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  1. Only recently I had an email from 38 degrees, who do petitions about all sorts, asking me to support one that asked for housing benefit to be INCREASED, to avoid hardship for tenants. The number of people who can't see the roots of the housing problem is astonishing. Still, good to see this on the Beeb! Need it plastered over the Daily Wail, Express, Telegraph, etc. next, not to mention the Evening Standard.
  2. Someone on MN recently said that she feels she can't go into Waitrose unless she's dressed a certain way. IIRC she said the same applies to Sainsbury's. Unless she's 'nicely' dressed it's Asda or Tesco. FFS! Re the tolerance for a-holes, or tolerance in general, I do find myself getting increasingly worked up about this and that, and the increasing number of people who just irritate the sh*t out of me. Only I usually try to keep quiet about it, or I'll start sounding like my mother. It only took one occasion for a daughter to say, 'You're starting to sound like Granny!' to make me aware of the need to zip it.
  3. Aside from S24, there is also the removal of the automatic 10% offset for wear and tear. In future only actual expenses can be claimed for, though I dare say plenty will contrive to get around this by hook or by crook, probably by crook.
  4. Yes, the Sunday Times is very bearish today. I particularly liked the saga of the woman who was advised to price her 'sprawling' North Oxford house for £9m, though it was valued at £8.4. She put it on for £7.5,m, subsequently reduced to £6.95m and then £5.95m - still no takers. Owner admits she has 'completely missed the market'. Elsewhere in Times property they are plugging the new development outside the Oxford ring road, towards Barton - which is the sort of place most buyers want to avoid. They kindly tell us that anyone who can't afford to buy within the university city can pick up a new 3 bed here for £595k. And very ugly boxy houses they look too. I'd have thought £595k decidedly optimistic for that area outside the ring road, but with Help to Buy still sloshing the money around, who knows?
  5. The Housing Crisis....100 years on...

    Not long ago we saw a play by GB Shaw, entitled Widowers' Houses, first performed 1893. It was about London slumlords, and IIRC questions of morality arose when a young bloke became very attracted to the daughter of a rich man - and not long afterwards found out how Daddy made his money. Going back a bit more, there is Tom-All-Alone's in Dickens - Bleak House?
  6. Heating went on tonight

    ...and for once it was Mr B, not me, who put it on. Hope he's not sickening for something - he's usually got his own central heating. Mind you he never will Wrap Up Warm like I do. It was decidedly chilly, though - what happened to Indian summers? I recall coming back from Greece around this time a couple of years ago and it was almost as warm as in the Peloponnese (sp?).
  7. IO, the next mis-selling scandal

    I'm sure there are plenty who won't mind admitting to being so stupid that they didn't understand, and will claim that nobody explained it properly. Or else won't mind pretending that they were too stupid to understand. The big question is, will it wash? It's rather different IMO from PPI, where the charges were apparently often added by stealth to the product. In the case of IO, it's the product itself. I can't somehow see the banks caving into to vast claims of mass stupidity, whether real or pretended.
  8. Daily Telegraph Living In A Fantasy World

    The Telegraph often strays into Fantasy-Land, and not just about Brexit. Or maybe it's more a case of Telegraph-journalist-land. In the past I've seen an article saying in all apparent seriousness how pleasant it is to entertain in one's garden, because one's guests can go for a stroll, take a dip in the pool, or enjoy a game of tennis. And another where a 'small' garden was described IIRC as being less than half an acre. Equally memorable was a piece about using up leftovers. The writer very helpfully told readers how to boil up six (!) lobster shells - the ones you were just going to chuck out after your dinner party the night before - to make a nice broth with linguine.
  9. The bears are well fed in Oxford..

    No, that's not the friend's flat. It'll be interesting to see what the 'tacked on' house eventually sold for. The first sold some time ago but I haven't checked yet. I see what you mean about the Kennet Road flat - would seem that agents are still pricing 'optimistically' to put it politely. It's a very convenient location for shops, transport, park and primary school, but still crazy for under 60 sq m.
  10. Did we really need telling the Eurocrats' views? The likes of Juncker want to see us punished hard for daring to want to leave, to make an example to les autres.. Can't have their empire diminished! I voted remain, but the likes of Juncker, and overpaid unelected gravy-trainers - Kinnock and Mandelson just for starters - certainly made me think twice.
  11. Calling everyone John

    I have heard more than once of autocratic Victorian/Edwardian employers calling every e.g. parlourmaid they ever had Jane or Sarah, either because they couldn't be bothered to remember their names, or because they thought their real names too 'fanciful' for a mere servant. It must have been very satisfying post 1914 for such servants to tell the old bags to get stuffed, they were off to work in a munitions factory, instead.
  12. It's a retirement flat, and they often sell at a loss anyway. People are put off by often very high maintenance/service charges, which still have to be paid if its sitting empty for months on end, after the person has died or had to go into a home. Anyone who needs the extra services these flats often provide would be better advised IMO to rent one.
  13. Some boomers get it!

    Several boomers I know (those I know well enough to have discussed such things) have passed all, or virtually all of legacies from their own parents to their children. Not quite what you meant but still skipping a generation.
  14. The dodgy estate agent tactics

    When my daughter bought her first house (no BOMAD) she got a mortgage quote from their in house bloke, found exactly the same deal online for about £300 less in fees, told the in-house bloke, and he said he'd match it. Worked well for her - whole deal wrapped up from offer to completion in 6 weeks, during which time she'd been paying through the nose for temporary accommodation, which was rather more than the mortgage.
  15. Is this news to anybody? I've heard for ages that retirement flats are often a bugger to sell - hanging around for ages while hefty maintenance/service charges still have to be paid - sometimes when they really need to be sold for care home fees. Much better to rent one, whenever possible.