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  1. Those 54k luxury flats will soon become...just flats. Once they become cheap enough for more people to rent or buy. The ripple effect can't come soon enough.
  2. It wouldn't have been the case if there were still plenty of council homes for those who wanted them.
  3. Should Boris have thought about taxing foreign property owners when he became Mayor of London? After all, it's one of the first places 'investors' think of.
  4. On a scale 1 to 10

    The last GE was the first time I voted Labour too. For pretty much the same reason.
  5. cheap ???

    I wonder what would happen if a potential buyer put in a firm and final offer with the EA say £5k or £10k below the asking price? Would the EA still have a legal duty to inform the vendor?
  6. cheap ???

    There's quite a bit to do even before moving in. It looks like the carpets have gone. Perhaps that's a good thing. The 'Offers In Excess Of' annoys me.
  7. Very interesting, Fromage Frais. Thanks for the update. I sincerely hope whoever's offered on that house got a good deal at well under £300k. It will be interesting to see what the sold price is. My dad used to work as a bricklayer. One of his jobs was to help build the rear extensions on these terraced houses so that they incorporated an internal bathroom - a legal requirement from the early 1970s iirc. He never thought much of these types of houses in the Golden Triangle. I think he said that some of the houses were actually not that well built! Back in the 1960s it was a working class area like the rest of inner Norwich and the residents weren't well off at all.
  8. Offered 70% Of Asking Price

    Wow! Seems like the husband has taken the red pill. Can't blame him.
  9. That would be a joy to witness. I hope this pattern of falling sold prices ripples outwards to the rest of the country.
  10. Can't Sell? Wait And Put The Price Up

    Bump! This flat has been on the market for nearly 3 months now. Asking price has just 'yo-yo-ed' by £5,000 to OIEO £135k: I assume that the vendor has been looking at asking prices of similar flats currently on the market. Plenty up for sale in this style. S/he doesn't quite seem to comprehend that actually sold prices is a better benchmark. I think the Estate Agent should have had the balls to refuse to increase the asking price if they think they have no hope in hell in selling the lease at that price. They should remove these chancers from their lists.
  11. On a scale 1 to 10

    Thanks! I'm not doing too badly. Just about managing (one of Theresa May's favourite phrases ) to save a bit each month and can still run a car and have a few nights out every now and then. My pad is a 10 minute walk to work so I'm not subjecting myself to a stressful commute each weekday and I'm saving on fuel. I could try and find a cheaper place to rent for £500 a month but they all look awful. Not that the place I'm renting is a palace. The carpets need replacing, the front door and interior walls need repainting and there's mould in the bathroom. Other option is to move back home with my dad. He's rattling around in a 3 bedroomed house but I like my own space and privacy too much.
  12. The Unmortgageables

    I'm sorry but I don't know the exact reasons why flats above 4th floor are more difficult to get mortgages on. At least it was the case 15 years ago. That's a question for a mortgage expert. High Rises seem to be making a comeback so maybe lenders are more kinder these days.
  13. The Unmortgageables

    Looks like an Airey house. Yes, I'd say unmortgageable. The house next door has been sorted.