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  1. Bt9

    That's where I'd expect the surveyor to step in and say "calm down lads it's only a bit of elephant's breath".
  2. Is next company the maplin?

    It's a captive market for these sort of contracts. Besides lagan are in the 'circle'. I'm surprised Ian counter hasn't been able to get them more work. http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/07/16/news/fresh-start-for-7m-lawyer-ian-coulter-194583/
  3. Is next company the maplin?

    A few companies in a much larger group. These will be companies created for specific projects. The collapse of the executive in NI would have pit the breaks on some public contracts.
  4. Bt9

    I don't think renovation costs are necessarily fully recovered during a sale. The only thing that adds real value is space. It might have cost 50k to renovate but there will be a cap on the street value. You could spend 100k on farrow and ball. You'll not get in back when it comes to selling. It just makes it easier.
  5. Bt9

    21's garden was impressive. I'm tempted to try and find the details of the landscaper for my own.
  6. Bt9

    Thank you. Much appreciated.
  7. Bt9

    I'm not convinced I care.
  8. Bt9

    I'm not sure my lights are on during the day either.
  9. Bt9

    Garden or yard?
  10. Vaz property empire

    Hardly. She's a part time judge on a mental health review tribunal. £500 a day max. About 2 hours billing for a decent solicitor. Fernandez vaz doesn't look like a practice that bills at £250 an hour.
  11. Bt9

    I viewed it before. It's not a bad extension. Not massive but big enough. If I remember right it was someone from kintullagh estates that bought it. Were a big property buyer in 2007. Now they buy semis off the Malone road.
  12. Bt9

    It was rented for a while. It's competing with the new builds at harberton. They have a better finish but less garden. It'll be interesting to see what it goes for. Nice house but I wouldn't pay 650k for it.
  13. Residential Property Price Index exclusive thread

    The sticks dropped more. The percentage rises will be bigger. Transaction numbers will Also play a part. Also explains why Derry looks to have increased so much. It's moving from a lower base.
  14. Looking to buy 2018/19

    The dunmurry lane house is an auction flip. Sold for 265 last year. Could be difficult getting the valuation. TR were the worst agent I dealt with.
  15. Current house prices

    I'm not saying they're at 2007 levels. Just that some areas aren't that far off. I should probably quantify what I think "that far off" means. Interestingly the McKenna also set the ceiling in the bakery quoted earlier. Another forces completion.