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  1. I know all about that, and taken all the kicks in the housing market, with main reason for so many participants have a vested-interest in both protecting and seeking HPI to extremes. I have loads of sob story scars too, but on the renter side. Life went on didn't it. Drop the hiding behind Human Shields vs HPI+++++ I know all about 'wrong choices'.... vs HPI++++++/bailouts/QE galore/BTLer double down.... and having tried to push back against it. Instead just excuse after excuse for the owner side... 'the greatest innocence' if the market turns. Let's have a HPC before all this misery/suffering/tragedy projecting.... because at the moment GenRent renting in their millions priced out, and under <34s have only 3.2% of housing wealth overall. That a form of suffering/tragedy/misfortune as well - that is real. At least your blessed homeowners can do something about it with prices as they are... so very expensive in so many areas. They can sell if they fear market drops/change to their circumstances.... and become "A renter who gets things so much better." Many homeowners here to tell us other homeowners don't know future/they don't know future... and to think of them first. In a HPI++++ extreme market, including where the homeowners who would have themselves protected have £100K+ of equity in their properties. GenRent... those forced into vans by housing financialisation to extremes... not really suffering/misery/tragedy... vs the blessed HPI and the innocence of the homeowner... vs a possible HPC. If they're so worried, sell now, into low inventory high priced market. Instead questing for more SMI/Help from banks and other HPI VIs.... in the name of "not wanting to see misery/suffering/misfortune." Most can downsize/move area. much to protect HPI+++++ from heroes, with not much mention of who is really carrying the costs for it all. GenRent/young.
  2. I don't see why they should want to pay more tax to cover other homeowners who have got themselves in a situation . I don't want to and I have very little !! No Govt scheme will ever cover any of my rent. We're at total brunt of the market if any income drop, and have to adjust to it. We've already had to adjust in many many ways... savings vs HPI++++ while paying rent, for years. It's on the homeowner to pay their mortgage (with perhaps basic scheme for a limited time for t). Protecting those at the margin just totally blocks market price discovery. Someone is paying.. and it's GenRent vs HPI+++. And it's even worse when 'benefits' to those with £100Ks of equity in their homes...... "to help them out". It's on the owner. Much of that may be so. Sounds about right. However as I have attempted to explain, GenRent is up against so many other people who don't want house prices to fall, and who are fully behind SMI, and even want better measures.... even if they don't personally want to pay for it. You don't mention the beneficiaries being those who get the SMI / and everyone else with vested interest (including smug HPIers 'what it is worth' ) also gaining - for SMI protects asset-values. The call also comes from many existing homeowners, including wealthy homeowners. DAAD; larger payout vs NI, paid in.... / Secured Govt Loan for homeowners, in event of struggle with their position as homeowners. How 'renters get it better'. They take the position of "not wanting suffering / human tragedy / misfortunes that can affect everyone - no one knows the future" - and on the surface such views appear noble and good, but there is vested-interest there as well. Also breaks market dynamics. Exactly. *GenRentForever... vs HPI+++++ to extremes. No one needs to tell me anything about tragedy/misfortune/suffering, in terms of the housing market, from the rent-forever side of things, vs HPI+++++ / vs BTL+++++. It's very close to 10 years for me on the forum (and I think this thread has finished me off). I was a renter before joining HPC. Read every position from 2008, including 'spreadsheet HPI+++ chasers' blaming the banks for their own choice to chase HPI and their downfall in 1992, and the house they thought was going to be worth £1million being sold to another couple at much lower price. Then pretty much 10 years of posts on how banks to blame for everything - my side still renting. Time and time again (over 10 years) people tipping up to tell me to think of future suffering of the homeowner in the HPC (that never comes...).... misery and tragedy. There's no balance. No one dragged anyone into banks... price too expensive for me (for years now)... low inventory on market.... no one stopping anyone from selling. Time and time again new-members telling me they are concerned about "human tragedies of the homeowner". I would argue the main people paying for SMI and just about everything else are GenRent with their quality of life (vs HPI+++++/BTL++++++ diminished) - and their financial positions damaged. And they are often mocked (told not to eat sandwiches/have iphones/go on holiday/work harder) by house price winners. Yes many of us want security of a home into older age... (I don't call security taking on very heavy mortgage, at many multiples of income but people have freewill to do that in this market) and at this rate I will be renter-forever, unsure whether my financial position/earnings can cover rent into 70s... vs homeowner/inheritor extremes - BTL+++ insanity with landlord who has 5 family homes rented out.. bought from late 90s. Who has had very easy life, but amassed so much for basically nothing (renters paying it down + HPI+++ galore) and QE/FLS/Term Funding Schemes/Operation Merlin and so on. 10 years.. (with prices here 40% above 2007 prices, and homeownership plunged (but vastly more outright owners among homeowners) I can draw the line vs 'the sympathy' / 'the misfortune' / 'the tragedy' for homeowers (if any HPC). The 'no one knows what event is around the corner for the blessed homeowner'. I have to take all those risks, and it's on owners to also have a reserve.. not be protected for £100,000s in equity with a mortgage. Make their own provisions. Be willing to adjust to change if necessary.
  3. Surely we are near the end?

    Hmm; the other evening made 10 servings (much of it to cool and then go into freezer) for around £10 + energy costs of oven/slow-cooker + some time to be involved in it. A lot of it comes down on the buyer, although I realise that's not a popular view, given the projection some push about the purest innocence of people to have no responsibility/ability/understanding to weigh anything up in life for their choices. I've seen the £6-£8 ready-made meals.... I see they have their buyers... "Who do they think they are" (the supermarkets?) - "Who do you think you are." Your choice. Or this dish.. maybe £14 for 8 individual servings. £8 for a Kilo of Oxtail Cuts. Plum Tomatoes 37p a tin. Leeks £1. Celery £1. Potatoes £1.50. Bottle of Stout £1.15. Jamie's Easy Slow-cooked Beef Stew
  4. It's your own responsibility to have some money set aside for change . No one dragged you into buying that home a few years ago. You chose to buy home. Whatever price you paid for home, in whatever area. That's your freedom. Mortgage is your responsibility. The calculations of renting vs buying were all on you.... not the renter to be shamed/guilted and actually pay to cover you if it should go wrong for you. It's on you to decide risk profile for how things may change in future (homeowners). It's fully on you/other buyers to question whether they can afford a mortgage and have some kind of contingency, in the case of interest rate rises or reduced income. With you the bottom line is you think nobody of homeowner side should be responsible for their poor decisions and everything is somebody else's fault - with society/renters to pay for it. Yet you offer up renters needing better tenancy rights, and a few homeowners at the margin protected from ever selling - helping to prevent prices from ever falling. That's life. I'm not being shamed for other people's redundancy/ill-health/relationship breakdowns) - I have enough to cover and be responsible in my own life with my own life choices trying to keep things on track and smooth, and make decisions that I hope will lead to a better personal future. It's been extremely difficult. I've not told of any sob stories my side as renters, with you all sob-story for owners, guilt-tripping a projecting a view of 'misery/tragedies/suffering/misfortune' for owners.... and with those at the margin protected, then all the HPI+++ wider gainz for all other homeowners locked in. Prices are high, inventory on market is low. No one is stopping them from selling, and becoming a 'renter who get things better'. And now here you are telling me that "bad things can happen" - and - "right choice' can become wrong choice in an instant" . I'm fully aware of that, and why I haven't been willing to pay these prices for a home, to become a homeowner. You have, others have. It's on you not me. Seems you would prefer to keep me and others priced out and in rented, offering up a few people who've taken risky decisions/no savings, as why SMI floodgates/secured loans should open (to protect them against misfortune human tragedy/misfortune - and protect wider HPI along with it) - while saying best I should hope for it improved tenancy rights. And keeping people in £250K-£500K+ homes, with SMI covering £100K mortgages, is not good. Benefits? Not for keeping people in super lifestyles they are accustomed/entitled to.
  5. What really is very dull is homeowners who tip up in late 2017, and in 50 posts have so many positions about HPC being misfortunes, human tragedies - promoting themselves as the protective do-gooder heros of not wanting to see any shakeup/HPC..... on HPC forum. Have you ever thought about other plights.. like plastic in the oceans? Dull is the same old anti-HPC/proHPI.... protecting homeowner positions, in a house price bubble/housing financialisation situation, with massive differences in position between Gen Rent (<34s with 3.2% housing wealth). Also my view is HPI+++/BTL to extremes is the cause of a lot of suffering to GenRent/young, vs you wanting to see homeowners who may have changed financial circumstances, be flooded with money (your new system of based on NI paid in / secured loan). Govt isn't there to keep rich homeowners in lifestyle they deserve... and some of paying mortgage/being responsible for it, in a MARKET, comes down on the borrower. That includes having savings set aside, or adjusting... especially where they have £100Ks of equity - vs GenRent who have to pay rent and try and save to get anywhere toward buying in future. Made all the harder when there's no one on the margin who ever needs to sell due to financial circumstances... in a market with so many equity rich/outright owners.. Seems all you are about is protecting homeowners from 'suffering' in event of any HPC, when for the vast majority any HPC would simply be an equity loss to ego, and not real suffering of any kind. You have a Vested Interest as homeowner imo. You have to be pressed to make any mention of tenants/Gen Rent in it all, and when you do it seems it's very lower down the scale of 'mattering' vs homeowners. You offer your view about 'stable roof' over heads... but when that stable roof is a £500,000 home where someone wants SMI to pay on their remaining £150,000 mortgage.... I say it's a matter for the market, whereas you are about protecting their position in name of anti-misfortune/human tragedy if they have to sell. When you have to be pressed to say anything about renters position in all of it - vs these house prices/mad-gainz/BTLism... and what you come up with is 'better tenancy rights'. Also what is dull is peddling view it's about people agreeing with each other. On echo chambers and everyone agreeing - do you even read HPC. So fine... offer that 'disagree/agreeing' up as cover for your position of dull HPIer/anti-HPC posts. You want those most exposed/reckless to be protected so wider house prices don't fall - including flooded with benefits based on NI they've paid in, and 'Govt Secured Loan' - so they don't have to sell. Protecting wider HPI.. I disagree with you on matter after matter and each time have put up reasoned argument for why I disagree with you. All with the human shielding position that homeowners need to be protected from suffering/misfortune/tragedy of having to adjust to market circumstances. Painting a picture of "Job Centre" who sneer at claimants anyway (the homeowners who may one day find themselves under financial pressure - in a market where mortgage debt is low.... average some £55K-£70K - trackers and SVRs against these prices, and outright ownership at record highs for remaining homeowners - with BTLers having acquired all the other homes) Where prices here are at new painful peaks, and very few houses on the market - and unemployment very low. They can look to sell now.
  6. In the past you have also posted a view that older/wealthy homeowners wanted the bailout. It's a power-dynamic imo. And so many don't care about the hurt-side (it's ridiculous.... my elderly landlord with 5 BTLs now worth around £400K+ each, and own home worth £750K-£1m+). Elites/well-connected come right into it, but also championed-on by millions of ForeverHPI Greatness/BTL Magnificos - who care only about their own positions (to extremes). It's hard to push back against. Oligarchy with a run of greedy power-dynamic winners in support of these conditions. Can only hope it's been to buy time, and some moving out of their positions, get banks in to a stronger position to take falls, so power can let it fall. That's not ideal/perfect, but there has to be rebalance. Raccy with his mega-HPI gainz... ccc and his position that these owners think they've earned it. Some posts on Twitter with a bit of guilt/recognising the imbalances. SilverSurfer on HPC also recognising it. Houses bought cheap... mad-HPI.... extreme difference of positions vs GenRent today. DM comments proud of the mad-gainz of HPI. It's no illusion... paying rent up and being priced out is no illusion. It's been willed into actuality by many participants. @wasbuckers - yes keep telling us banks going down in slightest breeze of HPC / debt-jubilees (meaning savers wiped out).
  7. What I do know is many of your posts/positioning on HPC since you joined, including posts on this thread about homeowners.. many a clash with my position. You're not the architect of S24 after 20 years renting, and having bought. We each have to make a decision of how we procure housing in the market... rent, buy, .... sell for mad-gainz (few tempted out to try and sell with such low number of properties on the market). So you bought a while back after renting.... how come you were so unaware when you pushing that renters have it better for claiming benefits (to cover rent), vs the owner? Misfortune. Human tragedies. It just all rings so hollow to me. deadasadodo and other homeowners, the protectors of all other people's choices (if they turn bad). I "genuinely care"... about everything... and even renters in there, somewhere down at the bottom. On HPC forum... so much about "Pity The Homeowner". You, and so many others in the past.... "the suffering of homeowners / wishing misery". How do you pick up a history book without weeping? On scale of things, it seems off wanting to flood the rich homeowner with money if their circumstances change, and they have no reserve savings. To protect them from selling/downsizing. Allowing them to enjoy their superior ownership position vs GenRent savers who qualify for no help with money towards rent when/if their income sharply drops. Life is full of things we have no control of, but many things we do have some control of. BTW; how does improved security of tenure bring down house prices from these levels in my area? And no; that's just cover from protecting people with vast housing wealth imo - 'secure affordable roofs over people's heads' - and against bringing about price discovery in a market with so many areas very expensive, <34 year olds with 3.2% of the nations housing wealth (although I wish I could put that another way... not about wealth, but so priced out... GenRent). Yet you care.. you really care... mistortune/tragedy.
  8. And it's not as though there haven't been messages of wisdom passed down the ages, with many a warning, likely learned from hard experience - or witness to it. eternal vigilance is the price of liberty What's that saying... Runway HPI++++ / BTLers with multiple homes... vs Gen Rent Forever Losers... ...even this coarse view some hold/push that Govt should be paying out big-benefits to very wealthy homeowners.... Time and time again, there have been astonishment to those who overextended (thought world all about them) as the market has turned.
  9. Although there has been a lot of 'success' on the easy ride of things. If something can't go on forever..... We can't have a market where there is no downside to recklessness/greed to extremes (for those being reckless). Sometimes it needs to be pulled in to bring about final rebalance, IMO - and create a situation where people in no rush to recreate such damaging times in the future.
  10. It doesn't excuse all actions or behaviour. There are gradients of responsibility. People can practice basic caution, even if I agree with you about conspiracy. Yet time after time after a market drop (in history), conspiracy theories come out and are dangerous/deluded and believed. Seems to me that at all times, people have looked for ways to become easy-rich - and it's willed into reality for a time. They could have chosen not to buy up more homes to rent out to young. They could have twigged "how have I got 50 properties, and GenRent who are far more highly qualified than I ever was as Butchers Boy are priced out renters." They could have paused for thought on how 'prices double every few years'. There has to be some rebalancing, not renter-savers carrying it all forever.
  11. And so much of it is from equity rich/outright owners, who are not really interested in 'tragedy' - they simply don't want any of their neighbour owners to have to sell for a lower price, threatening their Mad Gainz. It's pretending, to serve their own HPI mad-gainz desires. deadasdodo claimed renters have it better (for claiming) than owners. Just a nonsense except for those renters with very little in savings/and many of those found themselves farmed by older BTLers with 20+ BTLs...... "expert in ex-LHA properties". And as someone said back in 2012, SMI/Mortgage Rescue also allows homeowners to remain in the market to seek further speculative HPI mad-gainz - instead of downsizing/moving area... becoming a renter (who apparently have it better?!), and getting more houses on the market to bring about some sense of better price discovery. The 'tragedy' - it's all about protecting HPI/price discovery. That's exactly what it is. Just another Pity The Homeowner positioning - post after post. Tragedies (shelter over everyone's head in change of circumstances... SMI/new NI mega-payouts for all homeowners in event of income drop)..... tragedy if reality forces them to need to have savings to pay their own mortgage while looking for new position/downsize/move area. Can't have houses coming to market can we. Homeowners so special vs priced-out renter-saver-losers. Why would I want REIGATE or so many other HPIers (sneer sneer about renting) to get payout to protect their position if their circumstances change. Been lectured to so many times, on HPC, about renting-dead-money, how HPI+++ further (even from 2017 buyers). How if any HPC they will upsize. The tragedy. Show me some on homeowner side. Bank moved against 'spend it all to extremes' Serpico in 1992/93, and it has a great outcome. Neurosurgeon bought his house (upsized/stopped renting)_ at much lower than then peak price. Serpico himself didn't hesitate to buy the house from Customs & Excise (basically seized from previous owner) in early 80s. As you say. Your mortgage. Not much - my financial position worse than 2007 vs house prices at 40% higher than 2007-2012 in 2017. Don't worry those... we're just 'wishing misery/pain/hard-times' on owners to benefit from it! deadasadodo's tragedy if owners with stacks of equity don't get huge payouts if circumstances change for incomes. 2010 position - he himself seized on misery it seems.... for all his guilt tripping of rent-forever-loser HPCers. ----------------------
  12. You have already forced me into one long run of posts/quotes about the topic, after you were trying to convince me that renters have it better than owners when it comes to being able to claim housing benefits.. with your position that renters can immediately claim vs the homeowner who must wait 39 weeks. Then all your position how current system encourages spending all you have - when I have told you that's just not so for me as renter-saver and many years seeking to be a homeowner (vs HPI++++++), having to be very balanced, and saving. Where that saving means don't qualify for any help towards housing in income drop. Now you're coming back with the heart-wrenching stuff (for the blessed owners), but also balancing it somewhat that renters have it too... yes we do. It's all I've ever ******** known, with years of newbies tipping up telling me to "think of the homeowners" (if ever any HPC) and years more HPI++++++++. I don't want homeowners to have access to easy loan to secure their position at this stage, and prevent markets moving at margin, when houses up for sale been scraping multi-decade lows. Also there is a good argument for how more forbearance/help just makes final position worse / and all the while, it prevents market price discovery... with all the props you seek for any owner who may need to claim SMI/etc in future.... with unemployment so low.... with years of rates being floored to save the victim owners <2007.... and all the rent many of us have paid out, with no equity to show for it.... just prices far higher than 2007 in so many areas. You're here claiming how NI should pay out massively for the homeowner if they need to claim (you didn't mention renters back then... just your position on how renters have it better - when we get nothing over a certain amount of savings). They should have a financial reserve, and many (including example I gave with buyer from 1998) have fortunes in equity. Not losing homes. Forced by their position to have to take some action in order to restore their position - including downsizing/moving cheaper area. Tragedies indeed. It's all I've ever known on renting side. Then all the ones playing up the tragedies but for owners... (I've never read about any of them) for homeowners. Know plenty about hardship for for renters. Look; it's not a fantasy land. You design it by having savings in reserve as homeowner/their positions... saving vs your view about how people think it's spend all you get (certainly not my view on renter side/would-be owner). If you wanted renters tenure to be improved you should have pushed for it during all those years you've claimed to have lurked on HPC. All I read now is positioning to protect HPI from you. The main quest (tragedies). No; I don't want the taxpayer picking up mortgage for anyone with £100K-£300K+ of equity, with so few homes on market, and priced out GenRent. It's their responsibility for their own mortgage. So noble.. secure roof over people's heads.. need system to best protect the homeowner (tragedies losing homes human-shielding it). Had 10000s of posts about the innocent homeowner* over 10 years a HPC member renter-saver - and view that renters would take pleasure in misfortune of owners, and 'collateral damage' together with your 'tragedies'. Broadly painting that some owners might not be as smart as others, so begin the bailout for all owners. It's just life and balance. It's not about the taxpayer keeping you in a lifestyle your accustomed to in half-million-pound house etc. We can all see the asking prices.... You've not been on forum long, and so many of your posts seem hard-tilted to protect-HPI. Yes there are always bad-luck stories. 6-7 out of 10 homeowners have no mortgage. My family madly priced out of ownership. You tipping up with tragedies of the homeowner / bigger NI payouts if they need to claim / how renters have it better for claiming (nonsense for most of us as renter-savers with a spit of saving toward buying one day vs these prices).
  13. Yes; whenever I'm feeling a bit down, I run some of the numbers of BTLer borrowing, making a rough guess at their positions into S24, on types of homes so many BTLers been buying around here, and price they've been paying - with those family homes hitting rental market soon after purchase. I've even paid for LR Register for a few of them, to see who was behind the lending. Even Alan Turing's former home in Wilmslow was bought for around £925,000 in 2014, and within a few months, hit the rental market !! That just does my mind in. As for BTL lending/borrowing to non-homeowners, I bookmarked this source a few years ago. Can't imagine the position has changed much, or if it has, then surely it hasn't become easier for owner to move into their BTL property? Although I have to admit that I'm not fully certain of current position, and only known housing-market disappointment after disappointment.
  14. Negative equity; HPI+++ has been my negative equity. No equity built up on rents paid up to BTLers. Homeowners who find their homes are worth less than peak/less than they bought them for (if HPC happens which so many people do not think possible) they would not be victims. Good post Phil321 and I have a lot of time for your posts, even as a BTLer on the wind-down, as you've been very honest about your overall position, and never posted it being anything to do with "charitably providing homes" or any of the other run of positions the 118ers and other BTLers come out with about Government 'unfairness' to BTLers. That is likely to be so! However will they be listened to? My position, and that of many other people, has been one of ridiculous housing inequality - and power just hasn't wanted to know for so many years (but suggestions they are having to move on BTLers with all the responses from HM Treasury to the BTLers - including finally getting a bit snappy with Bosher). People See What They Want To See (Ralph Waldo Emerson + others); now reading BTLers in tax-exile having a go at benefit claimants. Read the Bosher report for how she sees the world with BTL empire. Maybe all their whine will be drowned out in a turn, especially when younger people begin to realise that it's not GenRent forever and real opportunity for them to advance in life emerges. Bosher has already been given some reality from HM Treasury themselves, when she began getting snappy toward them as 'servant' types and "young people with no idea about life". And BTLers should actually be embarrassed imo. The overall narrative (societally) could easily switch to BTLers who should be embarrassed for their actions. I see BTLers are not impressed with one Labour politician (although she may also have an investment property herself) - with her having had bad experience renting in past, and her general position being that 'rich landlords' should STFU about UC, and help tenants who have less money/a few missed rental payments. Would be harder for losing BTLers/HPIers to push back into that. Of course they still have VI willing to help them do that now, including Telegraph in recent years, claiming GenRent just jealous, and that S24 is "Alice In Wonderland Tax" - whereas Blandy described the BTLers as making "An Alice in Wonderland Attack on The Tax Changes." Maybe the Barclays not-a-homeowner-but-willing-to-lend-for-them-to-buy-a-BTL, is more a matter of reinforcing other BTLers to keep buying at this stage of things? Spin... news-story. Get BTLers/HPIers thinking all still wonderful in trying to farm GenRentForever, with Section24 soon to ratchet down? Just this snippet - I've bought this book about 10 times to give to other people. Banks are there to sell money imo. And at this stage of things, they are lending to those who can repay in event of a turn. I really believe there has been a push on to bring in more BTLers, so the BTLers carry a correction, not the banks. The BTLers put down deposit, and have equity in their own homes. Yes the Barclays product a bit of concern, but as Bland Unsight once posted; "You can't read the tides by watching how a few waves break." Let them dance in further. A hunter with a visible snare catches few rabbits.
  15. It's buckers/'wasbuckers' - what do you expect? Place is teeming with HPI trolls/BTL trolls - although I have to keep reminding myself of the blindness here. People so inner-good that they are led like puppets into the HPIers/BTLers positions.. ."They just wanted a home" - "Yes I'm going to have sympathy-sympathy if any HPC, for recent buyers not as intelligent as me/don't know what they are doing at all no matter the asking price" - x 8 years of posts and prices in some areas doubling or more" - (led straight into it by HPIers and BTLers on forum). It serves his position to claim banks will go down in event of any HPC. (Try get more nervy HPCer buyers buying) It serves his position to want a debt-jubilee and savers even more wiped out. (Try get more buyers in now) HPIers/BTLers... I'm up against them elsewhere all seeking a debt-jubilee to save banks (and with their plans to buy more homes from the 6 they already have rented out to GenRent priced out). Maybe he's selling a few BTLs into it. Although all his thousands of posts (2004/2005 member irrc - certainly active in 2005) seem to have been stripped out of HPC, with only a few quoted by other HPCers remaining. Plenty of VIs here to spin their positions. How BTL a greatness/providing homes / best investment returns for intelligent people - where else you going to invest (?). How banks are toast in event of any HPC (x so many posts). (Haha renters.. you going to get even more financial hurt on top of the BTL greatness I'm a champion of hurt). How your savings going to go poof (unless you buy soon). How going to be mortgage jubilees for the debtors. How innocent homeowners need more special protections (10 years of posts). To be careful what we wish for. On and on it goes.