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  1. Indeed, it's all very well to mock religious extremists, but my sources suggest that their direct line to God is bearing fruit and soon we can expect them to deliver an asteroid direct hit. Besides, I don't even get your point. Is it that we should pay greater attention to the unpredictable? I don't recall you or anyone else saying the same about Grenfell Tower. In fact folks said that it was silly to go putting in too many safety features (wot, like "one"?) cos life is full of risks anyhow. Surely, if a risk is predictable and already claiming lives, that makes it a much better candidate for preventative action. PM2.5s are thought to claim ~38,000 lives prematurely pa in the UK, and it's estimated that maybe 2/3rds of these come from that retrograde affectation, the wood burning stove. If you are worried about loss of life, would that not be a good place to start? So how much media attention have the deadly affects of wood burners attracted vs terrorism? Look at it that way, and it's pretty obvious why folks think the MSM are doing a decent enough job informing us of the problem of terrorism w/o them chipping in as well.
  2. Heating went on tonight

    Thing is, if you have a room thermostat, adjusting the boiler thermostat is an unlikely occurrence. You are likely to set a singular setting. That is unlikely to be optimal. I don't have a condensing boiler. I have a combi which I can easily service. But the story is the same really. Condensing boilers need a cool return to condense flue gas efficiently. While combis don't attempt to recover extra flue gas heat, operating them for higher flow temps means higher burner pressure for longer, so again, more wasted flue heat. When it's warmish, combis can be operated with lower flow temps. But that is a situation one is unlikely to bother with if one has a room stat. Which is a good reason for not having one.
  3. Heating went on tonight

    Yeah, I figured that out. It's probably why I've always avoided a thermostat. They just don't operate the way I want them to. I prefer to control the heating water temp.
  4. Heating went on tonight

    I doubt it. Tho I could well be wrong. Pumps generally work even when your heating system is not calling for heat. That way cold rooms don't just sit there with prematurely chilled radiators, whilst warm rooms sit there with warm water in their radiators. By continuously circulating the water, temperature is balanced throughout the house (give or take thermostatic radiator valve discrepancies). Only then does a whole-house thermostat make sense.
  5. Heating went on tonight

    Methinks you are running your pump unnecessarily, but maybe the 22 degs is an indication you could not really give a stuff about that! If you could just find somewhere else to go for a couple of months extra, you could do w/o a heating system period, or for that matter your entire house!
  6. I'm a "6". How stupid am I? Don't answer that. The fact is, in order for these sites to be most useful (ie easy to use, meaningful), we are more or less obliged to enter our real world data in its entirety. I have long maintained that more convenience automatically means less security, and vice versa. I'm beginning to wish I'd listened to myself in respect of aggregators.
  7. Not just tube bucketing and hacking of course. We also have a "I'm bored by nuclear war" thread, not to mention a human rights thread that met with blanket indifference. The way I see it, if you aren't worried about nuclear war, why worry about this? I neither live nor travel to the large metropolitan centres. They are all chock-full of alt-lib, open-border, remainers anyhow. If they wanna be blown up, I say live and let live (or die). I'm sure they don't want me telling them what's good for 'em. Wot? (Many a true word, tho)
  8. Heating went on tonight

    don't you have a 'summer' setting?
  9. Heating went on tonight

    Winkie is slipping:
  10. Inconsequential Things That Annoy Me Intensely

    People who tacitly or otherwise imply you aren't 'keeping up' in drinking situations. They obviously have a drink problem, but seek to deflect the blame, by pretending there is some merit in needing to spend more to loosen up. Please, keep me out of your sorry addiction. Same can be said for sugar addicts, who require several applications of sugary condiments to their food. Don't you know how much ketchup you need, or are you just embarrassed to put it all on in one go??
  11. It was a burning bucket. MSM was all over it. Rayworth was on the spot. Forensics had it taped off and were calmly taking notes on clipboards as the drones captured the first aerial shots. The area was crawling in armed response teams. I'm just not sure what we could have added. Personally I thought the Equifax hack was a much bigger deal. My thread barely registered. And what is being done in response? Have the MSM reported it here on "the six"? Have forensics taped off Equifax UK offices? Are armed response teams securing Equifax and closing in on the hackers? If you are looking for a story that needs a bit of rabble-rousing, I'd suggest that would make a better subject.
  12. Latest. Good news is we've taken 3 whole zeros off the impact: Equifax hack puts data of 400,000 UK customers at risk
  13. Heating went on tonight

    Here on the South coast we have it pretty warm by comparison w/ most of the country. But I would not be bragging about open windows. Humidity is 70%. Bet your house humidity is more like 40% if you've been careful. Why would you want to up that? 'Course, if you are opening your windows at night and closing them in the day, then you are doing the right thing (night air is drier and your interior will be warmer than outside, so there's less chance of air condensing within the house). But I'm guessing you are not. Got plenty of neighbours who complain about damp issues. Funnily enough they all have their windows wide open in the daytime - you know - "to dry things out". Sure.
  14. C'mon you lot. Wake up! This is a non-thread. Mark Carney told us that the pound had fallen because we were going to have a Brexit: Bank of England blames falling pound on Brexit fears But yesterday the pound surged. Implication? Clearly, we are no longer going to have a Brexit, so this topic is moot. Here's the Beeb's take on it. Edit is courtesy of M Carney Pound jumps as Bank of England hints at rate rise Brexit called off.
  15. Rory Cellan-Jones reveals our total impotence, and by "our" I mean me, you, Rory, the BBC, BT, the Information Commissioner, the whole bunch of us: Equifax and the UK - what’s going on?