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  1. Bronchiolitis

    Anybody else had much experience of this? I hadn't even heard of it until a couple of years ago, but my 18 month old grandson has just spent 6 nights in hospital with this bloody virus - it's the 4th time he's had to be admitted, though he was much younger for the first 3. We were hoping he was growing out of it - they are generally supposed to by about 2, so fingers Xed. Couldn't fault the NHS care - JR hospital in Oxford was fantastic yet again, and the emergency ambulance arrived within 10'minutes after he suddenly got worse.
  2. I don't think of Victorian terraces as necessarily being slums. The 'court' housing was much worse, umpteen families packed around a courtyard with one cold outside tap and one privy between them. There was a programme featuring those not long ago - maybe by the same bloke who wrote the article. One existing 'court' was shown as a historical relic, but most of them are long gone. The Vict. terraced houses in the programme did usually have their own cold tap indoors, and their own privy out the back, so at the time a great improvement on the old court housing. .
  3. The bears are well fed in Oxford..

    Just checked daughter's area again - OX3 - several empty HMOs just on the first page of zoopla. Courtesy of their 'most reduced' feature, how about this? A 5 bed in fairly central Headington, originally on for £745k in Jul 2017, now 'offers over' £599,999! Last sale, Aug 1999, £98,500! Methinks owner can afford to drop quite a bit more...
  4. Is Outer London now Crashing ?

    There are a lot of reductions in one area I habitually keep an eye on - 2 bed flats (non newbuild) in SW17. The more optimistic/greedy initial prices fall furthest, of course. It's a start, though since many of these have more or less doubled in price since about 2009/10 there's a long way to go.
  5. Assange To Be Evicted From Ecuador Embassy

    No sympathy, I'm afraid. The bloke always did give me the creeps. Nor for the embassy. They made their messy (and evidently smelly) bed - now they can lie on it.
  6. UK housing is bad (for refugees)

    I do think they are genuine. The woman didn't dwell on it, but did now and then tell me some pretty horrific stories of their journey to the UK, particularly in Sudan, where she also lost a baby at 7 months pregnant. I gather that her husband was at serious risk because of his political views. On the other hand, given the parlous political/economic state of so much of Africa (never mind anywhere else ) is the UK, or any other country, come to that, obliged to give asylum to everyone with a shit/dangerous life elsewhere? That is the question.
  7. A Goodbye To All That Buy To Let

    Fair sized headline in today's Times - 'A fifth of landlords are ready to sell up.' Quarter page article, nothing new, except that I don't recall any blaming it all on Brexit. Increased taxes and stricter mortgage lending mostly blamed. (Or thanked, as the case may be.)
  8. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Maybe your 55 pluses were just having a good old nose. I often look in EA windows when out of home area, inc. abroad, even when I've no intention of buying there. If I were looking seriously anywhere, I'd do it online.
  9. UK housing is bad (for refugees)

    Sorry. The family were perfectly nice, well educated and very anxious to work rather than be dependent on benefits (hence the mother wanting to improve her already pretty good English) but I did find it a bit galling too, when I knew how many working UK nationals would be delighted with such a flat at an 'affordable' rent. This was a one off (unpaid) for me, BTW - I was asked by a mutual acquaintance to help, since I used to teach EFL.
  10. Assange To Be Evicted From Ecuador Embassy

    According to the Times the other day, the embassy are thoroughly fed up with their 'guest'. Today's Times goes on to say that there are problems with his hygiene, he needs a lot of 'encouragement' (Times didn't put it so,politely) to have a shower.
  11. The bears are well fed in Oxford..

    Looks like an ex rental - minimal stuff and no onward chain. Another LL hoping to get out while the going's still good? Bit of a daft layout IMO - unnecessarily large main bathroom with a small 2nd bedroom. Flats with 2 proper double bedrooms usually seem to sell more easily than those with a double and a single - even if EAs still call no. 2 a double just because you can fit a dbl bed in, never mind if there's no room for much else.
  12. UK housing is bad (for refugees)

    For well over a year fairlynrecently I was going once a week to an Eritrean refugee woman - family with 2 young children - to help with her English. The family had a very nice, fairly new, 2 bed flat in Wandsworth, in a good location near a lovely riverside park and loads of buses. It was invariably immaculate. I think all the flats in the block were for 'affordable rent' , not even any shared ownership. If for sale they'd be priced now at at least £625k - that is if equivalents are anything to go by.
  13. The bears are well fed in Oxford..

    That tacked-on house in Hawthorn Avenue must have fallen through - up again for 'guide price' £425k. It's only just over 74 sq m. Possibly a record for a 3 bed house? The bedrooms are actually a reasonable size, but there are no cupboards anywhere as far as I can see, and no hall or landing space to speak of, , either.
  14. The illusion of a concrete Britain

    Must say I do often wonder why lamb is so expensive when so many areas are crawling with sheep. We don't have lamb very often, but I only buy local. As for ordinary veg, I always check the source, and if it's not UK (when in season) I don't buy it. I did buy some flown-in veg the other day but that was a rarity - dinner with a sister briefly over from the US (and not looking fwd to returning to the deep-freeze which is Massachusetts at the moment!). By contrast we were sitting in the sun outside a lovely pub here yesterday - you can't sit outside with alcohol at all where she lives. It was a beautiful day - back to dismal again today, but at least no deep freeze.
  15. They were presumably differentiating 'family homes', I.e. houses, from expensive flats, so often bought by overseas investors - and left empty. Anyone living anywhere around London and parts of the SE will be aware that many houses formerly seen as nothing at all special are now priced at that sort of level. The article did not try to imply that all family homes cost so much. Though IIRC the article quoted a 'cottage' in the York area priced at well over £1m - which had been substantially reduced. It's not just London/the SE. There are very expensive pockets elsewhere. I'd have thought that the fact that this was the lead front page item in the Times, and that daft prices are being forced to be cut, would be seen as good news here.