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  1. I hope to be one of the 1 million in 2050. Surprised that we don't have that many already.
  2. everywhere is absolutely dead

    Many? How many? Obviously my parents, so that's two. But the only people who give me cheques are my parents.
  3. everywhere is absolutely dead

    Depending on the amount, PayPal can be a good option. International cheques are a nightmare - there is no infrastructure around it so clearing then happensslowly and manually.
  4. everywhere is absolutely dead

    Very soon you'll be able to pay them in using your phone camera. You're mobile app will probably offer it by the end of the year.
  5. everywhere is absolutely dead

    Cheques are just promissory notes, so I suppose that you could adapt them as you wish. Technically you could write a cheque in the back of an envelope. However, it will probably be the most expensive way to pay money in a foreign currency.
  6. everywhere is absolutely dead

    Unusual but if that is clearly stated I do not think that you can complain. After all, you won't get very far on ebay with a cash only sign. For some businesses, cash is an expensive and messy business. If you can go 100% by cards it will save money and all the labour of transferring and handling cash.
  7. I agree that there was a move to deregulation but that did not mean that there was no regulation. I agree that there probably was not enough, or perhaps not enough of the right sort of regulation. Financial regulation - we had a huge amount pre-crisis, just focused on the wrong areas. A lot of new stuff since. For unions, they used to have the power to force closed shop employment practices and did not use anonymous ballots. These were both restrictive and undemocratic practices.
  8. And very few support the idea of unregulated capitalism - I think you would struggle to name many who do not want any. Capitalism works well when regulated and fails if unregulated.
  9. Summary so far: Need to move further away and lower your expectations Stop spending your money on avacado toast S24 means I have to sell my BTL and it's my pension My parents came to the UK with nothing but worked hard and saved... Luckily a few sane and angry people have called in, but not enough focus on the curse of BTL.
  10. Buy To Let Finance Watch

    If you do the maths, that means that there were 591 more FTB purchases than a year ago, and 501 fewer BTL than a year ago and I do not think that this is a correlation. Less BTL equals more FTB.
  11. This topic is just about to be covered in LBC radio 8 -9 pm. Worth a listen. Call in someone!
  12. It's certainly not time to put money in the US stockmarket - dangerously over valued.
  13. The War In Syria

    Anti-missile technology has moved on a lot in the near 30 years since the first Gulf War and there us hardware capable of stymying attacks, but it cannot create an impenetrable barrier. Missiles will get through and the more you fire the more that will get through.
  14. The War In Syria

    Surely this is what the Patriot SAM system does.
  15. Slightly under 20% of mortgage lending goes into BTL. This number has probably dropped slightly, but I'm not quite as close to the numbers as I was, but my figures are pretty up to date. Of course quite a number have no mortgage attached either - inherited properties for example and overseas buyers who don't use UK finance to make their purchase.