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  1. Yes, pretty much that, I agree with your definition of minimum.
  2. It's not primarily about tax, although that comes into it. I want minimum State interference in all aspects of my life.
  3. Absolutely correct. Probably encouraged/supported/backed by HMG.
  4. The'll do their best to stop prices falling, but they'll fail.
  5. Real Conservatives believe in free markets with minimal intervention, ie small government.
  6. A Sky reporter just suggested that she will cut stamp duty and extend Help to Buy .
  7. Yup, she lost the plot and threw away her majority, at least that's something to be grateful for.
  8. Margaret Thatcher was a proper Conservative, the current shower are NuLabour lite!
  9. Wrong, Blair & Brown were responsible for the current housing bubble. Cameron & Osborne acknowledged "Labour's housing bubble" and promised to sort it, but chickened out and inflated it some more. Cameron lost the plot with the Brexit referendum and now we have May. Even Corbyn might be better than that shower!
  10. Now we're really in trouble .
  11. Land registry UP again 0.4%

    ".................but still they come!"
  12. Next, they could re-introduce the death penalty and make holding money in offshore accounts, foreign currencies or Bitcoin, a capital offence.