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  1. Equality too far?

    a true fan knows the lyrics. Most concerts are so loud you cant hear the lyrics anyway.
  2. Unremarkable posters even reaching 10 years on HPC now

    Ive discovered money is really really cheap...until you have to earn it. Bankers have broken the entire World with their lending.
  3. If he said it, did the meaning come across in the private meeting, or did everyone else at the table ask for an explanation? I think they all knew damn well what was meant. Every thing else said about it is virtue signalling.
  4. at least you hear from him. rather than a reporter reporting on a precis another reporter has produced.
  5. lending. It is the cause and the cornerstone.
  6. BBC Blatant Bias

    all these "equality campaigners" see it everywhere. The first thing they have to do is evaluate where one is on the heirachy of privilege, it seems being a white male prince doesnt quite fit anywhere on the scale, but the worry is the half cast wife he is taking will be corrupted simply by his colour....and they have to remind her of her new corruption less she forget.
  7. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    So did Mr Ponzi. And many many others who thought they were rich and lost it all on a scam exchange. Not only that, having just one Bitcoin IF the world accepts the currency as THE World currency, would make the holder one of the richest 0.01percent...and that aint going to happen.
  8. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    What I see time and again in the safe bitcoin space is fraud, loss and dissappointment after the hype.
  10. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    yep. in order for the perp to be inside the room after he screwed it closed with a piece of metal, then the metal would have to have been on his side of the door for him to screw it up. So, reverse probably wouldnt have helped much...except for running away while the citizens they pledged to protect died.
  11. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    hard to do a charm offensive through a nailed up door.
  12. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    Illegal access to Illegal guns, I think you mean. Murder is also illegal. Legality didnt make much impression on this man.
  13. SJW meltdown

    lefty likes to turn reality on its head...note, not identifiable as a woman, but identifies as. One is a reality provable and falsifiable, the other is fantasy of the mind.
  14. The war never ended. We are in a state of ceasefire....</pedant>
  15. shadow of the Earth during an eclipse. Everything else in the Universe is circular, some of which can be seen with a small telescope to be rotating. There is no Dark side of the moon.