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  1. So long as it doesn't do this I wouldn't be too worried about it.
  2. Brighton Area

    Lewes isn't a bad town actually, it depends what you want. Train service to London makes it popular with commuters, a lot of alternative thinking and bohemian types living there. Some interesting shops and pubs, but it's still pretty expensive for the nice areas, some of the not so good areas are very deprived and best avoided at all costs. Parking is a nightmare and the road system is rather archaic. But it has an interesting feel and vibe to the place.
  3. Update To Potential House Purchase....

    "Why are MSE so against you, sorry??" Big hugs all round
  4. Sorry but as others said it's end of the financial year and winter pothole repairs. Move along now, nothing to see here...
  5. Most Optimistic Pricing?

    My guess is that this property was sold to the developer or maybe the sales company that handled the development. Other detached have sold for a lot more, the £190k would appear to be the terraced price. Hassocks is expensive due to the train service to London, I reckon £190k was some kind of sweetener deal for someone involved in the development.
  6. Flood Of New Instructions

    Lots come onto Rightmove the last few weeks in Eastbourne, far more so than this time last year. Quite a lot of stuff that was sticking has sold too, some new instructions selling within days. How much longer can it last?
  7. Buying A Bungalow

    With people living longer, and the generous plot sizes echoing what Pauly says above I think they should outperform the rest of the market. An awful lot of old relics 'would benefit from some refurbishment' ie not touched in 30 years around though if bright pink or sky blue bathroom suites are your thing!
  8. Complete Loss Of Tv Services

    ummm... 23000 miles up above the equator actually!
  9. Complete Loss Of Tv Services

    Maybe your local TV transmitter gets its feed from Sky? Must be an awful lot of snow to stop their large dishes working though.
  10. Ok Whats My Neighbour Up To

    Let's hope she hasn't tapped into your electricity to feed it if so!
  11. Welcome to HPC you will get all manner of different views on here! Personally I agree that whoever gets in the next election will have no choice but to inflate their way out a la 1970's - so I concur that Sterling prices probably won't lose out in the medium/long term, there may well be some short term drops next year until the inflation kicks in, which surely it will. I STR'd in early 2008, rented for 18 months and have recently bought a place again after researching my chosen area while renting. If prices drop, rise or go sideways I dont mind as I have bought this house to live in, not as an investment. I suggest that you and your daughter do the same if you find a place that you really want.
  12. A Developer's Rather Expensive Furniture

  13. Four Ways To Pull An Economy Out Of Recession

    That man speaks a lot of sense! I can't see the powers that be changing their tactics anytime soon though.
  14. As far as I can make out you don't need to keep the money there for the 12 months to get the bonus, certainly this was not the case on the original esaver. If you have an original esaver account it's a two minute job to switch it to the new one.
  15. Main Dealer Servicing

    I took my 18 month old MINI in for its (free under the TLC package) second service last month and they did the work while I waited. They found a very minor oil leak which required the sump gasket to be replaced under warranty. I asked when they could do it and they said 'is tomorrow convenient or would Friday be any better for you?' They even gave me a free Cooper S Clubman courtesy car while the work was done which in the end took 3 days while they waited for a part. It seemed to me like warranty work was the only way they were making any money. I had not noticed any oil on my driveway under where the car is parked.
  16. Nationwide Figures

    I am fairly certain it's tomorrow, looking forward to another dose of bear food.
  17. I'm Going To Miss You Guys And Gals

    I knew there was a reason why I didn't chuck my CB radio out 20 yeaars ago. Its time will come again!
  18. Halifax Figures Due This Week

    Positive or negative 2.00%?
  19. Sellers Driving Me Mad.

    I went to that designer place in Ashford three weeks ago. Weekday admittedly, but it was utterly and abjectly deserted.
  20. Sellers Driving Me Mad.

    Just to throw a spanner in the works, has it been done up or extended since then? That could partially account for it, but somehow I doubt it.
  21. Restaurants (again)

    I'm in Sovereign Harbour which was just a developers dream 20 years ago. Not such an ancient demographic in this area (about 3 miles to the east of the centre). The town has changed a lot since those days, it's still no Brighton but it's no longer the fuddy-duddy capital that it used to be.
  22. Anybody Notice Less Traffic On The Roads?

    I haven't noticed any difference myself, one thing I did notice last year when fuel costs were particularly high was that on A roads at least, journeys took longer due to people driving slower than normal, probably watching their trip computers trying to eke out the drops of fuel. I remember one journey home stuck behind a very gittishly driven Honda Jazz where I saw 71mpg - not bad over a 32 mile trip!
  23. Nationwide February Data

    I assume Halifax will be 5th March, to coincide with the BOE interest rate decision as usual.
  24. Restaurants (again)

    It seems up and down here in Eastbourne at the moment. Some weekends recently (not just Valentines) everywhere has been jam packed to the rafters, other times its really quiet with the waiters standing twiddling their thumbs. I was in London last week and took Mrs J to Odin's which was fairly busy considering it was midweek.