyone has the opportunity to make contributions and society can reach a decision on how little, if anything, to give those who have not contributed. I don't think either of those conditions are true at the moment so now I'm a supporter of a Citizen's Income and state benefits as negative income tax.
  10. Oh dear Labour

    Anyone can submit an idea, there's no need to be a member of the Labour party. https://www.policyforum.labour.org.uk/account/register-choose Many of the more specific and constructive submissions seem to get a response, regardless of whether they're made by party members or not. This is my new favourite submission: Big landlords v little landlords: A Labour party member arguing that BTL landlords are the "little guys" who deserve our sympathy.
  11. The Brighton mega bubble

    Local Housing Allowance
  12. I use BullionVault. No VAT on silver in London if it's left in the vault.
  13. Enterprise Inns

    I've just bought some shares in The City Pub Company. It's founded by the same people who founded the Capital Pub Company, which was bought by Greene King, so I think it's worth a punt.
  14. Max children for benefits

    Child Benefit (CB) in the UK was created in 1945, when repopulation and genuine child poverty were obvious concerns. Neither of those are concerns now. Politically, the problem with scrapping CB as a separate benefit would be accusations of returning to a 1945 level of child poverty. Practically, rolling CB into a Citizen's Income wouldn't cause child poverty because the money that would have been spent on CB would be added to the Citizen's Income paid to every UK adult citizen. The important difference would be that the amount of money paid to each adult wouldn't depend on their number of children so there would be no incentive to have more children for more money.