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  1. Here's a good quote from Axact: You gotta hope these guys are full of it, otherwise that's one helluva lot of unqualified IT professionals. Also I was asked on another thread what the diff was between a graduate from country x and one from country y. We now apparently have the answer when it comes to 65% of those from Pakistan! On the other hand, it seems that one full quarter of UK undergrads now receive a 1st. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the need to wave a big enough carrot to fill all that new student accommodation and rake in the cartel-controlled £9k pa. "Education, education, education." said Tony. I'm not even sure what it means anymore.
  2. You seem to have mistaken me for DJT, Why else would you go putting words in my mouth? Or do you do it to everyone?
  3. swapping cherries for houses

    Not sure it is. Surely, for every person who thinks this story is a sign that something must be done, there will be some house seller who says "Lower my asking price? Are you kidding? There's girls who would give their virginity to own this place!"
  4. Oh look, you gave my words a trendy pejorative name. And you fool yourself that is equivalent to a well structured argument. You have lowered yourself to Trumpian name calling (he was so chuffed with the pejorative "fake news" he 'bought he company'). If you wanna call me a liar or an apologist have the guts to say so. Meanwhile I have an answer (amongst many) to Trump's supposed "why are so many coming here from sh1thole countries" question (yes, there is a slim chance it was a genuine question after all!): U.N. appalled at 30-year sentence for woman under El Salvador abortion law The prisons are full of these women: They have poverty, corruption and crime coming out of their ears and this is what authorities choose to do. I'm gonna go out on a limb and call that a sh1thole country. Now stop hiding behind your trendy pejoratives and call me a racist.
  5. When I first heard about this, my first though was "cheating barstewards". My second thought was "both parties are playing fast and loose with people's lives". My third (the extortion bit) was "these fake diploma guys have the perfect business model". My last thought was, why oh why can't I be a psychopath. Seriously, anyone with no empathy should be a billionaire, no excuses. PS : another sociological aspect to this was the willingness of a son to tell the press his deceased father had used a fake degree for twenty years. Why did he think it was okay to rat on a dead guy, let alone his own father ( who has no chance to defend himself)? Weird world.
  6. Bronchiolitis

    Apparently really common, and usually over by the twos. Other than to wish your grandson a speedy recovery, given the recurrence, you might want to pursue with your GPs a new notion that fevers might not be something to be suppressed in every case. There is some suggestion that a mild raising of body temperature stops viral replication. Probably at your grandson's age, it isn't something you'd like to "experiment" with, and to treat any fever discomfort accordingly. But there is a suggestion that lurching for the paracetamol at first signs of a slight fever might not be the best course of action. You might wanna read up on it. Either way, be led by your medical practitioners.
  7. swapping cherries for houses

    Click bait, surely. Whether it's Metro's or hers or "Elite Model VIP" click-bait, I can't be sure. Most likely the latter. Probably a nice bit of marketing. She'll flunk the virginity test, guaranteed. But by that point everyone will know where to buy upscale whores. You have to ask, if Uber is actually a taxi firm, why are escort agencies not brothels and therefore illegal? As for the bids, they are probably staff at the escort agency, bidding her up. I can't see any reason why anyone would pay that much just to make a girl bleed. The world is awash with trafficked virgins. My guess is a few hundred would seal the deal in most cases.
  8. That's just politics and political cycles. By contrast, El Salvador won't be helping out Haitians in any meaningful way any time soon: possibly never. And even if they did, what would their own people think? What could they provide? Just look at Rohingyas in Bangladesh or Syrians in Lebanon. Are those the kind of conditions you'd want to seek sanctuary in? - matey
  9. Aussie flu

    Docs now given green light down here to use anti-virals (ie it's bad). But did you know that transmission by droplet is most efficient in dry atmospheres? If you want to stop airborne transmission you either need 100% relative humidity, or a well hot (30C) temperature. The research suggests that droplet transmission occurs either outside, thanks to low temperatures, or inside, thanks to dry (centrally heated) rooms. Of course, air-droplet transmission is but one vector and maybe not that important, but the findings are imo surprising.
  10. America belongs to Americans. They can do what they like with it. If they want a wall, that's their prerogative. They've built a successful country. When a disaster happens, like in Haiti, they have the ability to grant victims leave to remain in a relatively safe environment. I think it's a good thing that such places exist. Presumably you would be happier if El Salvador offered Haitians refuge? A lot of guff is talked about open borders, especially by the privileged metropolitan elites. It suits them. Up to a point. And then they want the area gentrified. And pollution cut, whilst still using their wood burners. Meaning less traffic. So that means closing the road. You know the thing: a gated community. With a big wall. A big, beautiful wall.
  11. See, for me the pejorative is the main issue. Countries can and do close their borders, even selectively. People accept it. Look at the European Union. But using pejoratives about countries from which your own people originate: that's right out there. Why do it? How would it be received amongst naturalized Americans? I'd imagined it to be akin to telling a mouthy mother her child has been disruptive in class (mother screams libel, storms out, but back home gives the kid an earful cos she knows the teacher was right). I classed it as being a typically Trumpian statement: something everybody thinks but nobody is willing to say. You make the point that migration from "sh1tholes" can be a win-win situation. But let's not get carried away with the idea that tearing oneself away from one's roots is always a win, just because you get to live in a developed country and drive an SUV. Governments are failing their people all over the world. People can say what they like about America, about Trump. But those with a real grievance or under real duress vote with their feet. If that's the point he was making, it's well overdue. ... As to your use of the word "charity", I used "charity cases" in italics to indicate a special meaning, which I later explained as being related to America's charitable treatment of migrants coming from troubled countries. "Humanitarian" might have been more appropriate, but I wasn't sure ordinary people used or had a sense of what the term "humanitarian cases" means. "Charity cases" might not be right, but it at least gave the sense that these were migrants who were granted special dispensation to stay because Americans understood their plight. I now note that 'humanitarian cases' is a "thing" in US and Canadian immigration dept circles, and admit therefore this would have been a better term to use, at least for the benefit of those living across the pond.
  12. Punks Against Pollution.

    Whilst I sympathise I do wonder how much weight local politicians will give to petitions signed by people at the other end of the country. It raises the increasingly posed question: what actually can turn the tables once councilors sees an opportunity to meet gov targets / prove themselves as leaders / get their drive block-paved etc. The answer to that question, I suspect, is dirt, dug deep, and plenty of it. Anything else seems to be swept aside. Science, even that produced by the council's own advisors, is ignored or discredited. Guidelines are merely that. Law is side-stepped. And petitions and protest are worn down by attrition. Anybody successfully stopped anything? Thought not.
  13. Why do you keep asking questions about employment? I thought the issue was his use of a pejorative? The meeting was an immigration meeting. That's all I know. We don't even really know what he said. Let's assume he did ask why so many were coming from "sh!thole" countries, and debate that. To go further and assume the context is one hypothetical too far. To then assume an intended meaning is a hypothetical I simply haven't got debating time for.
  14. No, we are talking about the "sh1thole" countries, not just any poor countries. As the Independent says of two apparently identified countries: That's why I used the term "charity". Not because the people were specifically poor (though some may have been), but because they were offered TPS as a charitable gesture. I used the term "charity" to refer specifically to the US's charitable granting of TPS following major structural problems.So I'm afraid that statement misses the point. The corollary you constructed does therefore not apply.
  15. If only. Maybe then we could all take a well earned rest from his incessant tweeting.