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  1. Fine. So cut immigration by 90%, wait a few years and then we can have a rational, reasoned and mathematical discussion about what demand there is - and then create the correct supply. What we can't do is keep immigration as it is and just insist on building thousands and thousands of houses for the next 50 years.
  2. But supply is being delivered. In your own post 54% of the supply is being delivered. Would we need more if immigration had been 90% lower for the last 10 years, or if it was cut by 90% as of today? You can't discuss one without the other. I'm perfectly happy to understand that supply may be insufficient, but I want immigration cut to minimal levels for a few years so that we can determine what demand there is and thereby get the supply correct.
  3. Would we need the increasing supply if immigration was cut by 90+%?
  4. Aussie flu

    With all this darkness, make sure you take D3 as well.
  5. Brexit thread is just a farce, with people arguing over a referendum we've already had and a result that is now being put into place. It was the most democratic vote since the previous EU referendum.
  6. The economy has been on a terminal descent for 15+ years. That's why we are all on HpC. It's already baked in. Brexit is just a blip on the inevitable descent.
  7. Bonmarché reports disappointing sales Womenswear retailer Bonmarché has reported disappointing sales for the Christmas trading period. The retailer saw its like-for-like sales for the 13 weeks ended 30 Dec were 5.5% down on the previous year.
  8. People traditionally buy carpets in December?
  9. Nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit.
  10. The Ukraine Chernobyl Thread

    Full Oliver Stone documentary on Ukraine finally available to see in the West. The film was originally released in 2016, but unsurprisingly, Stone came up against problems distributing the film in the US and western countries.
  11. Why use the pejorative 'hoarding'? How much is 'hoarding' anyway? Sounds like a police state where anyone with 'too much food/money/stuff' is deemed to be 'hoarding' and should be punished. Anyway, evetsm's post above provides the answer - savings as the basis for the economy and time preferences etc.
  12. Online Gold Coin Sales Jumped 400% as Bitcoin Plunged Gold coin sales jumped fivefold on Tuesday at one of Europe’s largest online dealers as Bitcoin suffered its biggest selloff since December
  13. I thought Sprott's funds were all physical funds as well? Fully allocated as well according to the link -
  14. No. Gold is money. The Dollar, pound etc are currencies. (But possibly these sorts of semantics are best left to the Gold thread)