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  1. OK then. How many sandwiches equates to the selling price a flat above a takeaway in Hackney?
  2. Shared Ownership Game Changer?

    Very interesting. I'm keeping an open mind about SO myself. I registered an interest in this development: St. Annes Quarter, Norwich Anyone who considers it will have to go through the small print with a fine toothcomb.
  3. A new development near where I currently live: Raynes Park Nr5 £275k for a 3 br mid terrace. The former council house I grew up in looks more spacious than this. Over £300k fot a 4 br house.
  4. London House prices are being battered !!!

    Yes , I saw that back in the day. Carrying on the fish n chip shop analogy I hope those over leveraged BTLers get fried soon!
  5. London House prices are being battered !!!

    Battered like a dead cod in a chippie I hope!
  6. Halehujah!! I've noticed some nice price reductions at the bottom end of the market in Norwich. Vendors of leasehold flats are not going to achieve the same as others with freehold houses.
  7. Crashuary

  8. Such arragance and entitlement. Society doesn't benefit from high house prices and rents. If I had an account I would reply: 'If you and your ilk didn't snap up all those houses at the rate you did then those who cannot afford to buy would have been able to buy you selfish daft bint'. I hope she falls on her a**e when S24 and interest rates really start to bite. Hard.
  9. at the censored non swearword. Quite apt really given your user name.
  10. Thinking of giving up drinking

    I'm a year younger than you and I know how you feel. I used to get bladdered at the weekend and then rock into my weekend retail job. I look back and I wonder how on Earth I managed to do that!! I found personally that drinking Guinness is quite good. I think it's 4%. I can loosen up after a few pints of the black stuff but it doesn't seem to affect me the morning after. If you want a non alcoholic option then bottles of J20 fruit drinks. The uninitiated won't always know if it's alcoholic or not. Or how about non-alcoholic beer?! Who knows, you might become a legend in your circle as you could be the 'designated driver' if you drive and I'm sure they would pay a few quid towards fuel, saving them expensive taxi fares may be very well appreciated! I quite fancy an ale myself now! I'm off to the fridge.
  11. Did any of them mention the 'magic money tree' that was punted around during the General Election? I really didn't know how money was created until a few years ago. When I took out a mortgage in 2004 I thought the loan was backed by depositors' savings!
  12. Great idea. If I take the flat I'll hand my notice in giving the ultimate date of 5th Jan but with the option to leave at an earlier date (ie: before Christmas) for part of the rental payment.
  13. I haven't seen the flat yet to be honest. I may not like it so it will probably be a 'no go' anyway. I may not get the keys until after that date, so I'm a bit wary of doing so. Just a bit of a pain when these things happen right on the anniversary of the tenancy.