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  1. Heating went on tonight

    I turned the gas fire on a couple of days ago. On the low setting and it will stay on until it warms up in March or April. The room will be somewhat cool over the winter but never cold, which suits me fine.
  2. Proper hpc?

    wsn03, how much would a future house price fluctuation after buying on the Island effect your standard of living? There could be hpi, unlikely, but if it happens, would you sell the apartment to cash in? If prices become static, no never mind. If prices drop like a stone after you've bought, is it just the thought of 'Should have waited' that hurts? With you wanting a bolt hole there, I'd guess it's a forever purchase. If you can afford a place that you want to end your days living in, then spend your money on getting what you want, when you want it. That way, future price changes are irrelevant to you.
  3. I want to learn about electronics

    You learn to solder by doing. Stock up on de-soldering braid and remove components from scrap circuits. Then solder them back in. With practice, you'll be able to remove and replace a component without the board looking like it got butchered. The older you are, the stronger your work light needs to be. For surface mount components, (smc) the easiest way I've found is to quickly give one side or corner a blob of solder to anchor it, then solder up the other legs. Return to the blob and fix it. As said, ready made electronics are dirt cheap these days. The way to go imo is to mod store bought kit or make stuff that isn't widely available. An easy mod for audio amps is replace the cheapo output capacitors with decent ones. Huge improvement to the bass. Similar with amplifier power supplies. In simple terms, all a sound system does is modulate the power supply. The smoother the voltage in, the purer the audio out. The TDA1543 chip is used as the base of many Non Oversampling DAC projects. A usb headphone amplifier is a worthwhile project imo. Even though many projects involve ICs, there is a lot to learn about how to decide which discrete components to use with them. I'm considering this as my next project but I'm a veroboard guy, no experience with Eagle files: [Lord Vetenari's Clock](
  4. Freddo- sanity

    Back when I was selling insurance/pensions, I used pints of lager as a unit of currency. I know that the price includes a lot of tax, but that tax is set to what brings the most revenue to the state. So a pretty good indicator of what most people can afford to pay for a pint imo. Made for an easier sale too. You invest 20 pints of lager a month into these funds...and when you retire...
  5. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Women practice hypergamy. They have to, our survival as a species depends on women practicing hypergamy. Taking that as a given, it then follows that any woman showing interest in you sees you as a potential prize. From that moment on, the game is yours to lose.
  6. If you don't mind rattles and squeaks, ime the motor that will give you the most miles per quid is an ex private hire car. Round here, a car cannot get a private hire plate after it's 8th birthday, so not that old. While a private hire car, they get an annual test that is stricter than a regular mot and little things, like a small tear in the seat fabric, have to be repaired. Similar for maintenance. Have your car fettled by the place that most of the private hire owner drivers patronise.
  7. SJW meltdown

    I read of a study done with new born babies, less than 24 hours old. The babies had a mobile hanging above them, either masculine or feminine, forget what was used for the mobiles. Surprise surprise, the baby boys gave more attention to the masculine mobiles while the baby girls gave more attention to the feminine mobiles.
  8. SJW meltdown

    Australian public sector tried blind recruitment but didn't get the results they hoped for: This got me thinking. In some countries, there is a law saying that we must not discriminate based on race or gender. Some of those countries also give penalties/bonuses (same thing) for not having/having enough staff of whatever gender or race. How can the second be doable while obeying the first? iow, if an employer always recruited blind, how can they be guilty of any discrimination legislation?
  9. I am completely speechless

    Parasites can have their uses. The problem is when society allows a certain type of parasite to flourish with very little benefit coming back. There is a tough slumlord family in this area. Not the kind of people you'd ever want to mess with. They take tenants on trust, no deposit. New tenants get told: 'If the rent is paid on time and the police aren't involved, you'll only see me when you want to see me.' The properties are poorly maintained, probably illegal in some ways but the tenants accept it or move. Some of the long term tenants are people that would have problems getting housing elsewhere, some have been evicted from social housing. They have no choice but to behave, otherwise they get a visit from 'The Management'. Slumlords living well because of HB? Yes. Parasites? Yes. Of some benefit to society? Yes.
  10. Donald Trump

    For all the mud thrown at him, he's still there. Maybe he really is an emperor with no clothes but so far, he is proving that the SJWs are as naked as can be. What happens to the SJWs as they get ignored more and more? Maybe they'll shout louder.
  11. I've lived on various estates with people that were always skint a day or three before payday. There are a lot of good people that make bad decisions. Those repeatedly making poor financial decisions end up really needing a loan once in a while. To those people, the Provi APR is virtually zero. If they have cash, it leaks away until it is gone. Booze, cigs, lottery, betting shops etc. They get a Provi loan and when the agent calls to collect, as long as the amount is reasonable, it makes very little impact on their life. A few less pints or lotto tickets, that's all. Between them, the borrower and the agent, over time, establish a workable limit of £x per payday. For somebody that is always going to be broke before their next payday, cash from a rollover loan is a windfall. It's their version of an income tax refund.
  12. She hates to be outbid as she is entitled to pay less than others. She must not sell for less than it's worth, that demeans her. She manages to get a vendor to do the dirty on her and she turns regular people into neighbours from hell. What's not to like?
  13. I order most of the small stuff I want from Chinese sellers on fleabay. Takes a few weeks to arrive but dirt cheap. eg a cute little 18w mono amplifier for 99 pence post free.
  14. SJW meltdown

    We could have a law that makes 'Stolen Outrage' illegal. Then, only Chinese people could claim racism over that episode of Sherlock.
  15. A Foot Long Sausage Roll for a Quid?

    Ah well, it'll have to be the bus then. Hope I get the timing right. Couldn't we stop telling people how to live their lives and just recover whatever resources their habits cost the state through taxation? If people drinking alcohol costs the state £x pa, then tax alcohol £x+y. Call it a hazard tax. A £10 bottle of spirits with say '85% Hazard tax' on the label. Tells the punter straight away how 'safe' the product is. How many buyers for that big sausage roll if were labelled '35% Hazard tax'?