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  1. Northern Rock losers want their money back

    They're getting absolutely zero sympathy BTL in the Guardian:-
  2. The dodgy estate agent tactics

    Over the years I've noticed that loads of (potential and actual) buyers think that the EA is there working for them and simply don't understand that the EA works for the seller. After themselves, of course.
  3. The London housing bubble has finally burst

    That's not madness, it's stupidity. Madness is potentially treatable. Stupidity you're just stuck with....
  4. Not really containing any stuff that's going to be news to folk here, but more and more it seems to be going mainstream.... From today's Guardian...
  5. Capital Gains Tax and MEWing

    That would explain the posters in the windows of the local branch of Your Move EA - "There's never been a better time to Buy To Let" Yeah, right....
  6. Load of old claptrap

    Indeed it does. Mainly because the kitchen looks like it's equipped with the kind of refrigerated drawers they have in the morgue.
  7. Jumpers...

    Couldn't care less about Fergus. OTOH, it's massively unfair on the poor train driver.
  8. The one that got away...

    It's neither. It's two lines of Xmas lights (clad in fake greenery) strung across the street. Goes with the Xmas cards you can see hung up in the kitchen picture. That's Xmas 2015, of course.
  9. Irony

    An organisation that tells you you are 14th in the queue and then plays you a wonky tape of crappy muzak will also tell you that that's because "your call is important to us..."
  10. Should there be a mimimum bedroom size??

    Where the hell do you store anything?
  11. "Starting to fall"

    Main Stream Media
  12. British Gas to put up electricity bills by 12.5%

    British Gas is part of Centrica, whose Chief Executive is Mr I Conn. Says it all...
  13. Well, 1-in-5 is a start I suppose....
  14. Sad news about estate agents

    The Mash leads with this story...
  15. The one that got away...

    I'm not sure that's always the case. About 3 months ago we enquired about a place that had been on the market for over a year and a half. When on the phone to the EA I said that if we viewed and were serious about buying we would definitely be looking at well below the "offers over" price. The EA said that the owner had recently told her that, as prices nationally had risen over the year and a half it'd been sitting unsold on the market, he'd now only be considering offers considerably in excess of the asking price, to stay in line with the national trend. When I pointed out that maybe, just maybe, the reason why no-one had bought it was because it was over-priced in the first place, the EA sighed, agreed, and then muttered something along the lines of "that's what I said to him months ago but there's no telling some people..."