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  1. Start shopping at Aldi and then put 25% of the bill in a jar.
  2. Unemployment at 42 year low

    The BoE gives the governbankment back all the interest/coupon on the gilts it buys. That must be about 40% of the governbankment's debt interest 'free'
  3. One of those build your own blogs That was in this thread that also has links to similar threads on here
  4. Two part program here about UBER in India, driverless lorries, how technology will wipe out jobs, etc.
  5. Maybe JRM would benefit from lower stamp duty if he increased his rental portfolio? His register of interests now states a rather vague, is it a house worth over £100k and/or rental income Before the MP excuses scandal we got a more detail about rental income that has since been phased out. JRM also sees no need for rentals to be 'fit for human habitation' as he voted against it. When asked why he perhaps saw no reason why he had to justify himself to plebs. Jacob Rees-Mogg Has yet to respond.
  6. House Price Obsession Website

    The 'age' as 'new' is often incorrect when I know the house should be 'existing'.
  7. House Price Obsession Website

    The estimates are off the top of the scale but seem to reduce with the sales over the years, is that a bug and they are displaying in the wrong order? The 1999 estimate is miles higher than a 2016 estimate and both higher than the 2016 sold price.
  8. It was tongue in cheek about the bankruptcy but when markets are at all time highs, it's got to be tempting to think they might go lower before they go a lot higher. Taking the S&P 500 at a current 2465 Say you short it with figures in mind of say 2065 or -400 pts or -16% 3465 or +1000 pts or +40% At say £50 a point you would betting £50,000 at 2/5 or 1.40 to win £20k, that it hits 2065 before it hits 3465 (excluding charges) I am not a financial advisor, DYOR etc.
  9. I think you should go for it - ALL in. The best time to buy assets is when asset prices are low and rates are high, as rates decrease assets should increase The worst time to buy assets is when asset prices are high and rates are low, as rates increase assets should decrease At the moment we have record high assets and record low rates. So you borrow a lot of money at a low long term fixed rate and short the S & P 500 If it all goes pear shaped the UK isn't a one of the worst places to go bankrupt.
  10. Help to Buy - Freedom of Information Request

    A strange FOI update that doesn't add up. October 2016 the HCA said 4051 bought using the scheme had since been resold. 122 at same price, 420 at a loss of £1m but 3509 resold at a profit, giving an overall profit of £22m August 2017 the HCA say 3835 bought using the scheme have since been resold (how can it be less?) 599 at a loss, 3236 at a profit. Notice none at the same price! Overall profit now £19.9m. So still in profit but £2m less than last October. If anyone else wants to try obtain some figures, it's from here:
  11. The means testing didn't include their largest asset. Just because housing benefit is wrong doesn't mean a lesser wrong is right?
  12. Need for the tiniest violin ever

    You could argue that equally applies to "owners" with a mortgage renting from a bank. I rent but feel free enough.
  13. Need for the tiniest violin ever

    I ignored the mortgage interest because unless I missed it, I didn't read whether paid it off early or still had it. Surely it's only a matter of demographics kicking in, before all private renters can buy their rentals at a discounted price from their landlord.
  14. How do I value a house?

    Hand your £250k offer to his girlfriend. She might fancy him having some cash to lavish on her and persuade him to push through a sale before he pops his clogs.