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  1. Brexit What Happens Next Thread ---multiple merged threads.

    Seems the reported 50 or so Brexit impact studies will be of some significance. Govt. is resisting their release (which may be a clue as to their conclusions). Edit moves afoot to try and force their release:
  2. Is the Telegraph still going? They must have about 5 staff by now. Interesting being alive when it declined towards Express-like intelligence.
  3. Robert Peston's: Tory Party Conference 2017

    Agreed. Perhaps we are partly seeing the results of parties defending indefensible behaviour over many years- a cohort of senior MPs who feel (with some justification) politically indestructible. Pisspoor characters/judgement and unsavoury types to a man or woman, just gets to the point there are too many to deal with.
  4. Robert Peston's: Tory Party Conference 2017

    It's almost as if he/he and she (Shapps, Green & Stockheath) are untrustworthy. I still can't quite believe how his political career was not ended by those revelations.
  5. Robert Peston's: Tory Party Conference 2017

    Too funny it's Shapps doing the maneouvering, lest we forget his scammy software past. Whatever the 1922 committee internal party leadership system says about minimum numbers of MPs required to hold a leadership challenge is somewhat beside the point given May's majority is well below that number. If 30 are seriously considering supporting a challenge, that ought to be enough to sink her administration. We'll see...
  6. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    Sure, what I'm getting at is trying to get at is whether there exists the point at which the public pull back the curtain on the Cons and realise there is very little of substance there. An average of what, 200 members per constituency? And this is the Governing Party? Even the conference looks pretty desolate. Surely people are watching and wondering why on earth such a seemingly small group of people have control of the country? Greens have 45k members.
  7. Exactly. There's still a lot of Blairite/Brownite wreckage around, mind.
  8. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    Bit O/T but I Can't help but feel that the issue of FPTP and PR will raise its head again if/as/when the extent of the various parties membership/seat ratios is examined: Cons 1 seat per 300 members approx Labour 1:2,000 LD 1:8,000
  9. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    Kinda interesting to look at what is known about party membership figures(caveat:data from parties themselves) Lib Dems have never been higher, possibly ahead of the Conservatives now. From a few months ago, Lib Dems over 100k members: Labour 570k:, Tories...? Tortes can have a minimum of 60k fully paid up members in 2016 going on £1.5M subs at £25 each, but not everyone pays the full amount. Estimates around 100k. can wait for the 2017 membership subs figures to be released Conceivable that the Tories are the third party in terms of membership, average age of a member is 71. Have we passed 'peak Conservatism'?
  10. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    Yes, I was chatting to a 16 year old, and a (very?) rare beast at that- an ideological conservative. Radio was on, news bulletin led with May's 'appeal to younger voters' via tuition fee freeze /HTB came up. The young person (easily smart enough to go to uni) was of the view that it was good news. I think it was just a Pavlovian response to support a Con Govt, but a little bit of me died inside regardless.
  11. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    Exactamundo. What a shower.
  12. The anti PCP £500 Bargain bangers advice thread not within the limit of the thread but wondering if such motors represent some of the lowest £/hp available. It's not the cheapest advertised on the site either, and doesn't attract monster VED like '06 variants. I presume the fuel/maintenance bills are prodigious, but even then the engine is a VW iirc so assume some economising possible. Thoughts?
  13. Brexit What Happens Next Thread ---multiple merged threads.

    With jumbo defined benefit pensions, no mortgages and more cash coming in than their limited imagination can handle, I'm sure the Brexiteers I know will still manage to give the impression they are pissed off with their lot in life irrespective of whatever turn of events occurs. The joie de Vivre of an abattoir to a man. Really unimpressive cohort, shame as they are all extended family members.
  14. Could probably make an algorithm to adjust the rate on a daily basis for the ultimate technocratic solution. If it's political (!) then elected politicians should take responsibility. There's no reason why the MPC couldn't be formed from MPs.