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  1. "More than a fifth were retirees struggling to pay off interest-only mortgages" is the really scary bit there.
  2. I remember reading a great scifi novel once where all the bankers retreated to Switzerland, there was a big war, and in the end they were nuked.
  3. The Brighton mega bubble

    (sorry, duplicate)
  4. The Brighton mega bubble

    If you live/work in the Southeast then buying a house stopped being a 'normal part of life' for most people (at least those who weren't already on the ladder by about 2005) for at least a decade. Two choices: wait for the bubble to collapse, or move out of the South,
  5. Dominic Raab - New Housing Minister

    He has the power to do something about tenant security, rented sector standards, landlord registration, leasehold scandals, new-build standards (bring back Parker Morris?), beds-in-sheds, letting agencies... He won't, though.
  6. Walk-in shower in the kitchen!
  7. Woman PC Fired For Not Being PC

    How was it a private social media post if a member of the public saw it and reported it?
  8. Badly written article. What the actuaries are saying is that NICs won't be enough to meet how much is paid out in state pension by about 2030. To fix the hole NI rates will have to go up by 5% - ie from 12% to 12.6% (*not* from 12% to 17%). Impact for someone earning £40k would be just £150 a year, not a huge deal really.
  9. Letting fee ban delayed until at least spring 2019

    Kicked into the long grass, like everything else even mildly controversial, while all the political focus is on Brexit. It's not going to happen.
  10. IHT is on the market value when probate is granted.
  11. I lived in London in the 90s too. It was a far nicer place back then.
  12. Big changes ahead for HMO licensing.

    Believe it when I see it. I'm still waiting for any sign of the promised letting agency fees ban to come in...
  13. Nicola Sturgeon has stolen your skiing holiday

    If you're both earning £150k you'll probably have some tax 'efficient' dodge going on. The ski holiday is safe!
  14. My brother bought a lot of art of the type you find in high street galleries - some originals, some limited-edition prints. When he died we managed to sell the originals via auction for about half the price he paid, but nobody would touch the prints. Truth is most art doesn't gain value except for a minority of artists, and even then only when they've been dead for a good few years. You should only buy art because you like it. Most of his stuff ended up shared out among the family and is hanging on our walls; the ones nobody likes are stored away in cupboards.