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  1. Javid on Sky News right now

    they didn't engage because they are playing monopoly. simple. winner takes all. problem is, they are playing the wrong game. they game they SHOULD be playing is sid meyer's that one you can buccaneer and sail the high seas plundering all they are worth, but if you fail to pay the crew properly or split the dividends of your gains,ill gotten or not,they mutiny and hang you from the yardarm.
  2. they have one of these at kings cross tube station as well.I think these are actually very useful...if you don't travel so often it's not so good having a suitcase full of shrapnel you can't use.pity about the exchange rate they give but it's a nice idea. there's certainly an opportunity for pound shops to do this sort of thing too!...banks hate having people come in with dozens of bags of 1p/2p/5p......if you give me the opportunity to throw all of my coppers into a machine,receive a voucher and pick up some cheap smellies+razors I'd take it.
  3. I've said before that it's not as decentralised as people would think. there are already moves via respective governments to demand alternative "logon" measures for internet etc(ie fingerprints/facial ID etc.)..the ISP's are already subject to deep packet inspection upon legal request and so on...and THEY along with telecom equipment providers are the ultimate gatekeepers. that's where the data bottleneck is. whenever someone invents an app to stick on your pc/laptop which will enable them to act as a network of independent hubs/routers then that will be a proper disruptive technology...maybe along with li-fi to use the grid as an alternative data transfer mechanism. some interesting stuff about li-fi coming online,and that's also a british invention.
  4. Donald Trump

    the simpsons as prophetic as ever
  5. The JFK files

    it's fairly obvious after that speech he gave that he upset a few people in the deep state. now who precisely is the deep state. my guess is that it is a sect of the roman curia,even though JFK himself was catholic he made it clear that he would not be going along with their plans, so they bumped him off to clear the way for someone who would. like reagan's sort of failed bumping off was...he was never quite the same again and daddy bush was basically running the show....I also see similarities with trump/pence...Trump I think is actuallly looking to emulate reagan-basiaclly a good guy wanting to get back to a smaller more constitutional government, but the deep state won't let him., in more ways than one with pence the bridesmaid in waiting,and others like soros funding the obvious focus of attention of unrest.
  6. Washing fruit

    chlorophyll drinks will become the new "vegan"fashion accessory as people will have to learn how to exist on sunlight.
  7. Washing fruit

    the vegetable liberation front will shortly be releasing a slowed down audio file of the moment these poor littlethings get cut from their stems(the have feelings and scream you know!)
  8. Washing fruit

    if you are paranoid you shouldn't eat them at all, because they've been covered in horse and cow sh1t their whole lives.
  9. the solution to all of these independence movements is "states rights" in a US constitutional term....but it won't be enacted because the EU is hell bent on having holy roman empire 2.0 under direct rule from ceasar 2.0 with provincial governors doing as they are told by the omnipotent infallible leader. ths is why we have petition of right etc written into our constitution(yes there is one and it hasn't been obeyed for the last 40 odd years).These clauses-like the amendments of the US constitution, are there precisely for this reason, to stop monarchs and beaurocrats getting too big for their boots and implementing laws and incroaching on areas of life for local citizenry which are none of their business. states rights is quite simple, it means federal government should be as small as possible and focussed on areas of common problems only(like defence),everything else should be decided in smaller blocs. one cold make an argument for passporting rights/standards for stuff like driving licences/transport/ extreme crimnal offences like murder being mutually agreed at national level, but the rest say stuff like smoking bans is a local matter.
  10. Medicinal marijuana?

    TBH it should be legal for medical use. I have a couple of friends/former work colleagues where they had/have very serious conditions(cancer and MS to be specific), and they said it worked wonders.
  11. well I think allowing 4 wives per bloke seems a bit silly under the circumstances don't you?terribly selfish. it's the islamic marriage equivalent of buy to let, some jammy bast@rd hoards them and there's sod all left for the masses.
  12. would be nice,but I think ultimately TPTB will fashion cryptocurrencies into Kleptocurrencies.
  13. i think they are ultimately planning their own version of state sponsored crypto, backed by the massive undeclared hoard of gold they've yet to see the fallout of this but I am confident that when the time comes to "hold 'em or fold 'em" they are coming out with gold holdings of about 10* what they presently have on the books in the public domain. they have already started trading oil in a gold backed yuan trade note,it would make sense that they would start trading other resources in similar fashion.
  14. Is Everyone Flying ?

    quality stock and luton in the same sentence does not stack up at all