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  1. So after Brexit what duty would a british shopper have to pay for those categories of beef imported from other countries? I'm not really interested in what a French restaurant, presumably in France, would have to pay.
  2. Chavvy young lads in brand new top cars

    I enjoy driving my new car. I can afford it, I know it will depreciate and I know roughly how much that will be over the four or five years I choose to keep it. Why does it bother you so much that's how I choose to spend my money? What's the phrase I should use to describe you? How about inverted snob.
  3. Agree. As the cliches say: "Survival of the fittest", "It's a dog eat dog world".
  4. Of course we do depend on the cooperation of those around us. Even so I doubt a Mad Max scenario would ensue, unless the TFHatters are correct
  5. She's absolutely right with that analysis. The problem I can't grasp is what all this stored money represents after the debtor has gone and the creditor is no longer under an obligation to him. Kinda fits in well with the probate thread discussion on inheritance tax.
  6. Neither could I. I could however dig a small hole put a potato in it, maybe water it from time to time if there was no rain, and a few months later after the plant has flowered dig up some more potatoes that had miraculously grown from the original potato I had put into the hole in the ground. We may not be as helpless as we think we are.
  7. There is a healthy looking beggar who sits in our local shopping centre for hours every day, he may well be happy to do so day in day out. Would you say he has real wealth? I doubt even a monk would say that. The monks probably worked towards a purpose. The steps towards attaining that purpose could count as real wealth. Thinking about the question what is real wealth, well I would say thinking about how most people in this country go about their every day lives that we have real wealth in the infrastructure we all use and share with each other, the relative safety in which we live, the fact that most of us have enough to eat, clothes to wear, shelter, heating, education, health care, the shared society we live in.
  8. Probate tax merged

    A close relative of mine leads a very frugal life. She buys all her clothes from charity shops, all the food she consumes is purchased from the reduced aisle in the supermarket, she drives an old car and only drives when walking or public transport is impractical. She doesn't wear make up or have her hair done until it is absolutely necessary. She doesn't go on holiday, days out, the theatre, restaurants. She saves all the money she can. She always pleads poverty but in reality we know she must have a very large sum saved. We're sure she's the poorest multi millionaire we know. We ask why she doesn't spend some money and get some pleasure and enjoyment from it. Her reply is I must leave it to my children to make their lives easier when I'm not here. We tell her that most of her estate will be taxed at 40% when she dies. It makes no difference she simply wants to save as much as she can. She can't see the futility of her life I think it would serve her right if IHT was 100%. On the other hand I want whatever I leave my children to be untaxed.
  9. I know. It's a wonder I'm still alive, what with all the conditions I'm suffering from. Doctors have never correctly diagnosed a single one of all those life threatening conditions that a quick google throws up I'm suffering from or about to succumb to, and then...........................................................................................................................
  10. 18 year property cycle

    Exactly what Harry Dent has been predicting for many years. Recent interview I think he's right because I've just purchased some more shares!
  11. 18 year property cycle

    There you go: XLS Table 502: house prices from 1930, annual house price ...Your browser indicates if you've visited this link of house price inflation, it is not ideal. This is because movements in the simple average house price can ... 1950.00 1940.35 1951.00 2115.42 1952.00
  12. The Bbc Propaganda Thread

    Specsavers, Boots and most opticians have free of charge hearing tests. I think that's what my wife tries to tell me whenever I turn the volume up.
  13. Lloyds reports highest profit in decade

    I doubt the price will rise much above that until the share overhang is gone. Of course they could just keep them for the dividend income. That would be too pragmatic and conflict with the political dogma.
  14. Donald Trump

    Isn't it made obvious from the headline on the BBC website this morning "Trump tries to explain remark about Sweden amid confusion" A more neutral phrasing would be to substitute "explains" for "tries to explain".
  15. sleepwello'nights, on 06 Dec 2008 - 4:37 PM, said: They are very good aren't they. I'm not surprised you keep them to read again. Have you thought about compiling them into a book. Have a word with "Wish I could afford one" he'll give you some tips on how to publish. His book is very good by the way.