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  1. 30% pay rises for NHS workers.

    Clever politics. Looks generous, but in fact will be clawed back by lower tax credits. The workers themselves will see no change to the money in their pocket each month.
  2. I'd say it's what we've got now, never mind the future.
  3. Wage inflation

    If the rumours in the papers are true then Unison is likely to settle on the government's NHS offer of 3% this year, 2% next and 1% the year after. But staff will have to give up a day's holiday. They might be fighting your corner, but it doesn't look like they're fighting very hard. My pay rise isn't due until April, but I'm not expecting much. I've shown my boss job ads for exactly the same job as me that pay more, but he's putting his faith in an independent 'benchmarking' exercise; trouble is, it was based on job titles in an industry with no standard on what those titles mean (publishing).
  4. NME

    The last issue I read was all about fashion and films. Very little about music.
  5. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    The restaurant at the top of our House of Fraser is the only part of the shop that ever appears to get any customers!
  6. Hey Prezzo

    ^This. I get Hello Fresh / Gousto too. Far better meals than you get in the chains for much less, plus the fun of cooking some interesting recipes. I only use the chain restaurants for work dos now. For a proper family celebration out it's down our local independent bistro.
  7. Boomers demand free stuff

    Toured the country on buses.
  8. Pretentious Job Titles

    My boss luxuriates in the title "Director of Knowledge". All knowledge reports to him!
  9. Making it yourself? How old fashioned. You're not doing it properly - you need to go to a hipster cafe and pay a tenner for it.
  10. The Mash nails it again.
  11. Yes, but what's Corbyn's position on transgender women? It's the burning issue of our age.
  12. The problem is the 'pull' of the benefits system, not immigration per se. Change it to contributions-based and many of these problems would sort themselves out - we'd probably still get immigration, but it would be people who could support themselves with a job. All of that was possible in the EU of course; no actual need for Brexit to sort out our immigration issues. But you won't hear politicians say that because that would be to admit they had the solution in their hands all of the time but messed up.
  13. Why is landlord doing this?

    Because it's fraud, the check out hasn't actually been done, and he's made up the list of damages himself?
  14. "More than a fifth were retirees struggling to pay off interest-only mortgages" is the really scary bit there.
  15. I remember reading a great scifi novel once where all the bankers retreated to Switzerland, there was a big war, and in the end they were nuked.