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  1. that is precisely the problem too much dependence on one sector.the world is full of one-trick-pony economies,and it doesn't work.
  2. you're in for a long wait!. NOTHING has ever been completely has seasons to plant,seasons to grow,seasons to harvest and seasons to put feet up and relax for a bit. think of currency(crypto or otherwise) in farming terms and it's much,much easier. there are ways of padding things out and planting at right times etc to improve yield,and the right crops,so soil does not get exhausted. there are ways of not spooning everything you produce at once,so you have enough to eat at winter.
  3. yeah right! the boomers will be wanting ways to cover their pension!!!!...has been said about 10 years ago!..hence the proliferation of multiple homes rented to youngsters owned by boomers. the tax hikes are a bit of a problem but you can always put the rents up,cant you
  4. this is old news!they are breeding too and available on ebay! ..tron has got in on the act now with the cryptodogs! ..I see this more like pokemon go than beany babies...for sure this is going viral!
  5. verge breaking out? whaddya reckon GD?
  6. maybe ethos. such a pain in the @rse having to have a million different wallets.if their beta model is successful it solves a real-world issue.
  7. at time of selling trons market cap was £20BN, bitcoins is about 250Bn, so chances are rather slim for 1000* gains on that. good project ,but I was fairly sure it needed a bit of a pullback and consolidation. it was up to 30c earlier in the evening,but peaked out at something like 2.30am. Do I think that this has legs long term,...yes,but maybe in a week or two at $0.15 or so.
  8. pity it was only £500!...ok at $0.03,sold at $0.24
  9. I did an 8-bagger on tron a couple of days ago.not likely to wind me up in the slightest!
  10. hi jilted. I have to beg to differ on our perspectives. sure altcoins are risky,but we seem to be moving from the "currency"aspect of a coin, to the "application" side of a coin.same sort of thing happened with dotcoms.does'nt necessarily mean the projects are invalid. I think you are probably right in saying that there will be a time to switch back from alts to BTC,but IMHO that is a couple of months away....BTC basically went parabolic from june to december of last year and did a 20-bagger.if we get 3-6 months BTC consolidation now until summer while the alts catch up that is very healthy.
  11. I wouldn't say unit price is entirely irrelevant. it's a psychological thing in built with most people about owning "a whole one" of something. this is why silver price will move up in multiples higher than gold during a bull run. the 1%-ers can afford the gold,but the 75%-ers can afford the cheaper option.
  12. I would say by giving a faster,lower cost service, crypto's are succeeding in that objective then. the banking system needs to reform and up it's game or it will be replaced!
  13. envision this a a concept: matey and a couple of the guys/girls out for birthday bash/new years/ of them has a cold and can't come for some reason, posts on facebook..sorry guys,laid up with flu etc etc etc. wish I coulda made it, have a JD on me!! loads £30 of facebookcoin onto his account and sends QR code with message matey presents his/her phone to bar tender in frequented bar,who duly scans QR code,and supplies round of drinks!
  14. my themes for this years investments: 1)social media coin exchange( as above post)......paypal on facebook kinda thing. 2)improved transportability of "money" or otherwise..reduced cost,faster payment 3)privacy of transaction...will be much opposed by authorities in many countries i think, but it's coming 4) much improved security...going from passwords to biometric ID 5)improved fiat-crypto gateways 6)universal wallet. some other projects like global patent issuance /lookup via blockchain also look interesting,but I think a slow burner...shame as legal fees are extortion, and the legal process is sooo damned slow!
  15. FWIW i see zuckerberg is taking a look now. you just know that facebookcoin(whatever it turns out to be), is going to go nuts.I don't know whether they will home-grow one or buy out some other blockchain platform in a similar area,but you can just see it being a hit! TBH with social media uptake this one would destroy bitcoin as a currency,because it already has a tame platform of over 1 billion users! to survive in that environment coins will need a proper application.