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  1. Spend it like Beckham, backed by HM govt

    It's just not on. I'd rather that £87k be put towards creating more social housing for British workers and their families impo.
  2. Spend it like Beckham, backed by HM govt

    Have you been watching videos by 'High Impact Flix' on YouTube? The guy who makes the videos is against taxes and statism. High Impact Flix YT channel Let's face it, there isn't really a democracy when these 'Help to Debt' loans are dished out, is there?
  3. Reposession Reposession Reposession Can't see that ever coming off (ooer missus). The very idea will keep most guys flacid I guess.
  4. Thanks. Stories like these should at least get top billing on local news programmes imo. Landlords need to be shamed when they don't play by the rules. I commented on another forum somewhere how the tragic fire in London last weekend was right down the list of 'headlines' and only a scant reference to it on Sky News. They seemed to think that Boris Johnson being mean to Jeremy Corbyn (ie: calling him a 'useful idiot') was more newsworthy than two men losing their lives.
  5. Kudos to North Norfolk District Council. However, I bet that local authorities are merely scratching the surface of similar complaints. Mouldy property in Cromer £4,700 out of pocket. Landlords take note. Interesting to note that the landlady resides in Buckinghamshire. No mention of a Letting Agent being involved. How on Earth can a landlord 'manage' (for want of a better word) a property that's located over 100 miles away?
  6. Probably early 2000s I'd say...with the lowering of base rates and giving landlords mortgages. If I had got a full time job at age 18 instead of going to college, saved up hard for a deposit for a year or two I perhaps could have bought a better house (smaller but in a nicer area) than my parents by 1998/1999/2000. Perhaps. Edited to add: bought with a mortgage.
  7. Mortgage size v salary

    In the mid 1960s my parents were refused a mortgage. They would only lend 2 x my dad's salary as he was a self employed Brickie. My mum worked full time but her income wasn't counted because it was assumed (correctly) that she would become pregnant and would have to leave work.
  8. Interesting. Maybe councils and housing associations ought to further and prioritise those of good character for rented housing. At least the properties will at least be better looked after. The council had to repair a few doors at my new digs before they were able to show people around. The new build social housing in my local authority (20 miles down the road from Gt Yarmouth borough council mentioned in the OP) would have a condition that they are allocated to someone who hasn't caused any tenancy related problems. I suppose it's impossible for the landlord to guarantee trouble free tenancies in new homes. I only got offered my council flat because there were problems with the previous tenant - a druggie. It was offered to me under 'sensitive let' criteria. Despite being 20th in the queue, somehow they were able to offer it to me.
  9. The choice based lettings system is an interesting one but it's frustrating seeing yourself get pushed to 30 or 40 in the queue as the bidding cycle goes on. It's all very well encouraging people to get off the list and access private rented homes as an alternative but these are often much more expensive than their council rented/housing association alternatives. Not to mention the lack of flexibility about decorating and keeping pets, for example. Oh - and a private landlord can evict a tenant after 6 months.
  10. I was thinking of posting something with the word 'lifted' in it. I'm far too slow. Damn this wage slave job delaying my fun.
  11. My 1 br council flat (built in 1969) is perhaps twice as big as the typical new build flats of today. It has lots of storage, a large bedroom, as is the separate kitchen. Solidly built and decent sized windows. These new flats that lack these things cannot be very good for the mental health of the people who are going to live in them. Housebuilding in the UK has taken such a big leap backwards it's embarrassing. Shame on the house developers.
  12. Some good news for once.

    Good job! Common sense prevails. Hope this serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering burgling someone's home.
  13. Here's a good one I found in Private Eye mag a few months ago: