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  1. Pitchfork moments

    Painting in question: Mona Lisa + nude Mona Lisa: Boobs and facial hair aside, it looks like the same model.
  2. women as victims

    My first 'I'm a sexist!' moment came when watching a doc on WW2. Old Russian lady told of how she was called up and after doing fitness and aptitude tests, was assigned to be a fighter pilot. On an emotional level, that was so very wrong to me but to her, the Motherland was in danger and everybody had to fight.
  3. women as victims

    That's biology for you. With a group of women, a newcomer is automatically accepted. If she later proves herself to be not worthy, she is shunned. With a group of men, a newcomer is not accepted until he has proven his worthiness to the group. A mixed group usually defaults to male behaviour. The socks on dicks thing wouldn't have fazed a new male, so they would't have bothered doing that. What they have surely done, and will surely continue to do to new males, is stuff that makes them feel every bit as uncomfortable as they made her feel.
  4. Some occupations don't work as 'cards in'. You really want all taxi drivers to be officially employed? I've had quiet nights with only 3 fares in 5 hours. Who pays my minimum wage for those 5 hours? Those 3 sets of passengers or my employer? If it's the passengers, what happens if I then get a 4th fare? Do the other 3 get a rebate? If it's my employer, they're going to get my wages from the passengers anyway. Also, the taxi employer is registered for VAT and the drivers are not. So after adding to the fares to ensure minimum wage, add another 20% for VAT. When on the taxis, my clients were my passengers. I had a contract with the taxi firm where I paid them to provide work. I took it easy in my last year and only worked from 1am to 10am. No need to tell the company of my change in hours, it was none of their business because I was self employed and chose my own hours.
  5. Cholesterol

    Do they measure the cholesterol levels of people that have just had a heart attack? A database of that info would tell us how much difference the cholesterol levels really make. Maybe they already have those numbers but have decided not to tell us? When I was a kid, butter was the norm. My ma used margarine only for cakes as she preferred the results it gave. Then butter got demonised and margarine was considered the healthy option. Lost count of how times I got told how unhealthy I was for using butter. Mostly by fat burds consuming lots of low-fat crap that was loaded with sugar. Now margarine is demonised yada yada blah blah.
  6. Donald Trump

    They will also keep voting democrat for as long as the republican party exists and vice versa. It's a game of good cop/bad cop.
  7. Donald Trump

    I've seen this posted as a reaction to Saunders losing the democratic primary, Trump winning the election and now Trumps inauguration.
  8. With jumble sale shirts, I'd unpick the 'out of fashion' collar then sew it back up to give me a granddad shirt. Nowadays I order silk (yeah right) shirts from Thailand with a mandarin collar. Good old fleabay. When my eldest was about 6 or 7, there was a fad in his school for knee sliding. His trousers didn't last long. Boys grow so fast during puberty that there was always outgrown charcoal grey trousers at the jumble sales and dirt cheap. I'd unpick most of it and use a pattern to chalk out the new size. Making pockets and the waistband was a bit beyond my skills so I'd keep them as is, just cut out a section of the waistband at the rear. Once sewn up, I'd use an iron to steam out the existing creases and press the new creases in. He'd look really smart in them until the knees got holed.
  9. The NHS paid for Alan Carr's lung cancer treatment but he hadn't paid any ciggie tax for 23 years. Rinse and repeat a couple of million times with other ex smokers and there is a financial problem.
  10. women as victims

    A man that has/had lots of girlfriends is more attractive to a woman than an equally good looking wallflower guy. The woman that puts out for almost any guy is seen by many guys as a poor choice for marriage and starting a family. Underage guy gets laid by female teacher, his value goes up. Underage girl gets laid by male teacher, her value goes down.
  11. Calling the top

    Not just boomers but old people in general, it's always been like that. It starts with them owning a house and it ends up with the house owning them.
  12. women as victims

    The class system has an effect on penalties for criminal activity. A blue collar worker caught stealing similar amounts from their firm would end up in court and often be jailed but the fraudulent white collar worker only had to resign.
  13. women as victims

    I worked in various offices for a couple of years in the late 70s. Almost all of them had some tale of a fraud scandal. eg. there was a guy that never took any holidays since he started working there. About 10 years on, he got too sick to come in and the guy assigned to cover for him found discrepancies in his accounts. He'd been stealing cash every day. Like all the other cases, the police were not involved and the fraudster resigned. Some of them even got a reference. The thinking back then was that it would be adverse publicity for the company.
  14. I don't bother with the flu shots, if it happens, it happens. A friend of similar age get a flu shot every year and is then ill for a couple of weeks.
  15. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    Here's a theory I haven't seen mentioned: It's to do with his breakup. As we all know, some guys can become both violent and suicidal when dumped. Some of those guys choose to hurt their ex emotionally not physically. I know of a guy that hanged himself in front of his wife and she heard his neck snap. If he wanted to keep Marilou Danley completely out of it, all he had to do was change his will to her favour, or do nothing at all if he had already provided for her. No reason for her to leave the US, he'd been to Vegas lots of times without her. Police would quickly drop her as a person of interest and she gets on with her life. Instead, she finds herself in The Philippines just before the atrocity. Comes back to the US under the glare of publicity and gets dropped as a POI just as news of a $100k bank transfer comes in. Why $100k? Guy was supposed to be minted. Maybe $100k was just enough to keep her as a POI and really mess her life up.