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  1. I wonder how early they go to print.
  2. They have skin in the game via the equity loan for Help to Buy Bail Banks. I did a Freedom of Information Request Autumn 2016 and the Treasury had made £22m on houses re-sold at a profit compared to -£1m on those re-sold at a loss.
  3. I'm struggling to see how they would separate that out. There's been a lot of press about printing money helping the wealthier get wealthier. How can printing even larger amounts not have some also go to welfare? Without it democracy might fall apart because there would be rioting in the streets as benefits would be plunging in real terms. There has to be helicopter money to the masses to keep them appeased.
  4. Martin Lewis says interests will rise

    Maybe he wants a better rate on his savings? 2012:
  5. Half of UK adults are financially vulnerable.

    "Half of the UK population are financially vulnerable with one in six people unable to cope with a £50 increase in monthly bills, according to a survey of Britain’s personal finances by the City regulator." FCA saying an interest rate rise would hurt too many people? Spot the BoE overlaps..
  6. Don't forget about the deferred Help to Buy Bail Banks debt. The 40% in London and 20% in the regions won't count as mortgage debt will it? It's an equity loan.
  7. So the toothless MMR, having no maximum mortgage term, is merely extending it until the computer says 'Yes'?
  8. Might be: Total unique homes for sale found:488,347
  9. Rightmove? Aberdeen Solicitor's Property Centre has over 4,000 properties on using Aberdeen +10 miles
  10. No mention of CGT? Dividend payments replacing PAYE.
  11. It goes with the job. Mervyn King's denial was high rewriting history in 2012: This was the BoE cutting rates to a 55 year low in 2003 when annual HPI was over 20%
  12. Trust councils....? If that's the only hope it's hopeless.
  13. Cheer me up

    Stop digging that hole
  14. Cheer me up

    That's a poor effort. Kicking a person when they are down and asking to be cheered up!