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  1. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Hammerman Road - maybe should be called Taking a Hammering Road 64, Hammerman Drive, Aberdeen AB24 4SH £445,000 Residential 03 Apr 2017 £490,000 Residential 19 Jun 2007 62, Hammerman Drive, Hilton, Aberdeen AB24 4SH £400,000 Residential 20 Dec 2016 £480,000 Residential 13 Jul 2007
  2. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Mill House, Balgownie Road AB23 8JN Sold 2010 - £490k Sold 2017 - £385k
  3. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Langskaill, Dalmuinzie Road, Bieldside, Aberdeen, Abn AB15 9EB £750,000 Residential 15 Jun 2017 £1,350,000 Residential 10 Jul 2012
  4. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Some interesting drops in prices recently; 11 Edgehill Terrace Property type: Detached house | Last sale: £395,000 | Sale date: 23rd Oct 2017 - Less details Property type: Detached house | Previous sale: £490,000 | Sale date: 12th Aug 2014 Property type: Detached house | Previous sale: £410,000 | Sale date: 28th Nov 2007 10 Rubislaw Drive - these sold new circa 2007 for about £425k. This one just sold for £335k.
  5. Glental - you probably need local advice. No idea which country you are in but in Scotland and England after the original lease expires then it automatically goes on to a rolling tenancy. You do not have to pay any charges (although landlords try!) and it's a great freedom - especially in your circumstances. One month notice from you and two months notice from the landlord.
  6. November Budget 2017

    Really nothing worth even talking about.
  7. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Me too...well nae a loon!
  8. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    His ex wife. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/2797755
  9. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    £315k drop off another ugly house at Oakhill Grange. Bought Oct 2014 for £1,415.00 now trying to sell for £1,100.00. Big house but apart from that I can't see anything that's going for it. Fixtures and fittings look cheap, decor looks like an office. The back garden is hilarious. It's not a million pound house by any stretch of the imagination. I reckon they might be lucky and get £600k - £700k for it (if someone with the same "taste" comes along) https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/361153/10-Oakhill-Grange/Aberdeen/
  10. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    FFS https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/361142/47-Whitehall-Road/Aberdeen/ 47 Whitehall Rd, bought Sept 2015 for £415k and "Upstairs insulated by Council in January 2016 " according to the questionnaire report. Is this right?? Do the wonderful Aberdeen Schitty Council just throw money about to rich home owners? Are these grants or whatever not means tested??
  11. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    This must be one of the ugliest houses I've seen for ages https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/360908/58C-Whitehall-Place/Aberdeen/ How did planning permission get through for that I wonder? It's an eyesore (not much privacy in the bedrooms either)
  12. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    None of us here are experts or can tell what is going to happen around Aberdeen however if you are really considering spending something like £400k+ you really need to know what you are doing. If it's your all time home then it's not an issue. I get daily updates from ASPC and every day they are full of "price updates" ie people reducing their properties. I'm also seeing properties coming on that have only been purchased within the last 2 years - people still losing their jobs (and obviously losing a lot of money) 55 Garthdee Farm Gardens has just been reduced, now asking £630k. Last sold for £700k 2 years ago. Vendor might have to reduce to £550k for all we know. It's all about supply and demand and there's lots of supply at the moment. No one needs to be making rash decisions that they'll regret in future. https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/359305/55-Garthdee-Farm-Gardens/Aberdeen/
  13. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Some homes have had a 5% fall after the vendors have spent £50k adding an extension or £30k on internal refurbishment. Some homes have fallen 20% and haven't had anything done. Some haven't fallen at all (naive purchasers). At a record of over five and a half thousand properties for sale in the area it really is a buyers' market. Some buyers are just being a bit too keen and need to remember that asking price and selling price are two completely different things at the moment.
  14. Kingston Upon Thames

    Steve Keen is at Kingston University now (incase anyone is interested) http://www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/
  15. Kingston Upon Thames

    I wonder what the service charges are like? They are advertising a "cinema room" (who needs that nowadays?) and a gym (they are directly across the road from a huge gym). It just looks like a huge lump of flats.