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  1. Evening Standard admits defeat!!

    I don't see the ES all that often, but a major source of their advertising revenue is surely the many pages of property advertising once a week. Which may well explain why a free newspaper has traditionally been a cheerleader for rising HPs. Not condoning, just saying.
  2. Also in today's Times, a fair sized article headed 'Criminal landlords should have their properties seized, say MPs.' Article bemoans the fact that existing council powers are rarely enforced because of insufficient resources/manpower. Though whether these are the only reasons for inaction is open to question. I would not like to suggest that any more dubious reasons are at all common.
  3. HM Land Registry - MOM -0.1%

    What are the annual service charges, I wonder?
  4. It would not have been benefit fraud. He was a senior volunteer CAB advisor for several years and I am quite sure would not have committed any fraud. I think it was probably a case of having to declare income, but not assets from which he wasn't deriving income. Presumably it's the system which is daft.
  5. Have to agree with you there. We had a rather older friend with mobility problems who got the council to pay half the cost of adapting his bathroom and other aids. When he died he left 2 houses paid for and over £1m cash. Mr B was an executor and we were startled to say the least - he'd been very tight and had always made out that he was verging on hard up. Why on earth he didn't have to declare assets as well as income when claiming financial assistance I don't know - the system is crazy. He was also one who stockpiled masses of free prescription items that he never used and were more than once all thrown away - literally dozens of them. It made me livid.
  6. Blimey, that's a bit harsh even for you. It's not as if she's a LL with half a dozen of the blighted things.
  7. One glass of wine a day shortens your life.

    Having seen so many years of dementia in two close relatives - my mother was in a particularly pitiful state for a long time before she finally died at 97 - I now have a Living Will to state that if I ever get dementia, or any other condition where I am both unable to care for myself and to speak for myself, then unless in the case of e.g. fractures, I emphatically do NOT want any interventions, whether medical or surgical, to keep me going when Nature might be trying to let me go. Palliative care only, thank you. I have seen and heard of so many cases of the very elderly with a very poor quality of life, being stuffed with medication every day to keep them 'healthy', in and out of hospital, on drips and antibiotics, badgered and pestered to eat and drink when they no longer want to - for what?? i have even heard of someone very elderly with advanced dementia having a pacemaker fitted. A relative given the option of that or doing nothing, asked what was the alternative was - answer was that the person's heart would probably quietly give up while they were asleep. I mean, WTF?? We were very clear regarding my mother - who had the constitution of a rhinoceros - that except in the case of e.g. another broken hip - she'd already had one at over 90 - there was to be no hospital and no interventions to keep her going if she seemed to be on her way out. Palliative care only. Luckily the care home staff agreed that this would be the kindest way.
  8. Price gone up after being under offer

    Whatever price they were hoping to get, offers were coming in at £10k less. Hence raising AP by that much.
  9. One glass of wine a day shortens your life.

    You only have to go and look round a care home or two - for this purpose a dementia home would be best - to realise that shortening quite a few people's lives would surely only be a good thing.
  10. In today's Times property section, the ghastly Anne Ashworth writes of the Halifax's 'optimistic stance' in reporting that house prices are at a record high. I really should stop reading her columns, though even the sight of her smugly self satisfied mugshot is enough to send my BP up.
  11. Talking of overpriced new builds, yesterday I had two emails telling me of 'price releases' (I.e. reductions) on newbuild flats in the area. I do love how they're calling them price 'releases'. Some FTBs alas are always going to be seduced by the shiny newness of 'stylish' newbuild show homes. Unless they have someone more experienced with them to point out that there's nowhere to put anything, I suspect it often won't occur to them. Though even if someone does point it out, they aren't guaranteed to listen, such is the power of 'stylish' shiny-new.
  12. Today is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!!

    Agreed - it shouldn't need butter! I hardly ever make proper Welsh rarebit though it's well worth the effort - but good old cheese on toast, with plenty of mature Cheddar, maybe some sliced onion or tomato or both, and lots of Worcestershire sauce, yum!
  13. If she's coming round to get the rent, it sounds as if she's demanding cash. Which means she won't be declaring it. Why else would you need to collect it in person?
  14. I love how it's always stamp duty and Brexit - never a mention of the elephant in the room.
  15. Whether they can make a minimum of 2 basic spelling mistakes per blurb.