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  1. Steelgate

    Is it my imagination but is worlds car industry just creating work for itself ?
  2. BBC - Are house prices back from the crash?

    Any sympathy for savers/renters trapped by high prices ?
  3. Cheer me up

    Si1, are you smiling yet ?
  4. Spot on. It's one thing after another now. Buckle up.
  5. BBC North Dramatic House price drops

    UNless of course you need to buy a house with your wages that havent gone up. This is propaganda of the most evil kind. It's saying look house prices are cheap oop north. FFS.
  6. Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

    72.75GBX5.75 (8.58%) When's the budget ?
  7. CPI at 3.0%, CPIH at 2.8%

    I'd expect to see it fall out in the next month or so. Was expecting a fall but happy it's stayed up, they will have no option now.
  8. CPI at 3.0%, CPIH at 2.8%

    November rate rise must happen now, to be honest, they'll raise rates anyway, the US have told them to
  9. Here you go, your light is out from under the bushel.
  10. BBC - Are house prices back from the crash?

    I doubt they are idiots. Thias is propaganda.
  11. Cheer me up

    Not seeing much inflation now. Oil price jumped, Sainsburys put their food prices up, so went to Lidl. Net result...lower costs. Holidays, all cancelled for fear of travel companies going bust. Net result...lower costs. Petrol costs up, driving speed down, 70 mpg. Net result...lower costs. Barber put up cost of hair cuts, now have long hair. Net result...lower costs. Garden fuirniture pushed up in price, net results, waited till the end of the summer. Net result...lower costs. Cost of utilities went up....move provider and fixed for 2 years. Net result...lower costs Costs of house prices shot throught he roof, packed it in and moving to france Net result...lower costs. They can shove their inflation up their rear ends.
  12. Cheer me up

    I've been saying that for a long time and everyone ( some people ) tell me to shut up, there has been no crash, the graph on the front page does not lie. In 2012 large parts of the UK were down 30/40/50/60% in real terms but still people couldnt afford to buy them. The big problem is wages havent kept up and in the SE pit's much worse. Nominal collapse again needed.
  13. Young face growing mortgage debt burden

    No, they are preparing for the end of FLS and Term Funding then real interest rate rises. People will stick their head in thecsand and say, IRs wont rise...12 months ago everyone in the US said the same.