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  1. The Jarrow March started up near you. You could organise a Durham March down to London.
  2. Their incentive to make you work more hours for more years is higher rents and house prices.
  3. Daftdrop UK can be sorted on largest drop 'from first' price MAX&sort=asc&sortBy=pcFF A postcode could also be selected.
  4. Ed Norton got a nearly 50% off, paid $11.8m for one originally on at $22m Mel Gibson is trying unload a few
  5. I completely agree. There are more and more people looking at alternative ways or other places to live.
  6. I only asked "where are you going" not "can I come with you"! I have thought about a van (or a boat) and not ruled it out yet. If you start an HPC convoy I might apply later but I don't want to be accused of going off topic and turning DB's thread into another van thread. Though I do think some countries must be better placed than others and a potential safe haven is relevant to a collapse thread.
  7. You missed the best part off: "Thousands more households in danger of losing their homes after switch to universal credit as critical safety net is removed, banks warn" As if the bankers care about the people, instead of taking a loss on a forced sale asset. It's just a give us more taxpayer's money. SMI is another bank bailout. Bankers want it increased and to last forever, so they can lend more in the casino but get their losing bets repaid.
  8. Maybe some consolidation between firms will take place and profits could be made buying smaller firms bought out by larger ones? Links about Potash producers The UK has just edged the USA out of the top 10 Potash producers A bit about Polyhalite in the UK
  9. Is my compass faulty? I seem to have finished up in the Bitcoin thread.
  10. Aren't they trying to increase "productivity" by making our largest living cost i.e. shelter, more expensive? At 4.5x household income instead of 3x single income, it takes two workers instead of one. It all depends on whether they have enough believers in a system, that means you work longer for less reward.
  11. Halifax +0.5%

    It was just to show that house prices can rise with rates. Prices didn't fall because rates increased, they fell because a recession hit and credit dried up.
  12. Halifax +0.5%

    Oct 2003 the base rate was 3.5% and the Halifax £138k. Both increased until Aug 2007 when the base rate was 5.75% and the Halifax £200k. Base rate up 64% while Halifax up 45%. It's the quick buy while you still can bubble mentality. In a normal world shouldn't prices fall back when recession hits, unemployment rises and rates start dropping?