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  1. They've gone too far...again

    I forgot...massive debts, private & public. Relative to houses the £ has become worth less...its not too much of a stretch to see it become Worthless. Where would a boom come from? More house price rises...Jesus, save us.
  2. That flow being agreed at davos meetings I'd wager. The gloabal response to the financial crisis was coordinated...I makes sense that the end is also coordinated. Wishful thinking is only useful for 6 year olds in the run up to Christmas.
  3. They've gone too far...again

    Retail companies shutting their doors almost daily. Huge share price collapses in several companies. Large public sector funded companies going to the wall. Brexit, or lack thereof. Foodbank usage. Tax take. Inflation. Wage inflation. Is that enough events? Meanwhile the BBC churn out figures to tell us how great things are... Can only see things are great if your a SE home owning boomer with an index linked public sector pension, a banker getting massive QE backed bonuses or similar.
  4. Is that twink adarmo talking to himself or just stalking me? What a sick sad girl she must be.
  5. Pure coincidence it seems. The desperados won't listen. Suit yourselves, don't say no one warned you.
  6. When did US rates get .5 of a % above UK? The UK can't let us rates get out of sight without causing a collapse in the £. You think the timing of the end of FLS/TF was coincidental? If rates at 1% at end of year and TF money is gone... Mortgage/savings rates will go up quicker than anyone under 30 can believe.
  7. They've gone too far...again

    I'm not saying that, but there can't be much doubt in these parts that a severe financial event is possible. People talking about recessions...some feel the recession never went away, many in London/se would disagree. Look at the news every day...figures say booming say otherwise. Makes little sense. Something is not as it seems. Will the bubble be sorted out gracefully and I said....they've gone too far...again, they sttt is about to hit the way or the other.
  8. Years? 9 months. People said, convincingly, the US won't raise. Then they did, then the UK won't raise, then they did. Contrary to the trolls message and wishful thinking the bankers are normalising, this means different things to different people. Many will welcome lower prices/higher savings rates/wage rises...many will struggle. Will the bankers care... No, its just business, numbers of a spreadsheet, profit and loss, how it used to be. I'm not hanging about for the carnage, I have no desire to gloat. U reap what you sow...well. the reaper is here
  9. We'll see. 1% by the end of the year.
  10. Don't keep quiet...hammer it home. Fec them...they're helping fec u
  11. No doubt some of the trolls will be on, making silly points just in case people are reading. I do wonder why the post, why the come here, do the sad baaaaads actually think this place has and sway/control/impact on peoples thinking. That's pretty sad if they do. The trolls are right, they won, tptb will do anything to keep house prices up. Then one day the plan changes.
  12. So much wishful thinking. The trolls want to spin this good news'll all be okay...the government has our reality they have the bankers back. This is orchestrated. The EU will now follow too. Some here won't have seen rising rates get used to it...they're going up.. The US bankers don't give 2 hoots to Luton house prices or BTL spongers
  13. There is not a hope if hell the BoE are not going to increase rates. "Fed raises rates, keeps forecast for 3 hikes in 2018" "The Fed expects its key rate to climb to about 2.1% at the end of the year and 2.9% by the end of 2019 " Prepare for 2% rates in the UK by the time Carney leaves.
  14. Where's Venger when you need a list of the 20 people ( 1 troll ) who said rates would never rise. What they up to now 1.75% ? When UK rates get to that we will see grown estate agents cry (again ). Fec em.