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  1. High Blood Pressure / Low Salt Diet

    The other things that may be amenable to change are booze and ciggies. Small amounts of alcohol can drop BP a little but regular binges will definitely raise it. Fags are definitely linked to high BP (as well as to scores of other nasties too numerous to list), so ditch them if you can. In any case, cigarettes finance governments and multinational corporations, so they must be bad for you....
  2. Unremarkable posters even reaching 10 years on HPC now

    It'll be 10 years in July, though I lurked for a fair while before that. Don't post much but read a fair bit. Still can't claim to understand some of it (well, quite a bit of it, tbh) as I've no training/background in finance/money whatsoever. My idea of personal finance when I started out was that I'd pay a reasonable sum for basics (roof, food, energy, that sort of thing), hopefully be left with a bit of "walking about" money in my pocket for the odd pint, but that mostly, the politico-corporate-financial complex would just f**k off and let me get on with my life. Amazing that that now seems utopian, isn't it? Was deeply suspicious of The Man before I ever came here. Like many on this thread have said, I've learned a lot from this site. Mostly, that if I met a politician whose teeth were on fire I wouldn't even p**s in their mouth.
  3. Carillion in Crisis

    Given the state of the country, it seems that Carillion sub-contracted running UK services to this government.
  4. Carillion in Crisis

    May stripped all the leaves off the magic money tree (you know, the one she said didn't exist) to bung the DUP over £1 billion. She might not care about the subcontractors' jobs but she made damn sure she raided the coffers to save her own.
  5. Carillion in Crisis

    Don't get me wrong. The last thing I'm doing is defending the likes of Carillion. Just saying that there's more to it than 1820s = £x and 2010s = £y.
  6. Carillion in Crisis

    The guys who built the Stockton & Darlington line in the 1820s probably didn't have to install computerised train protection systems, modern signalling, overhead electrification and associated infrastructure, or even flush toilets on the stations. Not that the public infrastructure companies aren't keen to rip off the taxpayer left, right and centre, but it's hardly a straightforward comparison.
  7. Carillion in Crisis

    They can't even get a bailout right...
  8. Carillion in Crisis

    Press release from Oxfordshire County Council - "We expect school staff will be in work as normal today but if this doesn’t happen we will provide school lunches to schools needing support, and the fire service are on standby to deliver them. We are confident no child will go hungry at school." Just the fact that firefighters are being seriously considered as replacement dinner ladies shows the level this country has reached.
  9. Read all about it...
  10. Wheel estate boom

    This sort of life isn't for everyone. It wouldn't suit middle of the road types.
  11. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Infants and young kids generally don't wear clothes out, they grow out of them, often frighteningly quickly. Hence the market for second hand, often barely used, children's clothes is saturated; go to any charity shop and there are racks of almost new kids clothes for sale for a couple of quid. So it's unsurprising that folk are less keen to buy brand new stuff at frankly ludicrous prices in places like Mothercare.
  12. Big changes ahead for HMO licensing.

    "To be honest, I've witnessed local HMO licensing schemes in action and in practice I think little will change unless as you say councils are given more powers of enforcement and actually bloody use them." Fixed that for you.
  13. Is Christmas killing productivity?

    In my experience the opposite is often true. I've worked in some places where it was worth paying some managers to be on holiday so that the rest of us could get things done unhindered by their terminal uselessness.
  14. "The payouts are linked to the company’s stock market performance, which has been significantly boosted by the government’s help to buy scheme." More here - Link.
  15. Leadership

    Yes, Farage could have been a fantastic leader. As an example, over the three years when he was on the European Parliament Fisheries Committee where crucial reforms were made to member states' fishing quotas, Farage failed to even turn up for no less than 41 of the 42 meetings, leading to Britain losing most of its fishing quota, causing massive damage to the British fishing industry. Which shows his contempt for British fishermen. What a patriot.