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  1. Land registry UP again 0.4%

    Land Reg figures represent completed sales from around 3 months previously, so presumably they reflect offers accepted at least 2/3 months before that. So latest figures probably reflect prices agreed May/June, which is a while ago in MSM sentiment terms, I should think.
  2. Maybe they're not typical, but of the few cases of BOMAD I know of personally, none has come from MEW. They've come from savings and/or passing on much or all of legacies from their own parents. The children of only children have an advantage here. A BiL of mine was the sole heir of his parents, and of a childless aunt, so my niece and nephew have been particularly lucky in that respect.
  3. There is the bank of Granny and Grandpa, too. Not to mention widely differing amounts of family help. An ex colleague's two children had hefty trust funds from a grandfather who'd abandoned his own family early on - their dad had hardly known him. He left nothing to his own son, who was not well off and lived in a very modest house. The granddaughter, on the other hand, was able in her mid 20s to walk into an estate agent in an expensive part of SW London, and enjoy telling the patronising EA, who had evidently assumed that she wouldn't be able to afford anything on their books, that she was a cash buyer and looking to spend around £800k. (I've been later informed that her house is now valued at something like £1.2m) I could tell myself that it's not fair that we were not able to help our two to anything like that extent. I know we were very fortunate to be able to help at all, and that they were equally fortunate to receive that help. I don't begrudge the money in the slightest, but at the same time, for the sake of everybody's children, I wish they had not needed help to buy their nothing-remotely-special houses.
  4. M&S emailed me their Christmas ad with Paddington Bear the other day. I did idly click on it, but can't have been paying much attention, because all I could think was, rubbish! Why isn't Father Christmas dressed like a proper Father Christmas? Er, have since been told he's not Father Christmas, he's a burglar.
  5. They would all love price reductions, if it means there are going to be sales and money coming in, when for many at the moment there is eff all.
  6. We had a stack of all sorts, coins in umpteen currencies, inc. pre Euro, e.g. Austrian schillings from God know when, plus small denomination notes the banks won't take, like $1 bills. Some old UK coins, too. Mr B took a load of it to one of the machines at (I think) Oxford Circus underground, and came back with over £90. Just saying, in case anyone else has all sorts cluttering up drawers and cupboards.
  7. woman are far greater sex pests

    Tribunal was evidently a nightmare. I would hope that this sort of thing is comparatively rare. Glad to say I never heard from either daughter of any harassment during 2 BAs and one MA, whether themselves or friends.. And I know they'd have told us if there had been.
  8. woman are far greater sex pests

    I'm not disputing at all that you have been sex-pestered, but IMO it is a mite different when you, as a senior academic, were the one in a position of power. Isn't there still quite a bit of it the other way around? Or maybe not any more? It sounds so mild now, compared with current news, but when I was a first year student in the late 60s, and in a right old tizz about my first tutorial in a minor subject, I was startled to find my tutor barely interested in the essay I'd sweated blood over. He was probably mid 20s, with a mid Atlantic accent and evidently fancied himself rotten. 'Your essay was fine, I've given you a B - now, how's your sex life?' I was so taken aback, I think I could only pathetically mumble something like, 'Fine, thank you.' The climate was so different then - it didn't even occur to me to say anything to anyone more senior. I'm sure my daughters, many years later, would have given a totally different reply, if any tutor had risked asking such a question.
  9. BTL Tax Evasion - "Project Scare" is starting

    The deposit protection csertificate, which the LL is now obliged by law to give to the tenant within a certain period, does also have to give the LL's name and address. This applies whether a letting agent is managing the property or not. So in theory there is no reason why a tenant should not be able to give this info. However I'm sure there are plenty of scumlords who still don't protect or provide the certificate, and won't unless they think they are highly likely to get caught. It's high time there was some public service advertising on TV/radio to inform tenants of the LL's responsibility re deposits, and that they can claim (I think) 3 months' rent if the LL fails to comply. Edit to add, friend of ours was recently contacted directly by an ex tenant, via the info on the deposit protection cert., because he was having trouble getting the letting agent to refund his deposit, even though the LL had already agreed to it being returned in full.
  10. Oh, I see. Savills have predicted that London prices will grow by 7.1% from 2018 - 2022. From what magic crystal ball did they get that figure, especially the extra point one per cent?? Did they add that to make it look more 'scientific', and not as if they plucked a figure combined from thin air + wishful thinking? Truth is, IMO, they know prices are coming down, but can't bring themselves to admit it in blunt terms, and have to keep up the pretence that they have a better idea than most of what's going to happen.
  11. Anyone who says 'purchasing' when 'buying' would do just as well, is usually a bit lacking anyway, IMO.
  12. San Francisco Insanity

    It's been crazy for some time. My American niece went to Berkeley - her first job after graduating was in the Bay Area and she had a 2 hour commute each way because of the cost of housing. We went over for her graduation - maybe 4 years ago now - and some woman I met told me how her (working) daughter was living in what sounded like a very small studio flat - she said it was barely the size of a small hotel room - because of the crazy cost of housing. At the same time there were awful wildfires not that far away south, IIRC, in an area particularly prone to them, and a newspaper article said how for every mile you moved closer to SF, house prices went up by another X% (a lot).
  13. Hefty fines are best IMO. Prison costs the taxpayer a bomb. A suspended sentence plus fine is probably even better - into the slammer if you don't pay up.
  14. Yes, it's insane. HB bill was over £23bn annually last time I heard. Haven't asked or found out how much of that goes straight into LLs' pockets instead of into buying or building and maintaining stock.
  15. I've seen several shared-FH flats in London, but usually they're purpose built Vict/Edw. maisonettes, just 2 in the building, not in bigger blocks. There are a lot of these in many areas of SW London. If LH ground rent usually pretty low, if not peppercorn. Although there is a large, fairly high rise private block, 60s/70s, near us (Kingston) where they all own a share of the FH.