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  1. Homeless professionals ( well teachers )

    As you will have an allotment, your wife will not be available to other allotment gardeners. That could be considered a silver lining. Also, she will be less likely to have a headache at bedtime.
  2. Now I'm wondering how many of my past memories are wrong.
  3. Fake or Just a Sign of the Times?

    I've bought two Napier shooting stick brollies as I had a brain fart and left the first one somewhere. Second one, five years later, was about the same price but I could tell that the bean counters had been at it. The build quality just wasn't as impressive as my first one. The small patch of velcro failed in less than three years. Easy enough repair but I would have been prepared to pay more if it meant getting the original quality.
  4. I can remember the initial tv ad campaign for Toys R Us. They were on some pc kick and wanted to show just how righteous they were. The ad I remember had an Action Man and a toy tank vainly trying to get into the store. Because they don't sell non pc toys. Wasn't long before the till beat ideology and they sold whatever toys people wanted to buy.
  5. Things that really worked.

    Hospital matrons. Usually a middle aged battleaxe of a woman that stood for no nonsense and even the doctors would be frightened of her. Her hospital would run like clockwork.
  6. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    The copper that withheld the texts should be named and shamed.
  7. If you don't earn the minimum wage (or more) in your first few hours of fruit picking, you are fired. There was never a shortage of fruit pickers before the minimum wage came in. Giving employers the duty to pay a minimum wage has removed peoples right to accept a lower wage than others might earn.
  8. Leadership

    A lot of people are mad as hell and sick of the status quo. They've voted for whoever is closest to being a real life Howard Beale. (Network 1976). Corbyn in the UK, Trump in the US.
  9. According to the Kondratiev Wave theory, prosperity comes from the ashes of capitalisms collapse.
  10. Best way to get rid of cheap wine?

    Using 6% - 9% abv wash/mash is standard practice for simple distillation so I know that diluting the wine 50/50 won't hurt. Also, I didn't want to get the blame for a ruined pan if the wine boils dry. Knowing when to stop the process is important and the slower it goes, the more control you have. With a faster distillation, the vapour will carry more alcohols of a lower boiling point. iow, not as pure.
  11. fwir, getting a degree in the classics gives a student a better understanding of economics than they'd get from an economics degree. Rise and fall of empires etc.
  12. Best way to get rid of cheap wine?

    Don't need lab equipment to make a bit of brandy, a wok and a large pan will do the job. Bottle of plonk and a bottle of water in the pan and the wok is used as a lid. Tricky bit is finding a heavy glass that will sit in the middle of the pan without floating off to the side. Stacked glasses can be used. Using a low heat and (optional) ice cubes in the wok, the alcohol will evaporate off and condense on the bottom of the wok. The distillate will then run down the wok and fall into the glass.
  13. In Jane Austens day, marriage was often a lousy deal for a woman but her other options could be even worse. Although marriage is now a lousy deal for a man, his other options are actually pretty good.
  14. afaik, they don't count in the UK. Where prenups are valid, a lot of people do them wrong. If the prenup is signed after the wedding date has been set, it can be considered coercion and the prenup is then void. IDS should be calling out women for initiating divorce because that's where the main problem is.
  15. Nanny state considering more compulsion.

    They get the msm to push maybe maybe stories and then gauge the public reaction. Maybe compulsory ID cards story. Everyone starts foaming at the mouth and ID cards don't get mentioned again for a decade or more. Maybe compulsory helmets for cyclists story, if not much in way of outcry, then it's a green light.