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  1. First Time buyer - Questions

    Did you miss the rest of my post? I edited it soon after posting.
  2. First Time buyer - Questions

    You realise there's a cap right? And the amount to be collected is fixed during the budget? Ergo anyone over the cap is subsidised by anyone under. 100k house = £750 rates bill 200k house = £1500 rates bill 400k house = £3000 rates bill 800k house = £3000 rates bill Economics for beginners. Spot the subsidy.
  3. First Time buyer - Questions

    £2950 but yes. That one.
  4. First Time buyer - Questions

    Or like me. You live in BT9, pay high rates and still manage to get subsidised by people living in say Coleraine.
  5. 50% down yes. But prices increased by 50% in 2006 alone. They were back in 2005 levels.
  6. Just an FYI. Child benefit is income related.
  7. Northern Ireland Economy

    If I wanted advice on rigging LIBOR or how to get some fraudulent capital they'd be the first I'd ask. Measuring relative prosperity? I'll ask someone else thanks.
  8. Bt9

    I've noticed GOC has picked up a fair few listings in the area. Including the new Montpelier development. All overpriced IMO. I've always thought GOC were optimistic pricers. The Montpelier pricing is just mental. 400k for a 1450 sq ft townhouse is just ridiculous. Money is just too cheap at the minute.
  9. Bt9

    More bt9 madness. https://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/GOCGOC8419/194-Stranmillis-Road/426285598/ Circ 2000 sq ft. I make it closer to 1600. Bt9 back in bubble territory. A smallish semi with no garden going for 475k is madness. I viewed this site. It was on for 125k with BTW.
  10. Northern Ireland Economy

    I love N.I. I living here. But a bank prosperity index? What is that about. I agree, it's all a bit B.S. This jumps out and Prosperity hot-spots are thriving outside London and the South East
  11. We've had our 50% crash here in NI. I even bought. I still think prices are overvalued for what NI is. Low interest rates stopped prices falling to the level they should be at. 50% believe it or not isn't enough. GB kindly gift us £10 billion ever year, just to balance the books. What are prices like in Moldova? We've a massively inflated public sector at 31%, 29% of the population economically inactive and 15% of adults on DLA. A 50% drop wasn't nearly enough. Sorry, off topic a bit. But N.I. really is a basket case.

    Ok, thanks for letting us know about the site bought in 2001 and valued in 2017. I'm also greatful to know the mate is in a very lucky position. Great thread. Keep it up. Bingo.

    The CGT threshold is £11300 for this tax year.

    Is the site in Narnia or Never Never Land? It's a know fact site prices in these location double ever 2 years.
  15. Decline in house prices starts to extend beyond London

    Still not yet getting it. The wife and I both attended selective free grammars here in NI. Both attended Russell group university. Both schools would be top 30 in the UK league tables. Cost to parents exactly zero. It's not turned out too bad. I own a small company and the OH is equity partner in a £250 mill plus firm. I'm honestly not sure what paid for secondary school connections would have added. Or are you saying the Russell group connections are the useful ones?