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  1. .. You don't know who Mutti is?
  2. I didn't listen to Mutti's pronouncements, as I've just painted two internal doors, and watching them dry seemed like more fun. Anyway, from the Express..... I guess you already worked this out a year or so ago.
  3. Does anyone still listen to her? She was ignored in Davos, and the Italian speech before that was rambling garbage.
  4. Not to worry, I'll do it for you... Basically the Japanese are saying "sayonara". No doubt they'll be chinking glasses together tonight in Sunderland in celebration.
  5. Piecewise privitisation. A necessary precursor to the complete sell-off. You voted for it. Don't tell me you're not happy with it now !
  6. Just for you mate.... see the clips from today's parliament PMQ, and let me know if you still genuinely think the NHS is not for sale to the Yanks.
  7. Just for you Dave. The salient bit is 'Promotion 1986'. i.e. she got her Ph.D. in chemical physics. Hadn't you guessed? She's methodical, thinks ahead and doesn't shoot policy from the hip every second day like......
  8. !I'll verify the second bit, and I would remember developers in Germany getting £600 p.d. then. Maybe £300 where you were. Happy days in Furriner land indeed.
  9. Sure about what? The quote ? Do a search on 'May Merkel Davos' you'll find the results world-wide in your favourite search engine. I doubt Mutti would say anything like that without thinking 5 steps ahead.
  10. You mean taxation on an individual's income and then redistributed, just like the UK? Into Housing Benefits and WTC? How's that working out? Only Scotland,maybe Wales can vary the tax take. Greater Manchester cannot. There is no individual taxation to the EU. Because there's no fiscal consolidation. Countries in the EU may violate the rules . but there's a fixed 3% deficit limit to which they should adhere. They cannot print to oblivion, because they do not have their own currency. They therefore must contract the economy to meet. Like Greece and like FRANCE. As for Greece, Varoufakis can explain their predicament better than anyone. Still he didn't swap the € for the Drachma, did he? The UK can and does print - like a drunken sailor. 1.Half of Germans rent. AFAIK they don't go for this BTL nonsense you get in the UK. Wealthy Russians buy tons of places in Southern France. How does that relate to the EU? Plenty rich Americans in Portugal. So what! 2. You mention Italy a lot. Northern Italy is as developed and advanced as Austria, Denmark, Netherlands..... 3.How can you say 'bribed'. Prove it. All countries have the choice to issue bonds. Just like the UK did to finance its 11% deficit.
  11. Grown up you say. I think the gist of what Dr Merkel is telling Maybot, is that they don't have to do anything.
  12. Wee SMog is the 4/1 bookies favourite to become the next Tory Leader. Dear Gawd, there are some forelock tuggers out there. And that may be sooner than anticipated, as Maybot has got 6 or 7 weeks to tell Barnier what she wants. Round about March, all the swivel-eyed loons will start breaking out. Not long to go......
  13. I think it is already political union. It's a constantly stated aim of many, 'closer union', yes. Juncker yes. Official policy - I don't think so. Personally I'm all in favour of full political and fiscal union. No cognitive misreading on that. Looks like tax harmonisation is on the agenda. I'm not a tax genius so you'll need define "internal taxes" precisely.
  14. Taxes. What taxes? Germany only? There are no EU wide taxes, as there's no common fiscal policy. As you rightly say it's a trading bloc in a political union . Are you suggesting Germany should share some of its internal tax take because it has an external trade surplus? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say.