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  1. I was in the pub last week and a bloke was complaining about new houses being built in the field behind his house: "I don't understand who can afford to buy these houses they are so large and expensive" I told him that Help to Buy Bail Banks means banks will lend on those houses because if they are sold at a loss, the FTB loses their 5% deposit and our taxes cover up to another 20% of losses for the bank. At first he didn't believe it until someone else confirmed that it's really a bank bailout and doesn't help buyers because it has inflated prices. They said the 40% London scheme means that taxpayers are on the hook for £240k on a £600k property. Maybe every HPCer should tell 10 people ( and ask them to then each tell 10 people) all about Help to Buy Bail Banks? People don't seem to realise that it's their taxes that are going to bankers. At a time when the governbankment aren't supposed to be able to afford social care, etc.
  2. Maybe the proposed Nuclear Power station on Anglesey is seen as bad news for the tourist industry, so they are making more effort?
  3. OK thanks. I was thinking about it from a maths point of view. If prices fell by up to 50% on average, then surely it needed some decent properties above 3 bed semi to also fall by a large amount.
  4. Thorn, If you know a lot about NI, do you agree with Sour Mash's post in another thread? I was hoping some people got a decent property at a decent price but apparently not....
  5. No wonder the SNP lost so many seats: The SNP Government has imposed rises of between 7.5% and 22.5% on Council tax from April. These increases apply to the top four of the 8 bands.
  6. Add Scotland? Talking to a mate yesterday whose council tax has just gone up 600 quid this year. Some parts of Wales increasing council tax on 2nd homes?
  7. Lib Dems? They were in the coalition that brought in Help to Buy Bail Banks. I don't see any point in voting to remove one party from office, until their replacement might be better for me.
  8. What's to stop some people who weren't living there, now say they were, to claim amnesty? Family of actual residents etc.
  9. I think the young must have been duped voting Labour. Their only hope is forming a new "Future Party" to gain power and clean up our democorruptcy. No policies that don't favour their grandchildren so politicians look further ahead, right to recall, more severe punishments for thieving politicians et al, no party donors, no cushy consultancies after political office, more referendums, etc. etc.
  10. Must admit I'm still confused. You said "they agree on supporting their own house prices/investments with tax payers cash. Judging on GE result and the EU Ref the tax payers have other ideas". The thing is I didn't see anyone to vote for to change things in the GE. Are you pinning your hopes for change on Labour? In their manifesto they wanted the Help to Buy Bail Banks scheme to be extended to 2027 Their Shadow Chancellor wants our council taxes leveraged up for cheap mortgages for sub prime borrowers that banks won't lend to:
  11. I asked about the GE not the EU Ref
  12. Who did the tax payers vote for in the GE that gives you that idea?
  13. Her Chief of Staff ex-housing minister Gavin Barwell could be connected. If he can persuade her to extend Help to Buy Bail Banks he could become a made man.