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  1. FED rate "hike"

    It's like it's all planned !!! Expect UK rate rise the month before the next fed one, if not sooner. Ad infinitum Tempus implens braccas
  2. Rightmove Dec -2.6% m/m

    Was just going to say...if you have an index that can be so easily manipulated and controlled to show prices are shooting up...then sustained falls in such an index would be significant
  3. If people have bought homes with benefits then we shouldcqll be asking why hard pressed tax payer are helping fund banks...yet again
  4. Mexican standoff

    Oop north till about 18 months ago prices were down 50 in real terms...and still are unaffordable due to no wage inflation. Even now miat if the country us below 2007 + inflation...but again wages dont support these prices. Its madness. The bankers and politicians seemingly will bit stop. May has no intention I'd BrExit and won't stop the immigration, without collapse will be immediate. Bit sure how immigrants will feel when far right wing party's start getting elected. I predicted the rise of the far right maybe 8 years ago now...I think we are about to see this cone true now. Law of unintended consequence in action.
  5. Mexican standoff

    House price at 50k and 10% like house prices at 250k and 2% IRS....the price rises will cause the collapse.
  6. Mexican standoff

    U only need to be right once....the hpi lot need to keep being right for 40 years
  7. Mexican standoff

    Post of the the year. Well said. No point in worrying about house prices when the UK is collapsing and we have a government hell bent on serving bankers rather than democracy. This is getting scary as...
  8. Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

    It'll be a he fact we're no leaving the EU and immigrants from all over the world will be encouraged to flood in.
  9. Mexican standoff

    Even then, are the bankers going to repo when they can just magic up money, increase their own wealth and force people to keep paying ? When bankers can subvert a democratic vote in full sight of the people then we all have a problem. Buy a house, dont buy a house, either way these ****s are going to make you pay till the day you die...and after too. All the trolls come on here trying to justify their position, how much they've made, laughing at us...and still they dont see the bigger picture....the bankers are in charge and life is going to be very difficult for 90% of the country WIll it suit the bankers to repo houses, crash the prices, Maybe, bu then they'll just enslave another generation or two. 2007 was the start of something quite sinister if you ask me. Right now I wis I'd never joined this place and had bought a house. Now people are queing up ( apparantly ) to pay £500K for an ex-council flat...the bankers, MSM and their puppet government are capable of anything !!!
  10. Mexican standoff

    Pay rent or pay interest to bankers There's not much in it, esp in the first 10 years.
  11. Mexican standoff

    Least of our worries to be honest. May's just sold us all out in favour of the bankers and the Euro spivs. Much trouble to come. F**k owning a house in the UK. It's not a stand off, no one's buying cause they cant afford to It's like saying there's a stand off between Ferrari and all the 19 year olds in the UK.
  12. Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    How does that work when no one can afford to buy goods?
  13. Is it just my imagination, or are the wheels coming out the UK false economy big time ?
  14. Halifax +0.5%

    Some of the fixed rates are lower than they were 3 months ago, funded by the mafix 0% interest rate #TermFunding money. If they dont stop they wil break the uK. They wont stop