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  1. Bt9

    It was listed at that, but it was then moved to Colliers and bought and refurbished and then re listed. Didn’t sell, taken off the market, and now reappeared!
  2. Bt9

    See this has been relisted dont know how to find out what it was listed at before
  3. Current house prices

    It also quotes one bed flats in the bakery for £265k when you can now get a 2 bed flat in the bakery for £199k...
  4. Current house prices

    Can you share links to ones that are 2007 back to prices, would be keen to see.
  5. Current house prices

    just google the house address for the listing and the title of the article
  6. Current house prices

    Now this is something I can agree that is boom prices! Albeit I doubt the agent valued it at that price. I’d say this is a case of the vendor listing it at what they need rather than what it’s worth. £172k for a one bed city centre flat is madness. Especially given the dimensions of the rooms.
  7. Bt9

    Didn’t realise I had to answer every question, even if I would prefer not to. In that case, what are your credit card details and CCV numbers? I offered up the loan details as an example of what is available out there, as a quick google search can show the market rates. You can chose to believe it or not, that’s up to you. However I’m not prepared to disclose the specific lenders that have entered in to NI. If you want to know, you can go knock on lots of doors like I’ve had to. The article is a good insight into the main challenger banks that are plugging the gaps in the markets that the main banks are choosing not to lend on that was provided as an alternative to me disclosing the results of my own work. I could easily just name one of the banks from the article and you’d be none the wiser. Much like I’ll never know that HSBC is actually your mortgage lender that you randomly declared to the forum. if you’re going to claim that those apartments are at bubble prices, then provide evidence that supports it. This should be easily proved given the amount of hard statistics out there regarding historic house prices, earnings, income multiples etc. An opinion on the location and quality of accommodation is subjective. However Claiming ‘bubble prices’ is quantifiable and can be supported by evidence.
  8. Bt9

    I didn’t ask about your mortgage, but if you’d like to ring round some challenger banks for commercial loan terms feel free, that article would be a good place to start. Thats hardly a similar comparable given your gripes about the original being a converted house and your comparable being a new build. If the original is the last street in bt9, I don’t know how something the far side of Boucher playing fields beside the motorway is better- if anything comparing the location adds more value to the original. Also I would expect the management charge and ground rent on that new build to be considerably higher than the original, adding to all those costs you’re concerned about. but righto.
  9. Bt9

    But ask for an explanation as to why £100k a unit for a flat in bt9 is big bubble territory... just out of interest, what would the average price of these units should be if it wasn’t currently in this big bubble?
  10. Bt9

    Righto? You asked who was providing it, and I answered. Article below gives an insight into how the challenger banks are filling a gap in the market, albeit for loans against commercial tenants. Apologies I can’t post copies of people’s letter of offer. Youve not provided any evidence to back up why you think £100k for a two bed flat in Belfast qualifies as bubble prices, just stated your opinion. Guess I’ll just go with it, your opinion must be right.
  11. Bt9

    Challenger banks that are moving into NI, I’ve seen letters of offers with 70%+ Ok you must be right, it is a bubble.
  12. Bt9

    Commercial loan: 70% ltv at base plus 2.9% repayment over 25/30 years. you'll not be retiring, but I hardly think £100k a unit is bubble territory.
  13. Bt9

    I don’t think £500k for 5 flats is bubble territory, even if they are small. Somebody could buy and manage it themselves and make a decent enough wage.
  14. Low Housing Stock

    This is laughable. Building cost for a typical house is £30k? Are you building a mud hut? A typical site costs £170k? Typical house prices must be around £130k in NI, and you think the typical land value alone is £40k more than this?
  15. Buy or ( wait ) Rent ?

    My Original post just said a couple on £25k each to use as an example, i didn't say average salary for NI was £25k. For demonstration purposes in the later example I said average salary (as in the average of the couple) just for continuity.