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  1. The Chinese are a low-trust society who mostly don't give a crap about each other, and rarely give a crap about anyone who isn't Chinese. They're quite happy to treat their people as cheap slaves to Western business in order to get the factories to move there, and push crap like 'Global Warming' that makes business far too expensive and difficult in the West, thereby encouraging them to move there. Nor do they care about robots taking over the jobs, because the 1%-ers plan to be far from China by the time that happens. If you think that's a good plan for Britain's future... well, you probably deserve what you get.
  2. I'm way more Canadian than most of the Brits I know here, though I've yet to buy an SKS[1] or shoot a wild animal and stick its head on my wall. Most of all, though, I don't try to tell them what to do. I certainly wouldn't try to bring over all the same old crap that has wrecked Britain. And I'm firmly in favour of Western Canada seceding and building a wall before the Liberals fleeing the policies they've imposed on Ontario flood us. Edit: But, yeah, I also firmly agree that Canada should cut off all immigration from the UK. And pretty much everywhere else, for that matter. And if they tell me I 'have to go back', I will. But I doubt that's going to happen, because I'm far more Canadian than an Ontario Liberal. The Prairie-dwellers would ship all them home before they asked me to leave. And after seeing some post-election Facebook posts from friends who moved to America on H1B visas years ago, I'd say America should cut off all immigration from the UK, too. They have plenty enough SJWs of their own, and don't need to import any more. Edit2: I would also argue that Britain would have been much better off if emigration had been much more difficult and prevented the Brain Drain. If we couldn't have moved to countries that better suited us, we'd have to have worked to make Britain a better place, instead. It's become a seventy year eugenics experiment where a large fraction of the smartest kids are removed from every generation, and I think that explains many of its problems today. [1] But I did look at them in the Boxing Day sales.
  3. A rich globalist who doesn't believe in Britain as a nation? Migrating Londoners will do to Britain what California is doing to America, and Ontario is doing to Canada.
  4. "Star Wars - The Last Jedi"

    The Disney SJWs don't want any connection to the original movies. They made these movies with the sole intention of destroying everything good about the originals. Destroying good is what SJWs live for.
  5. Some of us remember the 70s. Besides which, Corbyn is just another lefty pushing 19th century solutions to 21st century problems. He has no more idea of how to deal with a world of robots, AI and local manufacturing than any other major politician in the UK. They're all utterly worthless for the post-industrial world we're racing into.
  6. Donald Trump

    For the same reason he'd pretend to be about to nuke North Korea. Because it works.
  7. I have an easy solution to that. I don't travel to shitholes.
  8. The marriage rate is gong to explode pretty soon, with the arrival of AI sex-bots with artificial wombs.
  9. Nanny state considering more compulsion.

    You think there are no bad consequences when a cyclist pulls out through a red light in front of a perfectly law-abiding driver and ends up as a red splat on the tarmac? That the driver will just wash the blood off their car and forget about it in a few minutes?
  10. We're pretty much there. Last time I had to move my desk I threw out all the paper I had in the old one to save carrying it to the new one, and I now have three pieces of paper on that desk. One of which is just a form I'll fill out and stick in a filing cabinet. I still have to produce a lot of 'print' documents, but most just get saved as PDFs and emailed to customers.
  11. Nanny state considering more compulsion.

    Tell that to all the pedestrians who have been knocked flying by some asshole cyclist. Shortly before I left the UK, I was almost hit by one racing through a 'pedestrianised' shopping street with a kid on his handlebars. If I'd stepped out onto the pavement a split second earlier, I'd sure have been suffering the consequences.
  12. Nanny state considering more compulsion.

    Have you ever seen a British cyclist who doesn't go through red lights?
  13. RIP lawyers

    Don't forget doctors. Pretty much any job that's based on knowing things rather than doing things is going to be obsolete before too long. Particularly those were the workers have been able to artificially increase their wages through regulation.
  14. I've received two of these asking me to reply within 30 days. First one arrived 28 days after it was sent, second one arrived 40 days after it was sent. Since I replied to the first one, I've no idea whether they really want me to send them exactly the same information again, or whether it just weeks to get back to them. Completely useless, the lot of them.
  15. women as victims

    I believe you'll find it's called 'testosterone'. Historically speaking, it's one of the main things that has made men sign up to fight.