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  1. women as victims

    Interesting post. I'm inclined to accept it as is, cos it rings true. I can also think of plenty of examples throughout the animal kingdom. Know of any empirical evidence to that effect? Also interested in the 'reversion to male behaviour'. Personally, I would never treat a woman in the same way I would treat a man. I wouldn't expect her to have to jump through the same hoops. That probably makes me sexist. But I just think the genders are different, and I think those differences should be celebrated, not expunged. Vive la difference and all that. We can toss about these quiche jibes, but people like me are what we would once have called chivalrous. I don't believe that quality makes me any less of a man.
  2. women as victims

    Oh, don't worry, I'm not expecting you to change. I merely questioned whether one should be proud to own such a psyche. If that is your definition of "mealy mouthed homina homina homina", then clearly, you are more than happy with how you think. Fine. Like I say, we are very different people. There's no need to get so upset with a challenge to your position. You and I are completely different. All that remains is the question of whether things change. That will depend on how society thinks - the majority view. You say you rely on these sorts to kill other people. You conflate an ability to fight in battle with the kind of subdued empathy that allows a bunch of naked males to behave the way the guys in question did towards an obviously uncomfortable female. I don't think that is fair to what I believe to be the average serviceman who signs up with a view to engaging an enemy. Indeed, fighting can easily be the most empathic thing to do: think of Srebrenica. Both then and now. How different things would have been and would be had the UN soldiers refused to stand down.
  3. women as victims

    Well, it's clear the "initiation ceremony" was not part of army protocol, so she had no reason to expect it. Moreover, if you, in your new job, suddenly became the focus of attention for 300 heavily built guys, wearing nothing but rubber gloves on their penises, would you call that "rough and ready behaviour"? 'Ready' for what? And how 'rough'? They put this show on for her "benefit" alone. Was that necessary? Would they have done the same thing for a new male recruit? You can paint this as "feelz", but what it really shows is a total clutz-like lack of empathy. If you are proud to own that kind of psyche, fine. We are clearly very different people.
  4. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    ... or that I found it interesting that somebody would find conspiracy theorist ramblings interesting. And here's something else that's interesting. The zero-hedge PCR article asked: I postulated that a 'lowly maid' might know her place around such a 'high roller' and not disturb his stuff / ask too many questions / get herself in trouble with said high roller by involving other staff. Turns out the answer is even simpler: To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, "once you eliminate the commonplace and plausible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable is likely to attract conspiracy theorists."
  5. women as victims

    Royal Ballet have now been dragged into sexual politics: Apparently objectification has been going on before their very eyes. Surely not. I'd like to know whether the journos making these claims have been accepting apples from strange serpents. How else can we explain such a Genesis 3:7 epiphany?
  6. There's the fingerprints of another boomer story in there as well: So tony is retired at 48. And they are helping with rent. Anyone else suspect over-generous public sector pension?
  7. Mining towns had some pretty high densities in their day (compared with anything else outside the capital). Now look at them. Density will only occur where people are willing to pay, and that means where there is work and credit. And where there is work, there is credit. Density without demand leads to crashes. Just look at the Spanish costas.
  8. hmm, the games rooms, saunas, kitchen-dinners, summer rooms, walk-in wardrobes, listening rooms, studies and ensuites I've seen in extended properties don't strike me as crisis easers. Just boomer play-things - which I should of course hastily add, and this goes without saying - are also "shrewd investments" (proberty innit).
  9. Well, whether you think this fake news or not, fact is Osborne's permitted dev changes resulted in a raft of bungalow conversions. The corollary was predictable: developers put in much higher bids for less developed properties (especially bungalows) knowing they could bolt on a couple of extra bedrooms and turn a profit. Street prices went up. Those yet to buy found themselves further away from owning than ever, as 2 bed bungalows became 4 bed dormas. And the 'upside'? Well, we've already discussed it on the "Isn't it great living at home with the folks" thread - at least that's how the gov will spin it. The sociological problems they are storing up are simply unfixable - just ask the Japanese.
  10. I made no judgment of the desirability or otherwise of any supposed changes, merely a comment on an unevidenced supposition.
  11. Not sure your headline fits the article, the thrust of which seems to be that some are already / see themselves as past the point of no return and will increasingly pressure government for reforms to the rental market. I do however acknowledge that government may well seek to remedy the issue by insisting older people are allowed mortgages.
  12. Why is this thread 'on topic' when the stripping landlady and krusty threads are 'off topic'? The mods are deranged.
  13. Osborne changed the planning rules over permitted development. You don't need a degree in architecture or planning - apparently.
  14. So ... just ... so ... .... can barely form the words. Like, is he being deliberately obtuse? Chancellor's Budget plan to let home owners extend height of property without planning permission
  15. Heating went on tonight

    That's not how sweat works unless you are really wet with it (it works by latent heat of evaporation). And that should not be happening in winter.