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  1. SJW meltdown

  2. Carillion in Crisis
  3. Carillion in Crisis

    Who are the main bankers? Who is on the hook?
  4. Carillion in Crisis

    Indeed. Surely the position is likely to be worse next year?
  5. Javid on Sky News right now

    It has nothing to do with liking or disliking them. The point is that we (the country) have not yet had an honest discussion about what levels of immigration are acceptable and whether there is a total limit or is the aim to just let in millions upon millions for ever. We need to decide what we want, as opposed to having the Government and other vested interests ignoring the people and just allowing literally millions of immigrants in. And, obviously, we need to discuss the total limits - as to what the country can support and whether infrastructure is being built appropriately etc etc. What is needed is an honest and open discussion. The sort where someone can ask about levels of immigration or point out that our Capital city is now minority white, without being called racist or a Nazi.
  6. Javid on Sky News right now

    We don't have a housing crisis - we have a population crisis
  7. Javid on Sky News right now

    Yep. As I said on another thread -we need to cut immigration by 90%, then wait a few years, then decide how many houses we need based on indigenous demand.
  8. That's a possibility, but I'd like immigration cut by 90% then a pause for a few years. Then you could determine exactly how many houses were required.
  9. Javid on Sky News right now

    Yes, because obviously borrowing a shed load more money is clearly the correct solution. More debt is always the answer, apparently.
  10. Agree. Everyone should always have 1-2 months of working cash to hand anyway. It's a sensible precaution to take.
  11. Venezuela Signs $3.2 Billion Debt Restructuring Deal With Russia As Venezuela teeters right on the brink of complete financial collapse, Bloomberg reports that Russia has agreed to restructure roughly $3.2 billion in outstanding obligations. While details of the restructuring agreement are scarce, both sides reported that the deal spreads payments out over 10 years with minimal cash service required over the next six years.
  12. Bitcoin surges to $13,500 in Zimbabwe after military coup & shortage of hard currency
  13. SJW meltdown

    This will be confusing for our SJW friends: Anti-White Hate Crimes Are The Fastest Growing Racial Crimes In America A new FBI report indicates that hate crimes committed against white Americans are the fastest growing racial hate crimes in the United States.
  14. If you are seeking insurance against the 'GFC', then you want physical gold in your own possession. Stick to reputable dealers like coininvestdirect and bullionbypost. If you want to have a degree of protection but more of a gamble, you could go for gold ETFs and gold share ETFs (eg. GDX and GDXJ). Ideally do some of both. Conservative holding for gold is 5-10% of portfolio/assets. If you want a good primer on the rough case for gold you could pick up a copy of Jim Rickards' international best selling book 'The New Case for Gold' (which actually isn't a new case at all). Only £8 from Amazon: