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    It's because he (Carney) is ex-Vampire Squid. Nobody challenges the Squid.
  2. Possibly. But they are cyclical. So the ones that, as you say, may be 'gone', will resurface in a counter-movement in the next turn of the cycle. I would actually argue that Brexit and the issues in the US are actually that turn in the cycle now. We have been taken over/dominated for too long by left wing/SJW/immigrant-loving nonsense, and what is imminent is a rejection of all of these things. Even the young are joining this movement in their droves. It is quite erroneous to assume that all the young are left wing or voted remain.
  3. Google get more sinister by the minute ... Google hiring 1,000 journalists in effort to control American news flow Not being able to place Hillary Clinton in office, the search monopoly has decided that online influence over what Americans think, say, and do is not enough to guarantee the right woman enters the White House. Google is now embarking on a 5 year plan, where they will seed 1,000 aspiring, liberal left journalists into America’s local media markets.
  4. $5 billion of debt is just insane. The sorts of figures being thrown around these days are just insane.
  5. If the plug is easily accessible, unmarked and there is no signage, couldn't someone just say that they assumed it was for public use?
  6. Retailers go into administration

    Toys R Us files for bankruptcy in the US and Canada
  7. Speak for yourself. I want to deport lots of them.
  8. Under a sensible monetary system, mild deflation is actually the normal state of affairs.
  9. Heating went on tonight

    It's certainly colder than last year. Could this presage a brutal winter?
  10. There should clearly be a complete ban on any further refugees. This could be implemented immediately. Any refugees that are here now, should be double checked, visited by intelligence services, fingerprinted/scanned etc etc. Any who are 'missing' should be put on national watch/arrest lists. General immigration should also be suspended. Only let in those who have been 100% vetted and approved (and who have money/a job/good health). The Government needs to seriously start treating this like a war - because that's what it is. Like it or not.
  11. Yes, I think the two (or at least the crypto idea) can be complementary. They are not competing as far as I can see as they are completely different and do different things. And as Greenspan said, 'Fiat money in extremis is accepted by nobody. Gold is always accepted'. In WWII the US made Britain pay for arms and help with silver and gold. They wouldn't accept our paper. In a similar situation I can't see anyone accepting bitcoin but they will always accept gold.
  12. Good to see Hungary taking action: Hungary Builds A Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration By Over 99%
  13. Good to see Hungary taking action: Hungary Builds A Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration By Over 99%
  14. Nah, nothing to worry about at all. 100% under control - guaranteed.