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  2. EA "house" for sale.

    Stockholm Syndrome has well and truly set in. For a moment there I was thinking "that doesn't seem bad value..."
  3. I'm aware of 1997 house prices, but there are other things that debt can be held against, mainly private enterprise. Are you saying that the graph is wrong, or something else?
  4. Well, you don't have to hit the end. That's one glass ceiling you definitely don't want to break through... That said, if you're female, you might be better jerry-rigging something out of a magnetic stirrer.
  5. I assumed it was when you ******ed a test-tube.
  6. Short version - sometimes, it is Thatcher's fault. Worth noting that Hayek was largely regarded as a twit until Thatcher and Reagan took up his torch.
  7. "It's a little more complicated than that..." It wasn't so much what Champion said that got her in trouble, it was where she said it - The Sun - and it was a predictably inflammatory article that apparently she'd approved and then lied about. Shah is admittedly iffier. However, all she did was retweet from a parody account and quickly deleted it (one assumes before anyone could have 'got' to her), and she maintains it was a genuine accident. That defence is hardly available to Champion.
  8. If it wasn't a mistake, he's a really hopeless crim.
  9. Sorry to be thick, but what's the difference between debt and credit in that graph? I'm assuming 'credit' means 'new debt', but that is an assumption...
  10. Because cash should never be seen as an investment class?
  11. Having recently read Black Swan, and currently re-reading the excellent Chaos by James Gleick, I do find myself wondering why economists keep flogging the same dead horse. "It's all we've got", is a pretty poor excuse for perpetuating nonsense. On the other hand, what would a chaos-aware economic forecast look like? Mind-numbingly simple or horribly complex? I'd suggest the former, but with some interesting computer-models of the latter (that would tell you nothing about what's going to actually happen).
  12. I got that (hence my ?) - I just missed your sarcasm...