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  1. Kingston Upon Thames

    Have you thought about Ham? We have friends there - on the river between Kingston and Richmond. She walks to Teddington train station (20 minutes across the footbridge) and he cycles along the towpath to Richmond for the tube (10 minutes cycle). They love it...best of both worlds they keep telling us. They bought one like this with a garage. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71626505.html
  2. What a load of twaddle and what kind of sentence is "Etc, etc". Yes I can tell they have talent! I spead read it as I got bored. Why doesn't anyone stage houses so they don't look staged? I suppose "throws" are called throws because you throw them over the end of the bed in an untidy but staged way.
  3. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    You said the same thing about Aberdeen being wounded but healing a year ago!
  4. Hilarious. Used to be Pratley the hairdresser and now "redeveloped" by another prat.
  5. Less than 13 metres sq. Obscene and this kind of thing really needs to be outlawed. People need to have a minimum space to live in.
  6. Kingston Upon Thames

    what the heck is that monstrosity in front of the kitchen sink?
  7. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Look at Belvidere Street. Once there would have been a queue to buy a house there. At the moment there are three with asking prices of half a million. They're not moving. One has just come on the market and the asking price is £100k less than it was sold for 3 years ago. That tells a lot about the housing market in Aberdeen.
  8. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    It's actually very interesting but Shore Porters have been on the go for hundreds of years. Offices in Aberdeen and Richmond Upon Thames.
  9. fun with break clauses!!

    Insurance is for your benefit only. No one will know you don't have contents insurance. I never did when I was renting. You don't need a lawyer to give your notice. Just put it in writing clearly stating which date you are leaving. Remember to date your letter and send it "signed for". Remember to keep the chitty you get from the Post Office. It's proof of delivery.
  10. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Hammerman Road - maybe should be called Taking a Hammering Road 64, Hammerman Drive, Aberdeen AB24 4SH £445,000 Residential 03 Apr 2017 £490,000 Residential 19 Jun 2007 62, Hammerman Drive, Hilton, Aberdeen AB24 4SH £400,000 Residential 20 Dec 2016 £480,000 Residential 13 Jul 2007
  11. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Mill House, Balgownie Road AB23 8JN Sold 2010 - £490k Sold 2017 - £385k
  12. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Langskaill, Dalmuinzie Road, Bieldside, Aberdeen, Abn AB15 9EB £750,000 Residential 15 Jun 2017 £1,350,000 Residential 10 Jul 2012
  13. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    Some interesting drops in prices recently; 11 Edgehill Terrace Property type: Detached house | Last sale: £395,000 | Sale date: 23rd Oct 2017 - Less details Property type: Detached house | Previous sale: £490,000 | Sale date: 12th Aug 2014 Property type: Detached house | Previous sale: £410,000 | Sale date: 28th Nov 2007 10 Rubislaw Drive - these sold new circa 2007 for about £425k. This one just sold for £335k.
  14. Glental - you probably need local advice. No idea which country you are in but in Scotland and England after the original lease expires then it automatically goes on to a rolling tenancy. You do not have to pay any charges (although landlords try!) and it's a great freedom - especially in your circumstances. One month notice from you and two months notice from the landlord.
  15. November Budget 2017

    Really nothing worth even talking about.