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  1. Ask them.
  2. The one next to my mum in rural midlands will maybe take his new wife and three children with them. He doesn't work. She is trained as a doctor in her home country but hasn't worked here as one as she has had two children in fairly short succession and hasn't finished whatever the conversion course is. She was doing cleaning work. Three less kids in overcrowded primary school. 5 less people registered at doctors 1 gravid female less in maternity. Less translation services for NHS. One empty council house. Less tax credits and CB, HB paid out.
  3. The guy is a fan of 'rich dad poor dad'.
  4. Ask for a day pass to the outside world.
  5. Read something today that said something about buildings out of favour with real businesses can be turned into gyms!
  6. Researchers from deCODE, a genetics firm in Iceland, found that the genes that make people predisposed to spending more years in education became rarer in the country between 1910 and 1975. At the same time, the presence of more ‘education genes’ in a person means they are likely to have fewer, if any, children. As a result, scientists proposed that the education genes had become rarer precisely because well educated people had contributed less to the gene pool.
  7. Not good for the blood pressure really to start looking at that sort of forum.
  8. write an ebook that will sell like hot cakes.
  10. Write something that sells. :)
  11. its ok BMW can sell to the british though..? I mean its not as if the UK is leaving the EU or anytuhgn
  12. " A combative Jeremy Corbyn has said he welcomes the tough byelections triggered by the resignations of two Labour MPs as an opportunity to challenge the government. " Richmond By-election result Yes, the Richmond one certain did that. Party Candidate Votes % ± Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney 20,510 49.68 +30.41 Independent Zac Goldsmith 18,638 45.15 -13.06[n 1] Labour Christian Wolmar 1,515 3.67 -8.67 Monster Raving Loony Howling Laud Hope 184 0.45 N/A Independent Fiona Natasha Syms [63] 173 0.42 N/A Christian Peoples Dominic Francis Stockford 164 0.40 N/A One Love Maharaja Jammu and Kashmir 67 0.16 N/A No label David Powell 32 0.08 N/A,_2016
  13. At the cost of £100,000 seems an expensive way of doing it.