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  1. I'm hoping for a London Evening Standard expose about Russian Oligarch's and any political donations
  2. I forgot to post it was from 2010 but even though it was old I thought it was a good piece and gave food for thought re rising costs of carry etc.
  3. OK. Contango and the real cost of carry
  4. I thought contango was caused by the difference in current and future price not storage costs. From the link I posted:
  5. That seems like price fixing, you can only sell to institutional investors at dirt cheap prices below the NAV of the ETF? Could still being underwater also relate to contango
  6. The governbankment is just a transfer mechanism between the public and banks/corporations. £30bn short and Help To Buy bails banks and the Persimmon boss walks away with a £75m bonus? 80% tax on income/bonuses over £10m might help stop the cronyism cut the deficit?
  7. I met the owner of the farm cottage(s) and he was a really nice chap, who couldn't do enough for them. Even though they were hardly paying any rent and must have lived there retired from the farm for nearly 20 years.
  8. I had a family member who lived just up the road for many years in a tied cottage. Just had a look and if not this house, it was in this row not bad for a farm hand?
  9. Wage inflation

    Low unemployment and strong demand for more workers means companies are increasingly forced to pay joining bonuses of 15pc or 20pc of salaries to entice new recruits.
  10. "I don’t see why those that had the historical misfortune to be at university during the £9,000 period should be burdened excessively"
  11. Pension time bomb

    At £24k you can do your own thing but consider that once your pot hits £30k you are forced to pay for advice. This advice isn't cheap and the smaller the pot the less IFA's are interested in doing it. You can ignore the advice but some firms won't go against it. For example say you want to move money to an existing SIPP at Hargreaves Lansdown to draw it down, if the paid for advice is leave the pension where it is, HL won't accept the money (AJ Bell currently will).
  12. Pension time bomb

    Now there is pension freedom as people withdraw money the pot left to generate income will be producing less and less income. Obviously there will be less pensions to pay but if a scheme is badly in deficit at some point surely it has to go bust? It could come to a choice of the firm whacking in huge amounts into the pension repeatedly to cover the deficit, or whacking up executive pay to take what they can now and letting the firm go bust.
  13. Pension time bomb

    It's worse than just the state pension promises? I've got a pension statement from a deferred scheme and in the past year it's dropped from 69% solvent to 65%, £960m in the red. Then they go on to 'what happens if the company is unable to meet it's commitments' and suggest the Pension Protection Fund will largely pay it. That PPF is going to have to be bottomless?
  14. LIBOR is soaring.... again

    A 5% to 0.5% would be -90% so a slash. 0.5% to 0% is -100% so that must be a slash? Two countries are negative already.