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  1. New council flat

    I made the move from private tenant to council tenant a few weeks ago. This should save me around £175 a month in rent. Given what a **** quality of retirement the MSM hints I may face in 25 or so years time I'll need to save this money for the future! I only got offered the 1 bedroomed flat because of the neferious nature of the previous occupants. It was let under a 'sensitive let' criteria. The local authority had to 19 or so places down the list until they got to my name. My wait on the register was 2 years and 4 months. It is still possible to get a council or Housing Association place at a reasonable level of rent. However as with the lottery 'you have to be in it to win it'. So I now join an elite club of HPC members like council dweller & rentier paradiso (does he still post here?) as council/HA tenants.
  2. Oh dear. Story of my life - bog standard houses in my city are 10x my salary. Everything's getting more and more out of reach. I remember watching an episode of Location Location Location a few years ago. A couple - both junior doctors - bought a very bog standard mid terraced 1960s house in Cambridgeshire for £300 and something thousand pounds (Trumpington?). It looked like the type of house a manual worker and his family would live in. The housing scam is like one big race to the bottom.
  3. Didn't you put in an offer on a house in France, Count? What happened with that?
  4. Punks Against Pollution.

    Surprised that NR hadn't outsourced manufacturing to an Asian country!
  5. What a bust to a prestigious company.
  6. Job Adverts

    One of the most complicated job application forms I ever filled in was for a lower paid operator role dealing at a with the reams of paperwork generated by Aviva (Norwich Union) about 7 years ago. I wondered if they issued me with a form for a senior manager/director role in error? The wanted to know the ins and outs of a duck's bottom. I didn't get invited to an interview.
  7. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    I don't know WH Smith carries on... local one ( I think - haven't set foot in one for about 3 years) now plays home to the main Post Office. Maybe that's how they're carrying on.
  8. It'll be my 10th anniversary in March. At the time the 'credit crunch' was going on. Hoped that some banks would get thrown under the bus, making it an interesting time on HPC. However the Government really managed to fiddle a few things , not much of a recession, interest rates slashed further and hardly any bankers (if any) went to prison.
  9. Price of a pint!!

    I think I paid around £3.50 for a pint of ale in a prominent pub in Norwich City Centre. £4 is usually the norm. I remember I used to pay around £1.70 for a pint of lager 20 years ago (I never drunk real ale back then) , so a rough estimate of 100% increase since then. The soaring cost of alcohol completely flies against CAMRA's campaign 'Use it or lose it' to keep British pubs open and keep some life in communities.
  10. Thanks! Should be moving into it on 3rd Jan.
  11. Last month I almost accepted a tenancy on a Housing Association flat (social rented) with a service charge of around £140 a month on top of the £290 a month rent. On viewing the flat I was told that it meant the heating, electric and water were all included. Still cheaper than privately renting a 1 br flat. A week or two later I accepted a council tenancy with lower service charges. Of course I'd have to pay extra for the utilities. A few pence a week to clean the communal windows. I'd gladly pay a bit more for them to clean the flat's windows once a fortnight or so. I'm going to be on the first floor so I can't reach them from the outside. As far as HA properties sold or let on a private basis and residents having to pay service charges, this needs to be looked into as it just doesn't seem fair.
  12. Heard a good on on RT's Keiser Report the other day: Something like: The Champagne Socialists (Banksters) continue to get richer and richer and bailed out when it goes to crap while the Capitalists shoulder all the risk.
  13. I'd give a King's ransom for a post 1967 Citroen DS.
  14. Food inflation

    £33.60. Getting weassuring rankered - priceless. Merry Christmas! A bit unscientific but my weekly grocery shop has gone up around £10-14 in the past 12 years. And choccy bars are getting smaller: 4 pack of Cadbury's Double Decker are almost like fun sized bars. Fun size? My bottom.